Desperately Needing Love

A Beauty To Rescue

Every man is desperate to have at least three things:

A battle to fight, an adventure to live, and a beauty to rescue.

We are all probably aware that President Noynoy Aquino has all of these but one.

Actually, Aquino is the one who may need some immediate rescuing.  Although he doesn’t score zero for matters of love life because of his previous relationships, I believe he desperately needs somebody intimate in his life right now….. and oh how Christmas is surely fast approaching, it would be a blessing for him to be able to spend it with a special someone.

Is the lack of a “first lady” making Aquino aggressive and somehow bitter, …or as his detractors would say, arrogant, childish and disrespectful?, …..or did this actually made him more eager and determined to fight for the interest of the Filipino people than the previous Presidents of the country?

The people are after closure. The Arroyo government generated a lot of questionable issues that remained unanswered until now because Arroyo was able to put legal obstacles. But is Aquino on the right and good path towards getting that much anticipated closure?

Are we really already travelling, or just on our way to the road he calls “Daang Matuwid”, or are we actually skewing from that path?

Aquino has announced that he is putting on hold his plan to buy his dream car until 2016. At least Aquino is thinking of investing a new car after his term in 2016 and not during his service as President. Remember how Aquino was highly criticized for buying a luxury car during the early days of his presidency? Even if he declared it was only second-hand, and that it came out of his own personal money, many felt it was unethical and lacking of delicadeza for the President to spend  extravagantly while many of our countrymen couldn’t even afford to buy a decent meal. His predecessor, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, was also criticized for spending ridiculous amounts for meals and foreign trips during her presidency.

The life of the President is somewhat pitiful because all eyes are definitely on him every second of the day. Although the President enjoys the power and authority of having the highest position in the land, he remains being closely monitored and his every action scrutinized, especially by his detractors.

When Aquino spoke at the First National Criminal Justice Summit, everyone was shocked and overwhelmed by his speech which directly attacked the Supreme Court.

Aquino had laid down what he believes are the obstacles in his journey along the good path he calls “Daang Matuwid”.

Aquino’s Speech

Aquino spoke in Tagalog, but here’s a few excerpts out from Aquino’s speech translated in English.

“From the onset, obstacles had already been put in our path.

We have been following all the right processes, and still we are being accused of picking a fight. May I ask: who in their right mind would not be suspicious of their true intent?

We remain respectful of the separation of powers between the judiciary and the executive branches. We have no intention of encroaching on their duties, disregarding their rights, or tarnishing anyone’s reputation. But we need to remind ourselves of the bedrock principles of our democracy. We in public service owe it all to our Boss, the Filipino people.

We are here only to serve the people, and to serve our fellow Filipinos with utmost industry and integrity. Now, if there is one public servant who thinks he does not owe his countrymen—who, after all, is the wellspring of our power—but a patron who had snuck him into position, can we reasonably expect him to look after the interests of our people?

I do not have a degree in law. But I was brought up with a clear view of what is right and what is wrong; of what is just, and what is corrupt. I stand firmly in my belief that justice cannot be steered toward the whims of magistrates. Not even lawyers and judges can treat the law as a toy to be fiddled with or juggled according to what they desire.

Allow me to reiterate what I had mentioned earlier: the power of the Supreme Court, the President, and Congress all emanate from their single Boss: the people. Therefore, we should only favor and fight for the people’s interests. It is my obligation—it is everyone’s obligation—to remain focused on a single direction, under one unifying aspiration: to serve and uphold the interests of the nation.”

Laila De Lima shared that ”The President only said what’s clear to him – that the emperor really is not wearing any clothes.”

“The President only voiced a valid concern that is obvious to many. If the SC did not rule against the Truth Commission, there would’ve been cases ready for filing by now versus the former administration.”

De Lima also expressed that “The law is never meant to be inflexible or immutable. It doesn’t do good if we implement without considering the spirit of the laws only found in jurisprudence.”

“It’s never a question of power; it’s only a question of mandate.”

Later, Atty Ferdinand Topacio jokingly said “Matigas ang stand ni PNoy, trying to compensate for something.”

I’ve seen in the news that Fernando Poe Jr.’s grandson is also calling on Corona to inhibit from Arroyo cases. Too bad inhibiting is the sole prerogative of the Justices and could not be forced on them. A judge could only inhibit if he feels he would not be able to treat the case fairly. Life in politics is truly complicated.

I’ve seen a lot of good people that were slowly corrupted by the power and wealth. Their greatest hindrance in recovering from their sinful acts was their pride. And if everyone else is doing it, why be different?

Aquino does not have a woman, except Kris Aquino and his other sisters….. but that doesn’t count, in his life that would comfort him at the end of a busy day in Malacanang. Somebody who could hug him so tight and release all that stress and tension, anger and frustration, that he had to battle and endure from all his critics, detractors and unsatisfied constituents.

