Ang Buhay Ng Isang Balut

‎”Ang Taong Ayaw Makialam O Kumontra Sa Mga Maling Gawain,
Kung Hindi Duwag, Siya Ay Kasabwat O Ganoon Din Ang Layunin” 

I’ve had several unpleasant personal encounters with some incumbent leaders and some of their subordinates. Again, I am not being specific to any person, at kagaya ng sinabi ko, just some of them and not all of them. Alam na nila kung sino sila. In fairness, meron din namang willing to help and I am glad they were there to offer assistance, but some just relied on a one-sided story, and some just kept quiet and minded their own business.

Anyway, you couldn’t imagine the lengths I had to go through and the real reason why my family and I chose to leave our home town. We had to transfer our younger kids to another school in the middle of a school year, and had to abandon our house in Pateros. I would have fought it out until the end but my wife chose to get our kids out of harms way. I was always the stubborn one who would fight for my principles kahit sino pa ang tamaan.

It would be shameful of me if I wouldn’t warn you guys of an impending storm brewing over the horizon.

Come to think of it, I should make it my advocacy or crusade to warn and inform as many people as I can in every way possible. Di ba mas nakakahiya at nakakapanghina kung mananahimik na lang ako at hahayaang mapahamak rin ang iba?

Pustahan, pag nalaman nila itong statement ko ay may panibagong “threat” na naman na darating sa amin. I could say I’ve been “eating death threats for breakfast” and barfing every now and then. These people would rather quickly oppose, fight back, and “character-assassinate” you than cooperate to seek the truth behind the scrutiny. And how manipulative they could be to easily twist legalities to their favor especially if they are the ones at fault. Again, I am speaking from actual experience.

I even tried running for “kagawad” just to study these people and how local politics revolve and adapt. It was just an experiment to see If I could penetrate their world. Pero masalimuot pala and you really require various “resources” to succeed….and most people are still blinded by extravagant campaigning and extensive propaganda.

I am sorry if this may not be the right venue to express my personal disgusts towards certain individuals. I just felt very irked to hear any news that should make us somehow feel grateful towards them. They are supposed to be public servants but we are treating them as if they are royalty. And it pains me so much every time I see and hear my kids wondering why we had to leave some of our personal belongings behind, including their toys and books, so that we could get away from all the harassment.

Kung alam nyo lang ang totoong nangyayari behind closed doors, you would undoubtedly sympathize with me.

Please respect my post, and I welcome all negative comments as well.”

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