Wanna Hitch A Ride To The Cory Aquino Avenue ?

House Bill 5422, filed by Bohol Representative Rene Lopez Relampagos proposes to rename EDSA into Cory Aquino Avenue in honor of former President Corazon Aquino.

Epifanio de los Santos Avenue (EDSA, pronounced ed-sah), formerly known as Highway 54, but even before that, it was called Disinueve De Hunyo (June 19), is the main circumferential road and highway of Metro Manila in the Philippines. It is an important commuting artery between the northern and southern parts of the metropolitan area. EDSA handles 316,345 cars per section on average every day. Stretching some 24 kilometres (15 mi), it is one of the longest avenues in the Philippines.

Representative Rene Lopez Relampagos said the avenue should be named after the late Philippine leader and mother of President Benigno Aquino III because “one cannot think of the 1986 EDSA Revolution without thinking of Corazon Aquino.”

He further added in HB 5422’s explanatory note that “It would be but a fitting tribute to former President Corazon Aquino, woman of courage and valor, that EDSA, an avenue that became testament to the country’s love of democracy, be named after her.”

The bill that will still have to undergo committee and plenary hearings, and will have to get approval of majority of House members before it can be passed by the House effectively calls for the repeal of Republic Act 2140, which names the avenue after Filipino historian Epifanio de los Santos.

Bayan Muna partylist Representative Teddy Casino is opposed to the initiative, calling it a “mega epal” case.
Casino and Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago both filed a bill banning the publication of photos and names of politicians on public projects and has gained the nickname the Anti-Epal Bill. The bill would ban the naming of government projects and programs after politicians.

Renaming EDSA to Cory Aquino Avenue would also be  “historically problematic.”  The EDSA uprising was not about Cory. It was about our people’s struggle against tyranny. The name EDSA has already been enshrined in our history and collective memory due to the EDSA People Power Revolution. It’s better left that way. Using Cory Aquino’s name to replace EDSA is prohibited because the President’s jurisdiction is nationwide. Noynoy Aquino is the incumbent and Cory is his mother.

Representatives Edcel Lagman and Mitos Magsaysay, both allies of Arroyo, have expressed their opposition to the bill but suggested to rename the street nearest the Hacienda Luisita instead.

It’s about time that we stop naming streets, buildings, function rooms, and other places with the names of dead personalities. I understand that we just want to pay tribute and would like our countrymen to keep on remembering these people. However, it is also undesirable if it became unfortunate that the said places becomes a subject of ridicule.

If a commuter comes late for work and his colleague asked him the reason why, it would not be very nice to hear something like: “Fucking shit kasi yung trapik sa “ Cory Aquino” (Cory Aquino Avenue) na yan! “

or when an OFW arrives from the Middle East, ” Ang tagal ko ng nawala pero same pa ring bulok ang “Ninoy Aquino” (NAIA) pagbalik ko!”

“nakapangalan na kay ninoy ang worst erport, ipapangalan pa ke cory ang worst hiway wid d worst trapik?”

“Di ako payag palitan ang name ng EDSA dami dapat kapakipakinabang na gawin iyan pa uunahin.. nag papa pogi points lang..

isa pa, kung iisipin wala naman ginawa si Cory sa bayan eh.. mga taong bayan ang totoong bayani sa EDSA hindi si Cory.. dahil sa bugso ng damdamin ng tao at mga gusto sumipsip at pumuwesto sa gobyerno pinilit nila si Cory na tumakbo dahil asawa sya nga ni Ninoy na pinatay.. ayaw nga nya noon di ba..”

“lol.. di na lang nya pag isipan kung anong magagawa nya sa constituents nya… as if makikinabang ang mga nasasakupan nya sa ginagawa nya…

EDSA is a big part of Philippine history… kapag binago mo pangalan nito.. maraming libro ang masisira.”

“pati pa naman EDSA papalitan ng name
aquino na nga ung paliparan nating tapos tapos gawin pa Aquino ang edsa…mamaya pati pangalang ng bansa nting palitan din ng aquino hnd na pilipinas kundi Aquino republic…”

“Anong ligaya naman ang maidudulot ng pagpapalit ng pangalan ng EDSA?

luluwag ba ang daloy ng trapiko kung sakaling baguhin ang pangalan nito?
lilinis ba ang hangin sa EDSA kung magbabago ang pangalan nito?
mawawala ba ang mga kolorum sa EDSA kung magbabago ang tawag dito?
mababawasan ba ang aksidente kung gagawing Cory Ave. ang EDSA?


-kung ang panukalang batas ay makakatulong lutasin ang mga suliraning aking naisulat, pweda pang seryosohin yang mambabatas na yan..”

“Heto mangyayari pag nagtagal…

Luzon ——–> Benigno
Visayas ——> Corazon
Mindanao —-> Simeon

Philippines —> Aquino

Aquino Republic!”


“Paano nga kung trapik sa EDSA?

kris: bimbi, that’s siksik.

bimbi: what’s siksik, mama?

kris: siksik is when mapapamura ka ng tangina this!

bimbi: tangina this, mama!”

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