Bawal Umalis Baka Hindi Na Bumalik

Have you ever set a mousetrap and then yowled in pain as you stepped on it because you forgot all about it?

Well, that’s what happened to former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and her cohorts. And as a result, she may not be seeing the Swiss Alps this Christmas as she had hoped to.

Do you recall that during the twilight of her administration last year, Arroyo and her officials issued over a thousand midnight appointments that included a hairdresser, a gardener and the current Supreme Court Chief Justice?

And alongside those midnight appointments were hundreds, if not thousands, of midnight orders?

Well, one such midnight order has turned out to be a sort of legal mousetrap that has caught Arroyo, her husband Jose Miguel and over 30 others.

This is Department Circular No. 41 signed by Arroyo’s own Justice Secretary Alberto Agra on May 25, 2010 – at a time when the entire Arroyo camp should have been packing their bags in preparation for moving out of government by June 30.

DC 41 is Justice Secretary Leila de Lima’s legal basis for banning Arroyo et al from flying out of the country.

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