Aquino may have many people working for him, and with him in his battle, in his adventure. They may share his beliefs and determination in his fight to put the scalawags of the previous government rule into their rightful places, alleviate our population and employment problems, and to eventually eradicate poverty and corruption in our country. Some of them may even sacrifice their own personal life and political careers just  for him.  But I’m sure the endearing affection coming from a beloved would tremendously mean  a lot to him.

A man’s need for affection is probably his deepest emotional need.

Part of our inner strength would come from the support of our loved ones. Just knowing that somebody is there believing in you regardless of the consequences and outcome would make us feel invincible and confident. At times when I feel weak and depressed, my wife would always successfully cheer me up. And when I am fuming in anger with somebody, she would effectively calm me down.

While Mr. Aquino complains about how the Filipino public feasts on his love life, or the lack thereof, it has been observed that he likes to tease people to talk about it. In his opening message at the PMA convention, he drew loud laughter when he touched on his single state.

“As you know I am still single. If I ever get a chance to go out on a date, it seems that I have invited the entire Filipino people to join me on that date. And I wonder who gave them the right, and why I am apologizing to whoever had the misfortune of joining me in that circus,” he said.

On the sidelines, Mr. Aquino again lamented how the public had often encroached on his private life: “Someone passes by and a picture has to be taken. You’re putting food in your mouth, you’re just barely beginning to eat, even if your food turns cold, it’s picture time. “When one goes out, they come by feeling they have the right to inspect one’s life. One hasn’t committed a crime, or generated a controversy. But they have to complicate one’s life. I wonder: Is that proper?”

However, in his speech before the Filipino community in China last week, PNoy likened his lovelife to the soft drink Coke.

He said, “Parang Coca Cola. Noong araw, ‘regular.’ Naging ‘light.’ Ngayon, ‘zero.'”

Regardless of what Aquino may say, I still believe he needs a woman in his life.

So, maybe we could recommend some possible single and available ladies out there that would be the type of our bachelor President. Choices could be based from his previous “girlfriends, dates, and crushes” 

1. Shalani Soledad, a Valenzuela City councilor and TV personality (TV5’s WilTime, BigTime co-host of Willie Revillame), whom Aquino met when he was still a Congressman and Soledad was still a UNTV news reporter. Soledad is now engaged to Roman Romulo, a Congressman of Pasig. She was still Aquino’s sweetheart when he announced his run for the Presidency, thus catapulting Soledad into the limelight as well. Noone really knows the cause of their sudden break-up because both parties were too private about the details.

2Patricia Ann Roque: Also known as Trisha, was a former ABS CBN Child Star (AtBP), Eat Bulaga’s Little Miss Philippines winner, and now TV5 reporter. She graduated with a degree in Journalism from the University of the Philippines Diliman. She was also a UAAP courtside reporter for the UP Fighting Maroons. She was, allegedly, rumored to be the new “apple of the eye” of the President.  Some have said she was the reason behind the Presidential split with former flame Valenzuela councilor Shalani Soledad, but Roque repeatedly denied the rumor claiming the last time she reported Aquino was during Aquino’s first weekend as President. Aquino later denied allegations of any romantic ties with the former “child superstar”

3Barbie Palagos: Reportedly spotted on a “date” with Aquino at Nuvo Restaurant and Wine Bar in Greenbelt,  October 9, 2010. According to some reports, the woman with Aquino in the restaurant “answered to the name ‘Barbie Palagos’.” A Davao woman going by the name “Barbie Palagos” was also found on Facebook and in it lists her political views as “Yellow.” The account revealed that the woman lives in Alabang, a graduate of the University of Dartmouth, and is employed by “CWCL”. A comment from one concerned online viewer and simple googling will reveal that the “Barbie Pelagos” they are talking about is actually a Korean actress named Lee Yeon Hee.  All the while these supposedly credible media outfits seemed to take  these photos as Barbie’s hook line and sinker!!  They were even fooled by a fake Facebook profile!

There have also been some reports that it was really a certain “Barby Paragas” who was actually seen with Aquino and not Palagos as was orginally rumored. LinkedIn resume puts Paragas as having a Civil engineering degree from Dela Salle University (Class of 2001) and a Masters in Civil Engineering (Major in Transportation Engineering) from the University of the Philippines. Her work deals with human resource management and she is the general manager of her own company, HRSolutions Global Inc.

4Liz Uy: Reported to have been “dating in various places,” the “celebrity stylist” and former girlfriend of  movie and TV actor John Lloyd Cruz, is an editor-at-large to Preview, a Filipino fashion magazine. She styles a lot of bankable stars in country, and also has shares of endorsements like Creamsilk, Glam Rock Watches, Jing Monis Salon and Globe.  She is anointed as Manila’s It Girl and recently graced the January 2011 issue cover of Preview Magazine. Aquino was quoted “We have been spending some time together as our schedules will permit, but at this point in time that is the extent…”. There was even a rumor that spread saying Uy and Aquino had secretly got married, but Uy denied this laughingly.

