May Mga Bagay Na Di Ko Na Kayang Lunukin

This was a trending topic on Twitter the other day (November 27, 2011, Sunday at ABS-CBN’s The Buzz hosted by Boy Abunda). 

One of the most controversial break-up announcement that was so very ambiguous, it only made the public to conjure up a lot of different interpretations or assumptions. The most prominent was that Piolo Pascual was one of the “Beckies”

KC Concepcion on her break-up with Piolo Pascual:

“May mga hinahanap ako na napaka-basic lang na hanapin ng isang babae sa isang boyfriend, isang lalake. Ayaw ko na siguro pumunta sa details kasi parang ayaw kong siraan siya.”

“Let’s just say na lahat talaga kaya ko… tinanggap ko ang anak niya. Kahit may mga times na hindi ko siya maintindihan, tinanggap ko kasi sinasabi sa akin ng mga kaibigan namin na personality niya yun,”

“Kapag may mga bagay na hindi ako sang-ayon na dapat ginagawa sa isang babae, tinatanggap ko kasi naniniwala ako na mabait siyang tao. May mga bagay na hindi ko na kayang lunukin. Hindi ko na kaya yun tanggapin,”

“Kasalanan ko naman ito sa sarili ko, Tito Boy, kasi ginusto ko naman ‘to ‘di ba. Gusto ko ‘to eh ‘di ba? Kasalanan ko ito kasi pinaglaban ko pa eh. Ginusto ko eh. At saka sobra sobra talaga akong nagtiwala sobra,”

“Masakit mang sabihin, hindi ako yung…siguro nag-fail din ako, dahil hindi ako yung kailangan niya sa buhay niya or hindi ako yung hinahanap niya sa buhay niya. And hindi ko mabigay sa kanya yung kailangan niya.”

Sharon Cuneta about KC Concepcion and Piolo Pascual’s break-up:

“It’s not my relationship, they’re adults na so they know how to handle what’s coming their way. She’s a strong girl, I think she knows now about the people she should value more now. If anything, this made KC and I closer than ever.”

Some of the reaction tweets of some personalities:

GoYoLarrazabal Gregorio Larrazabal

Is this supposed to be news, or are people supposed to be surprised? Just wondering..

phoemelabaranda Phoemela Baranda

“Hindi ko mabigay sa kanya ang kailangan nya” kc. ano ba talaga ang dahilan? 😦

JM_rodriguez JM Rodriguez

I knew it was gonna end up like this. 😦

GoYoLarrazabal Gregorio Larrazabal

Apparently I missed something about Piolo.. What happened?

jabjimenez James Jimenez

Or, more to the point, what DIDN’T happen? *facepalm* RT@goyolarrazabal: Apparently I missed something about Piolo.. What happened?

jayspogi Jays Santos

Hindi kailangan ni KC Concepcion ng true love. Kailangan niya sa panahong ito ng true man.

JM_rodriguez JM Rodriguez

Wow KC and Piolo are trending worldwide. Along with ARt vs Science and of course Get Rich or Die Tryin

PrinsesaHailie Hailie

sabihin mo na kasi, “Si Piolo and Mark Bautista na kasi pala.” :p

KakanTuring Tony Velasquez

So d showbiz gossip tonight isnt about a 3rd party, but a 3rd sex? Kuning kaya syang endorser ng Galaxy Note? ABANGAN!

gangbadoy Gang Capati

Ano kaya magpa-presscon yung guy tapos masangga din niya yung mic…? #truetest (backreading on tweets re the girl’s interview)

MaicaIsCarmela Maica Quinto

Oh so that’s why @jeffcanoy tweeted na he’s seriously looking for PapaJack! 🙂 #TVPatrol

GoYoLarrazabal Gregorio Larrazabal

In law school, there was a latin phrase which meant “you cannot give what you do not have”…. I’ll stop there… 🙂

 Paolo Castro

@xtianvazquez beki nga… i mean, BAKA nga! typo. hahaha!

iamsuperbianca bianca gonzalez

cannot be easy for anyone. kc spoke well through such a tough time. i wish both kc concepcion and piolo pascual the best.

laraquigaman lara quigaman

I love you @kc_concepcion ! & i love piolo pascual too… Praying for happiness for you both.

officialTIMYAP Tim Yap

Be true, amidst all the judgement that surrounds you. Be strong, no matter what trials come your way. You are~you know that@kc_concepcion!

tonyocruz Tonyo Cruz

LOL quote mula sa FB: “May mga bagay na ‘di ko kayang lunukin – KC Concepcion kung bakit daw siya nakipaghiwalay kay Papa P.”
Personal Opinion: 

“In my opinion, PJ & KC should have talked about this first before coming out in the open about the real status of their relationship. They could have both appeared before Boy Abunda & said something like

“We both decided for now, to concentrate on our respective careers & fulfill our numerous commitments. Then maybe in the future, we will be able to return to our personal lives together as a couple or a loveteam. We love our fans & we hope they will understand that we might not be seen or photographed together as much as before, but rest assured, there may be projects soon where we will be together again.”

Di ba mas maganda pakinggan? Walang nasagasaan, walang masama ang loob, walang iyakan, walang awayan!

Instead, we watched a miserable & brokenhearted KC on TV.

Ay naku! Sayang.

To KC and Piolo

Everything’s OK now, the questions answered somehow. Whatever is left hanging let’s give them that.  All I can say is, my instinct didn’t fail me.

Now let’s move on, face it, the truth is out, KC’s free.

Mahirap ang ginawa nya, it’s admirable,

she choose to say her piece and give an end to all the speculations,

FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH, I always believe that when you believe you’ve given what is due, you gave your part, you gave your heart, and still it fails, IT’S GOOD TO FEEL THAT FROM IT ALL, YOU KNOW YOU DIDN’T LACK.

You’ll get hurt , but in return, setting yourself free from it all will give you the right reasons to move on and find true love.


For being the first one to FACE IT ALL!


What you’ve been through will only give you more reasons to love, the right person, the right time.


Ang huling masasabi ko sa issue na ito:

Upcoming tele-serye Padre De Familia starring Piolo Pascual….’nuff said.

The wiseman said,
just walk this way,
through the dawn of the light,
the wind will blow into your face
as the years pass you by,
hear his voice from deep inside
It’s the call of your heart,
close your eyes, and you will find the passage out of the dark.

Here I am, will you send me an angel,
here I am, in the land of the morning star
the wise man said,
just find your place in the eye of the storm,
smell the roses along the way,
just beware of the thorns,

Here I am, will you send me an angel,
Here I am, in the land of the morning star
The wise man said,
just raise your hands and reach out for the spell,
find the door to the promise land, just believe in yourself,
hear his voice from deep inside,
its the call of your heart,
close your eyes, and you will find the way out of the dark.

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