Pacquiao Wins Again

Pacquiao Wins by Majority Decision Over Marquez

Manny Pacquiao defended his WBO welterweight title at the sold-out MGM Garden Arena in Las Vegas, defeating Juan Manuel Marquez by majority decision.

Both fighters went toe-to-toe throughout the 12-round fight Saturday night with neither getting knocked down on the canvas.

The fight went down to the Nevada judges’ scorecards with Dave Moretti scoring it 115-113, Robert Hoyle 114-114 and Glenn Trowbridge 116-112.

Now that Pacquiao has defeated Marquez, the next big fight most boxing fans are eagerly waiting for is a potential multimillion-dollar payday against Floyd Mayweather Jr., the other superstar of his boxing generation.

Both fighters have openly said they want to face each other, but each time they try to consummate the fight, negotiations break down over blood and urine testing.

But just can’t shrug off the feeling of dismay….and I’m sure many will agree with me that Marquez seemed to be the better boxer in this fight…

It is Las Vegas after all….., the gambling capital of the world…and we do know that money, and in this case “Manny”, makes the world go crazy !

There’s a scene that defines the entire fight: The face of frustration of Manny’s wife at the end of the fight and the face of disbelief and surprise when they announced Manny the winner. Marquez has certainly been the best fighter, making it the best pound for pound in the world. Manny is just a product of Bob Arum and HBO.

When the decision was announced, an infuriated Marquez stormed from the ring in protest, and fans started throwing beer bottles toward the ring.

“For me the best judges are the audience and you see how they responded,” Marquez said. “I don’t know what type of performance I need to give. It was a robbery once again.”

Marquez may have only himself to blame for that. He came into the ring still fuming over the draw Pacquiao got against him seven years ago and the split decision Pacquiao won in 2008. He had to know most of the rounds were so close they were difficult to score, and that judges more often than not favor the fighter moving forward against the fighter moving backward when all things are equal.

Still, after listening to his corner tell him he was winning the fight, he came out slow in the final round. Neither man did much in a round when they might have been expected to let it all loose, but if Marquez would have fought a little harder and won the 12th round on two scorecards he would have gotten a draw.

“It could have gone either way,” said Freddie Roach, Pacquiao’s trainer. “I thought Manny edged it out in the last two rounds.”

Step Yes, Step No?

Did Juan Manuel Marquez use dirty tactics against Manny Pacquiao during their third bout?

A YouTube video shows the Mexican boxer stepped on Pacquiao’s foot at least 5 times during their 12-round WBO welterweight title match.

The foot stomp is an old boxing trick used to stop a boxer in his tracks during a fight. This prevents a boxer from stepping forward when he is attacking his opponent.

This also hampers a boxer from stepping away when he is defending himself from his opponent.

Some of the foot stomping took place in Rounds 6, 7 and 8, which Marquez reportedly led on points.

Marquez also stomped on Pacquiao’s foot twice in Round 12.

Despite the alleged stomping, Pacquiao got away with a majority decision, a result deemed by many in the boxing community as a mistake.
Boxing scribe Brad Cooney of said that at first, he suspected that the foot stomping may have been accidental.

Conney said this is typical in boxing matches between an orthodox and a southpaw fighter.

“When I first heard about this I was a bit suspect because whenever you have a southpaw fighting an orthodox fighter, from time to time the feet can get tangled up,” he said in his  article.

Cooney, however, pointed out that the foot stomping happened several times.

“It’s obvious that JMM steps on Manny’s foot several times throughout the fight. It’s not just one round either. When looking at the video of the fight, it’s clear that JMM steps on Manny’s foot in rounds 6, 7, 8, and twice in round 12. By accident? Maybe, but not probable. I can see if it was once or twice, but JMM stepped on Manny’s foot 5 times at least,” he said.

In his Twitter account, Pacquiao’s trainer Freddie Roach also addressed the issue.

“Marquez was consistently stepping on Manny’s foot, could that cause cramps?”

“No, very common when southpaws face right handers,” Roach responded.

Pacquiao said after the fight that he suffered from cramps starting in the 2nd round, which affected his balance and in-and-out movement.

The 28 stitches over his right eye weren’t enough to keep Manny Pacquiao from headlining his own post-fight concert, which went on as usual into the early morning hours on the Las Vegas Strip.

They certainly won’t keep him from his next fight, though that’s the only sure thing when it comes to Pacquiao’s immediate future.

Thousands of miles away, almost everything in the Philippines came to a halt so Pacquiao’s countrymen could watch their national hero fight. Crowds watching the bout fell silent as Marquez kept landing his right hand, and some feared Pacquiao might have been defeated.

Unlike the crowd in this gambling city, they burst into applause as the decision was announced. There were cheers of joy, but mostly there were cheers of relief.

The boxer cum Representative of Saranggani province could probably think over his plans of continuing with his boxing career, or just concentrate on his political ambition instead. There were rumors that he has plan on running for Governor, and then President in the future. Is it so high an ambition?

Pacquiao has accomplished so many already which made him so far one of the most successful and well-accomplished fighter in the world, if not the best………..and in the Philippines, he made history as the only Pound-for-Pound hero of Philippine boxing. Should he retire already and be contented with his current fame and vast fortune?…or should he go on with his fight with Floyd Mayweather to show the world that Mayweather is all talk yet no “balls”, and to finally prove for the last time that he is the better man?

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