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The real condition of GMA

After consultations made with St. Luke’s Medical Center chief Herminigilda Salangad and Arroyo’s main attending physician, Dr. Juliet Cervantes, the Regional Health Service of the National Capital Region Police Office (RHS-NRCPO) completed  a report showing former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s condition as actually improving, contrary to what her doctor’s and lawyer’s are claiming.

It showed that Arroyo was “conscious,” “coherent” and “not in cardio-respiratory distress.” She was also not being fed intravenously, as was previously mentioned by her lawyer, Atty. Ferdinand Topacio. Her blood pressure was also normal at 120/80, contrary to reports that she had elevated blood pressure. The report added that her parathyroid hormones are within normal limits.

“Patient was seen lying flat on her back on the bed, wearing a Minerva vest. No IV fluid but still with plaster on site of her previous IVF on her left arm, No observable sign of pain but complains of pain on her lower back and left leg and ‘tingling’ of toes when asked, slight weakness of both feet, no complaints of diarrhea. Hypoparathyroidism is resolving. Calcium, magnesium and vitamin D supplements are being maintained. All other laboratory reports are within the normal levels. X-ray of the neck show that her cervical spine implants are in place and shows no sign of loosening and with increased density of her bone graft. “

Arroyo was earlier reported to have hypoparathyroidism, a rare condition in which the body secretes abnormally low levels of parathyroid hormones, which regulate calcium and phosphorus in the body. She was earlier reported to be in a delicate condition due to hypoparathyroid and bone diseases as well as diarrhea. Her camp filed a formal request for hospital arrest before the Pasay Regional Trial Court on Wednesday, saying that the former President is suffering from anorexia nervosa or lack of appetite, as well as neck and back pain.

She may be suffering from anorexia probably due to stress. She is also sensitive or adversely reactive to many kinds of medications, particularly antibiotics.

Arroyo is currently staying at the lone presidential suite of St. Luke’s Medical Center in Taguig City.

Raul Lambino, one of her lawyers,  however remained coy on Arroyo’s plans to travel overseas to get medical treatment.

“kahit gusto po niya… iyung pagpapagamot naman sa ibang bansa, hihingi po siya ng opinyon sa ibang dalubhasa, espesiyalistang duktor para malaman kung ano iyung pangmatagalang gamutan sa kaniyang sakit,” he said.

He added that Arroyo does not want to depend on taking a lot of medications, adding that this is the reason why she wants to get second opinion from doctors overseas.

Lambino  also said Arroyo’s camp has requested house arrest for the former President immediately after she is released from her confinement in the hospital. The Arroyo camp requested a provisional house arrest for the former President in a court motion. Attached to it were medical certificates from  Arroyo’s doctors.

He said the government, through Justice Secretary Leila de Lima, earlier stated that it won’t reject either a hospital or house arrest for Arroyo.

Lambino claimed that Arroyo’s illness, reported to be hypoparathyroidism, is still life-threatening.

“Hindi naman immediate life-threatening na mamamatay na siya bukas or sa susunod na lingo kung hindi makakapagpagamot,” he said.

“It will still be. Kung may sakit ka, it will still be life threatening,” he added.

“Iyung mga may hypertension, sakit sa puso, these are all life-threatening. Kailangan talaga tama iyung gamot na iinumin mo,” Lambino said.

In a separate interview with Dr. Gonzalo Roman, president of The Philippine Society of Pathologists (a specialty group of the Philippine Medical Association), he admits that no patient has undergone a bone biopsy with double tetracycline labeling in the country yet but this does not mean it cannot be done. In fact they have two bone experts at the Philippine General Hospital and the National Orthopedic Hospital. Roman further explained that doctors do not recommend tetracycline labeling since there are non-invasive alternatives that can produce the same results. He, however, said they are ready to perform the procedure on the former president, which will determine if her cervical spine is responding to treatment.

The doctors of former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo have said she is also suffering from cervical spondylosis due to hypoparathyroidism.

With the help of an orthopedic doctor, Roman said they can easily extract a bone sample from Mrs. Arroyo, but due to the lack of equipment here in the country, they may have to send the sample to another country like Singapore or Germany for analysis. He said the procedure is not routinely done here because it’s not an everyday procedure that is why he is suggesting  to do the biopsy here and send the sample to Germany or Singapore. We can actually perform most common biopsies here in our country.

This means Arroyo still does not have to travel out of the country.

Roman’s group agrees with the position of the Philippine Medical Association (PMA) that doctors of the former president need to come clean on her true condition or else undergo investigation.

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