De Lima’s Dilemma

What safeguards and restraints are left to protect people if the very instruments designed to insure check and balance between the three branches of government can simply be disregarded or rendered useless through double-talk?

As one businessman put it: the TRO that Justice Secretary Leila De Lima disobeyed and disregarded, is the very same instrument that is used to stop toll hikes, new taxes, suspicious transactions of government agencies, proclamations or executive orders as well as local government orders. That TRO is just like the TRO’s that courts issue to protect lives and properties and intervene in life and death medical issues.

TROs are there for everyone’s protection. TROs protect the interests of the State when needed and TROs are there to protect citizens from the State if necessary. Last week, an official of the state, named Leila De Lima showed us that such a protection only applies to the interest of the state.

Please allow me to make it clear: I have nothing personal, professional or political against Secretary Leila de Lima. She has worked hard to get where she is, and achieve what she wants, I will however, not stand idly by if her pursuit endangers my rights and the rights of others, and as well as endanger our institutions.

I’ll say it again – unless a citizen has been tried in an impartial court and found guilty on constitutional grounds – it’s nobody’s business where Arroyo or any citizen wants to go.

Government’s role is to protect the citizens liberty of movement – not restrict it. All this tsismis about Arroyo’s intentions or motivations are not constitutional grounds for restricting liberty. Filipinos should start reading their constitution instead of reading tiktik comics.

Aquino and DOJ Dilemma should have known better than to sit on their butts – and procastinate on filing well substantiated cases against Arroyo. Five hundred four days on the job – and all they can show is a mockery of the constitution?

The Defiance of the Rule of Law has grave implications for the Philippine Republic. The culpable violation of the constitution does not bode well. It raises questions about an unconstitutional government.

“De lima is one tough momma…De lima for next president!!!hehehe”

“Bilib ako kay de lima. Alam ko namang legal sarsuela ang nangyayari. DoJ was stalling. Ayun na, lumabas warrant of arrest. Mukhang seryoso ang administrasyon sa kampanya nitong accountability. Sana magtuloy tuloy at di hilaw or ningas kugon.”

“Panahon na!”

“ako taga pampanga ako pero di ako abugado ni gma dahil hindi ako abugado. at sigurado ako kung naging abugado ako hindi si gma ang ipagtatanggol ko. i oofer koang serbisyo ko kay de lima pro bono.”

“sarap ng katayuan ni de lima ngayun over night maisusulat sa kasaysayan ng pilipinas ang pangalan nya.. pag dumating ang oras na umasenso ang pilipinas baka isa sa bldg ng DOJ naka pangalan na sa kanya..”

“willing ako i donate ang 13th month pay ko para sa pondo ng DOJ para maaresto lahat na big time na magnanakaw sa bansa natin,lol!”

“great job for De lima and Pnoy!”

“sana magtuloy tuloy. sana lumabas din yung evidences,

dapat ifreeze nga yung assets ng mga arroyo,

sana start na to sa pagpapabago sa pinas!”

“Iron lady of asia pala hah??pwee!! si de lima ang kalawang mo!!”


di umubra ang Vanguard at Dagger ni CGMA sa stun ni Earthshaker (de lima). Yanig na yanig sya ngayon.
Pati boots of speed and boots of travel niya, di nya magamit. hahaha.”

“nadala si de lima sa escape artist na si lacson kaya hindi na umubra ang eskapo ng arroyo family,hehehe!!”

“Foregone issue. De Lima definitely will face the music. Doesn’t change anything with regards to GMA’s arrest. Hat’s off to De Lima for taking upon herself to insure GMA will not flee the country.”

“^She took one for the masang Filipino. Her conviction is admirable. At first I thought she is really defying the SC. It turned out everything was legally by the book.”

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