5.  Maria Elena “Len” Lopez: Spotted with Aquino on a “date” (and reportedly three more times). According to “sources” she is a high school graduate of St. Scholastica’s College in Bacolod, a 1992 Management Economics graduate of the Ateneo de Manila University, and employed at Deutche Bank as a stockbroker. Her mother is said to be a Recto, and her late father, a relative of the affluent Lopez clan. The dating was “confirmed” on  December 20, 2010 by Presidential sister Kris Aquino herself. Kagabi, pinakilala niya na sa amin ang dini-date niya, sa kanyang mga kapatid na babae. I was so impressed. And ito I’m sure hindi magagalit si Noy, ang payat, my God! Talagang kasing payat ni Kim Chiu and very elegant.” Kris told the radio show Tambalang Failon at Webb.

6. Mary LouiseBunny” Calica:  A 27 year old mestiza from Cebu who was spotted with Aquino at the Dusit Thani Hotel, Makati during a reunion concert by the Filipino band the Hotdog. According to “media reports” she is a Boeing executive’s daughter and a teacher “working with Korean students.” Kris, the unofficial presidential-spokesperson, has described his brother’s new date as someone simple and has a “good head over her shoulders.” A tweet issued by former Presidential squeeze Shalani Soledad shortly after the reported “date” which read “Jealousy is normal. What you have to do is to make it into your positive motivation, so it won’t destroy you” has been interpretted to have been made in reference to Calica.

7. Sabrina Chua:  is a Singapore-based reporter from Channel News Asia. Her profile on Channel News Asia says that she’s a senior producer in the network and is intrigued by human behaviour and psychology. A report from ABS-CBN News says that according to rumors, Aquino got smitten by Sabrina when the latter interviewed her during the President’s State Visit in Singapore.Based on a lil information that I gathered, PNOY reportedly was quoted saying “I like her” after the interview and so maybe that’s where it all started. Aquino allegedly was impressed that Sabrina tried to interview him in Tagalog.

8. Grace Lee: TV personality and DJ , is a Korean television host and radio disc jockey working in the Philippines. She recently joined Magic 89.9’s morning radio show Good Times With Mo with Mo Twister and Mojo Jojo as a replacement for Andi-9. She is the third Korean expatriate to appear prominently in Philippine television, after Sandara Park and Ryan Bang. She can speak Tagalog and English in addition to her native Korean. Lee got linked with the President when Aquino complimented Lee during the inauguration of the 200-megawatt coal-fired power plant built by the Korean Electric Power Corp. (Kepco) in Cebu where Lee was one of the hosts. Lee said she was flattered by the president’s comments. “It’s no big deal… I was very flattered so I thank Mr. President for saying that about me,” she said

9. Iza Calzado: born Maria Izadora Ussher Calzado, was rumored to be dating the President, but the 28-year-old TV host-actress was fast enough to put the rumor to rest for good. “I was introduced to the president during kuya Ogie Alcasid’s birthday party. I conversed with him there and, the last I checked, there was nothing wrong with that. That does not equate to dating the president,” Iza explained.

And before all of the above, there were reportedly:

10. Bernadette Sembrano: former GMA 7  Wish Ko Lang host, and now ABS-CBN Umagang Kay Ganda co-host, and coanchor of TV Patrol weekend with Alex Santos. Sembrano is now married to Kawit, Cavite Vice-Mayor Emilio “Orange” Aguinaldo IV (the great-grandson of the late former President Emilio Aguinaldo). Their relationship lasted  for one-and-a-half years. But obviously, they both have busy schedules that were clashing with their priorities. In time,  they decided to just break up.

11. Korina Sanchez: ABS-CBN Rated K host and TV Patrol co-anchor along with Noli De Castro and Ted Failon. She is now the wife of DOTC Secretary Mar Roxas.  Her husband was a the Vice-Presidentiable running mate of Aquino who lost to Jejomar Binay. “Kris will always be a kid sister to me as everybody knows that I had a relationship with her brother.” says Korina

12. Maricel Morales: former beauty queen, actress, and councilor of Angeles City. She quoted as saying “Alam naman niya (Aquino) ‘yung tungkol sa amin ni Ace (her ex-husband). Hindi naman ako nag-deny sa kanya. Hindi ko nga alam kung nanliligaw ba siya or what, pero napaka-thoughtful niya that time.”

13. Barbara Milano:  She was a sexy actress, model, businesswoman, also a public servant when she was elected as councilor of Talavera town in Nueva Ecija. In an interview with Kris Aquino on The Buzz,  she said she had a short relationship with Aquino.

So from the list of Aquino’s former relationships, you may be able to see a pattern on what characteristics Aquino often looks for in a woman, and perhaps from this list we could recommend the woman fitting and just right for our President.

Huling Hirit/Final Note:

“Sana ang paghahanap ng special someone ay parang Google search, hindi ka pa tapos mag-type madami nang suggestions at options na type mo.” – Chocoleit

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