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Horn said the camp of Mrs. Arroyo appreciates the solicitude of Mr. Aquino’s government for Mrs. Arroyo’s health, but there have been events that elevated the issue beyond the personal interests of Mrs. Arroyo.

Aquino also found strange Arroyo’s petition to nullify the watch-list order against her before the Supreme Court, saying the Memorandum Circular No. 41, the basis of the DoJ decision, was actually passed during her administration.

Last Tuesday, Arroyo filed a petition asking the Supreme Court to rule on the legality of the watch-list order.

Asked if the case against Arroyo will be pursued this month, Aquino said the government will follow due process in this matter.

“In the interest of fairness, the panel of prosecutors cannot have a resolution without giving the accused a chance to defend herself. We are following all the requirements of the law,” he added.

Aquino also said he would ask the Department of Foreign Affairs to check if Arroyo has applied for any political asylum in any country.

Colmenares criticized the DoJ, citing the indecisiveness of government prosecutors to take legal action against the former leader. He demanded for a court-ordered hold-departure order against Mrs. Arroyo.

Presidential Spokesman Edwin Lacierda said the executive branch is prepared to defend its case against Arroyo’s foreign travel before the Supreme Court.

Sen. Panfilo Lacson and the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) said they leave to the Supreme Court whether to allow Mrs. Arroyo to travel abroad.

Toward the end of his statement, Aquino stated that his government is determined to end the cycle of anomalies every elections in the country. He claimed that it was time to shed led light on alleged cheating in the previous elections in order to return the credibility of the electoral system.

Last Tuesday, De Lima denied the request of Arroyo to seek medical treatment abroad while she faces poll sabotage charges. She claimed that Arroyo’s condition was not life threatening and she has been recovering well.

De Lima also lashed out at her critics who accused her of having double standards.

Ona had earlier said Arroyo remains in good health condition after he visited the former leader in her residence. He also asserted that Arroyo can get treatment for her bone deficiency in the country.

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