Desperately Needing Love

A Beauty To Rescue

Every man is desperate to have at least three things:

A battle to fight, an adventure to live, and a beauty to rescue.

We are all probably aware that President Noynoy Aquino has all of these but one.

Actually, Aquino is the one who may need some immediate rescuing.  Although he doesn’t score zero for matters of love life because of his previous relationships, I believe he desperately needs somebody intimate in his life right now….. and oh how Christmas is surely fast approaching, it would be a blessing for him to be able to spend it with a special someone.

Is the lack of a “first lady” making Aquino aggressive and somehow bitter, …or as his detractors would say, arrogant, childish and disrespectful?, …..or did this actually made him more eager and determined to fight for the interest of the Filipino people than the previous Presidents of the country?

The people are after closure. The Arroyo government generated a lot of questionable issues that remained unanswered until now because Arroyo was able to put legal obstacles. But is Aquino on the right and good path towards getting that much anticipated closure?

Are we really already travelling, or just on our way to the road he calls “Daang Matuwid”, or are we actually skewing from that path?


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