Grand Theft Balut: Pateros

One of my reported anomalies that had some sort of action initiated by the government agency (PAO) concerned: (Just click to see the larger readable image)

Out from this, I received invitations from the Local Government Unit, for some fact-finding “discussions” and had a meeting inside the Mayor’s Office.

Republic of the Philippines
Metropolitan Manila


July 20, 2011

MR. _____________,
Pateros, Metro Manila

Dear Mr. __________,

May we invite you at your convenience anytime today July 20, 2011, at the 3rd Floor Conference Room, Mayor’s Office, Municipal Hall Building to shed light concerning your compliant to Ms. Sonia Santos of Public Attorney’s Office.

Your presence is earnestly anticipated.

Hearing Officer

I was interviewed by a group of 3 individuals from different department who composed of the Discipline Committee.

They were all asking about the details of my report to the PAO, and I thought I enlightened them with the facts that I presented ….and was able to correct some misinformation that they got.

After the meeting, I emailed this when I got home:

Attention: Mr. Gilbert Cuevas

I have learned that there is a posted note at the closed PAO office in Pateros which still authorized Sonia Santos as a PAO representative. I would advise your good office to please remove this especially when an investigation is being conducted, and to prevent her from transacting with PAO litigants.

I have reported the same incident to PAO main office so you might expect communication from them as well.

Thank you and hope we will continue to work with each other to eliminate corrupt activities in Pateros.
While this was going on, another individual approached me and requested that I sign an affidavit that she prepared clearing her name of any association with the issue. As I have no knowledge of her involvement, I obliged:
A second invitation for a meeting was sent via email by the Discipline Committe of the Pateros Municipal government:
Good day sir,
         Again, you are invited to the conference room at your convenient time on or before 11:00 am or around 1:00 pm  today.
          Thank you.
Hearing Officer

The second meeting took place.

This time there were about four of them who attended. But I was surprised at the developments, because instead of digging up facts regarding the accused, they presented to me an affidavit which aims to destroy my credibility. The affidavit was submitted by previous opponents of mine. Individuals which I also reported to the municipal and baranggay as violators of certain ordinances. These individuals even blackmailed me with a counter-accusation and filed a case against me in court. They even want to involve my mother by filing a separate case against her.

The problems I have with them are actually personal in nature, as they are  the “down and dirty” relatives of mine.

I sent them an email after the meeting:

I understand the feelings that you have shared from yesterday’s meeting with the Discipline Committee. Like I said, we should be dropping all other issues,and concentrate in getting to the bottom of the real issue which was raised by PAO main office.

I am closely coordinating with PAO lawyers. …and I am hoping that the Municipal government of Pateros would also help us by continuing your investigations of ___________, and eventually share your findings with us.

As reiterated, here are just some of my suggestions on how you could effectively get results.

1. Ask ______ to prepare an affidavit stating all the pertinent facts and providing answers to all the complaints against her.

2. Request for the original receipts for all the legal documents mentioned that were supposed to have been filed at Taytay, Rizal. The dates and receipt numbers should match the OR copies at Taytay, Rizal.

3. Find out the real costs of all the legal documents mentioned and if it was really appropriate to ask for transportation fees for the filing of this legal documents.

Let me reiterate that “hindi ako nagmamando sa kahit kanino”. I am just inspired and living by what our President Noynoy has said a year ago during his SONA. “Kayo po ang boss ko ! ” Every public official and government employee owes it to the public to produce satisfactory and productive results, the public has every right to rate and evaluate the performance of every elected and appointed government official or employee, the public has every right to scrutinize and criticize, and the right to demand transparency in every transaction or process that goes on within the government.

You should also be protecting and encouraging whistle-blowers to come out and share what they know if we share a common goal in getting rid of scums in our hometown of Pateros.

Thank you, and your cooperation is always highly expected.

…..and then they wanted to immediately schedule a third  meeting with me along with the people who were presenting trash information against me.

