Cub Scouts, Angels and Artists

Our kids are our treasure.

They are our most precious possession.

They complete our lives.

We don’t mind the noise every morning as we prepare for their school day. We don’t mind all the running around in the house every time they want to play. We don’t mind all the giggling and ramblings that they make at night before going to sleep. We don’t mind all the chitchat during lunch time or weekend movie day.

We would prefer losing the opportunity to earn a fortune than miss the chance to see them as they grow up into becoming responsible, caring and successful adults.

Our kids bring joy to an otherwise dull and gloomy day.

Our youngest kid, Hansel Kyro, age 8, used to look like Russell when he was younger….Now, after we took his picture again while wearing his Cub Scout uniform, we could see that he has lost some of his chubbiness already and is obviously on his way to being  a young man, and made me realize we are growing old already .. 🙂 Like a Cub or Boy Scout, he is the kid who would always be there ready to help us out and take the initiative to lend a helping hand. When he sees us bringing in several bags of groceries, he would immediately run to help us, while the rest of our kids are busy watching Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon, he would stop what he is doing to assist us. He is also so neat and organized with his personal and school stuff. If you will atke a look at his school bag, all notebooks would always be arranged by number, his books all placed properly, and his IDs, pencils, erasers, even his raincoat,  and other stuff, would all be always in their respective individual pockets or compartments of the bag. He is also somewhat of a perfectionist because he would always be noticing even the smallest details, and remind us to work on it.

Another angel of ours is “Hezron Kyle”, Age 11. He is the undoubtedly the “kindest” among the three siblings. His uncanny characteristic would be the intriguing scientific or technical insertions he would input in every discussion. During a meal, while preparing for school, or while watching TV, he would always have something to say that would be supported by a scientific fact. He’s our “walking encyclopedia” or our “Kuya Kim”. He hates copying notes from the blackboard, but he has a surprising photographic memory to remember a lot of details. He seems to be also an “introvert” who prefers to stay home, watch TV, and read the online wikis. Whenever he attends a gathering or a party, or simply just at home playing, we could not stop laughing at his comical and humorous gestures. He never fails to bring a smile, a grin or a chuckle.

Our eldest ” Hannah Krystelle”, Age 13, is the “brightest” among the three. She is very studious and always eager to get good grades in school. She’s even part of the “MASTERs” program, who are selected students that are being trained by the school to be ready for quiz bees, spelling contests and other similar competitions. She also loves to read and draw animes, and modifying graphics and pictures in the computer. I think she got most of her creative attributes from me, but her beauty definitely mirrors her mother. She writes fictional stories, decorate her notebooks with her fascinating scribbles, and designs customized banners for her Facebook profile picture. She is truly a very creative artist.

Our kids would always remain special for me. Even though they are quickly growing up, and are already shying away from the usual “malambing” traits or display of affection when in public,  we are very proud and lucky they are growing up to be exceptional in their own fields of interest.

We may not be perfect parents and we could never be exceptional role models. We may lose a temper every once in a while and even punish them for small trivial shortcomings. But it’s  only because we care for them, and do not want them to stray away from the good path.

We hope they would also be proud of us, as we do our best to give them our sincerest love and affection, which would remain constant until we are laid to our rest.

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  1. Elliot Capasso
    Dec 01, 2011 @ 17:27:15

    my best mate wanted to know something about this, ill point them to your website, thank you


  2. Jerrell Kammler
    Dec 11, 2011 @ 06:39:21

    Merely wanna comment on few general things, The website style is perfect, the written content is real good : D.


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