Of Mice and Men : Erap Advises Gloria

Erap’s Life During His VMMC Hospital Arrest Days

An interview with former President Joseph “Erap” Estrada and his son, Jinggoy Estrada, revealed some disappointing  experiences during their previous stay at the Veterans Memorial Medical Center where the two Estradas were also formerly put under Hospital Arrest.

Since  former President and now Representative  Gloria Macapagal Arroyo would now be using the same Presidential Suite at the said veterans hospital, the Estradas couldn’t help to reminisce their 3 years of stay.

The Estradas couldn’t forget about their many visitors who would always appear during the wee hours of the night and interfere with their sleep. Some of these little dirty creatures would even climb up to their beds and awake them during their slumber. …and they were not talking about Erap’s cabinet secretaries or Jinggoy’s mayoralty staff, they’re referring to the several little mice or “bubwits” that would wander around the VMMC Presidential Suite during late nights or early mornings. They advise Arroyo to bring mousetraps or flypaper with her so she could catch those little disease-carrying vermin.

They couldn’t also forget  about the Airconditioning unit in the suite which was barely capable of cooling the room. They had to replace the said unit with a brand new one. They also said they never took it back with them when they were transferred to the Estrada rest house for House Arrest detention instead. ” I knew she would be using it one of these days” said Erap with a smile on his face.

Erap also told us that there was no hot water in his bathroom so he had to share with Jinggoy’s.  “Imagine the scene seeing Jinggoy and me showering together all naked,…Eeeewww!”.

Worse, he said, water from the tap not only came in trickles (“patak-patak”) but was also totally cut off by 9 p.m. “We had to ask for a pail to collect water and we had to heat it ourselves [for baths],” he said. The problem was his athritis would always kick in so he would end up bathing with very little water. ” I had to make use of what I have so I had to recycle the water. I would bath on top of a huge “batya” and reuse the water for flushing the toilet or brushing my teeth.

He then remembered about the problem with the toilet bowl which wouldn’t flush, and was always an embarrassment when his guests would use it.  Their “turds” wouldn’t sink and Erap would always hear them shouting “Shit!, Shit!, Shit!”.

“It truly hurt my feelings” exhaled Estrada.

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