Good day Sir;

Meeting on Friday, July 29, 2011 at 01:30 pm, together with Ms. _________ and Mr. & Mrs. _____________.


Hearing Officer.

This time I had to deny the invitation, as apparently, I could already sense that they were no longer after the truth but just wants to discredit me and bury their controversial issue. I think “whitewashing” is the proper word for it.

As much as I want to accept your invitation, I am sorry but I am not available on Friday until next week as I would be very busy attending a series of seminars. I do not have a definite schedule yet of my availability after next week but is expecting a project soon so I would not be able to commit. However, I am most of the time online so I would be able to answer your inquiries thru email.

I would also like to mention that it is well documented, based from both baranggay and municipal records, as well as an Unjust Vexation case filed in court,  that the ___________ and I have our personal issues…. so any information coming from them would be biased, tainted and unreliable.

As pointed out from our last meeting, the statements within the affidavit that they submitted were contradicting….ie..why were they told by the Prosecutor to be expecting a receipt for the Affidavit of Desistance on a later date if they swore under oath that there was no form of payment that transpired between parties…..A receipt would only be issued once a payment has been made….If ________ did not accepted the payment, then who did?

Meanwhile, let us keep ourselves busy by gathering information regarding the points I raised in my previous emails and discussions with the committee.

1. Affidavit or letter of explanation of __________ to answer all the accusations against her,
2. Original receipts for both Motion To Lift Warrant and Affidavit of Desistance, these should be authenticated to match the OR number and dates of filing at Taytay, Rizal. Since I paid for these during the months of November and December, filing dates should be also sometime near these months…
3. Verification of the filing fee for both legal documents, and if it is necessary to get transportation fees for the filing of the said documents
4. other matters raised

I trust that we would be able to unravel the truth, give corresponding disciplinary actions to those who deserve  it, and also expose the other people involved in this fiasco that is continuing to ruin the image of Pateros.

I am always at the service of the people.

However, they still continued with the meeting even without my presence.

The Discipline Committee conducted a meeting last Friday, July 29, 2011 to resolve the issue between you and ___________. The Committee unanimously agreed that if you are willing to pursue your compliant, you have to file or produce a Sworn Statement stating therein the facts of these case. You are given three (3) days to submit your formal compliant and have it received by the Office of the Mayor.

Thank you.

I replied with an email:

Attention: Gilbert Cuevas and the Discipline Committee

Please provide as soon as possible the necessary documents (Affidavit prepared by __________, affidavit prepared by __________,minutes of the three meetings organized by the Discipline Committee, copies of the original receipt for the Affidavit of Desistance and Motion to Lift Bench Warrant, official declaration of the actual pricing for the preparation of the said legal documents, etc) that I have requested several days ago, so that i could prepare the appropriate Sworn Statement or Affidavit substantiated with actual facst and evidences.

Please bear in mind that I am only involved, upon your invitations,  just to assist you in your investigations towards ____________ and that I have not in any form submitted or filed any complaint to your office or the municipal government of Pateros. My complaint was addressed to PAO main office, thus I am working with PAO main office and helping them with their own investigations..

Again, if you will not be able to provide me with what I require then it would only mean delay in our quest to pursue the truth.

Please act on my requests as soon as possible before i could act on yours.

God bless us!

It is such a disappoint as after this, I have not heard any updates about the case. My forecast was right. Its now a forgotten and dismissed case. So i decided to write to PAO instead.

It has been three weeks since my last communication with the Pateros Municipal Discipline Committee regarding their investigation of the PAO satellite office secretary who was asking for facilitation money in exchange for services and favors….Until now they have failed to give me the info and copy of the documents that I require and did not provide me with any updates….

I am also following up on the promise of Atty._______ that he will be providing me with legal assistance on the filing of case against___________.

Here are my contact details again:

Tel. _______

Mobile: _________

But PAO did not replied to any of my follow-ups also.

I loss hope already. It seems the Pateros government is a hopeless case.

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