Circle of Bullies

Those bullied before have become today’s bullies.

Later they will again be the bullied.

Circle of bullies.

Arroyo’s critics claim she went against the Cojuangcos to retaliate against Cory Aquino’s participation in the July 2005 conspiracy to topple her.

Now the Cojuangcos have a Noynoy Aquino as the head of the government.

Now the tables have turned.

Now I understand why they would seemingly torment and put a former president in jail on the basis of the say-so of a lone witness implicated in the Maguindanao massacre and election sabotage.

“Accountability” and “reckoning” have indeed taken a chilling meaning.

I bet you already know who in the news are the past and present bullies right now.

Read further if you want to know more about “Bullying”

Bullying is a form of aggressive behavior which may manifest as abusive treatment, the use of force or coercion to affect others.

Some bullies are looking for attention. They might think bullying is a way to be popular or to get what they want. Most bullies are trying to make themselves feel more important. When they pick on someone else, it can make them feel big and powerful.

Some bullies come from families where everyone is angry and shouting all the time. They may think that being angry, calling names, and pushing people around is a normal way to act. Some bullies are copying what they’ve seen someone else do. Some have been bullied themselves.

Sometimes bullies know that what they are doing or saying hurts other people. But other bullies may not really know how hurtful their actions can be. Most bullies don’t understand or care about the feelings of others.

Bullies often pick on someone they think they can have power over. They might pick on someone who get upset easily or who have trouble sticking up for themselves. Getting a big reaction out of someone can make bullies feel like they have the power they want. Sometimes bullies pick on someone who is smarter than they are or different from them in some way. Sometimes bullies just pick on someone for no reason at all.

Laws against Bullying

There is now a Senate Bill No. 2677, or the ANTI-BULLYING SCHOOL POLICY ACT, that was filed last February 7, 2011 by  Miriam Defensor Santiago,  AN ACT MANDATING SCHOOLS, COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES TO CREATE ANTI-BULLYING POLICIES IN THEIR INSTITUTIONS.

This was actually originated by Congress Bill NO. HB02630, similarly called AN ACT MANDATING SCHOOLS, COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES TO CREATE AN ANTI-BULLYING POLICY IN THEIR INSTITUTIONS, filed by Congressman Christopher S. Co with co-authors Rodel M. Batocabe and Alfredo Garbin Jr. last August 17. 2010.

DATE READ: 2010-08-24
1. Scheduled for first meeting/hearing on 2010-12-07 (BASIC EDUCATION AND CULTURE)
-Preparation of a substitute bill to consolidate the provisions of HB Nos. 2613 and 2630.
2. Approved by the Committee on 2010-12-07 (BASIC EDUCATION AND CULTURE)
3. Committee Report filed on 2011-09-06 (BASIC EDUCATION AND CULTURE)
-Committee Report No. 1408, substitute House Bill No. 5248 – “AN ACT REQUIRING ALL ELEMENTARY AND SECONDARY SCHOOLS TO ADOPT POLICIES TO PREVENT AND ADDRESS THE ACTS OF BULLYING IN THEIRS INSTITUTIONS” with Reps. Escudero, Cajayon, Co, Batocabe and Garbin as authors.


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