International Mountain Day

December 11 is International Mountain Day

This year’s International Mountain Day theme focuses on Mountains and Forests.

Healthy mountain forests are crucial to the ecological health of the world. They protect watersheds that supply freshwater to more than half the world’s people. They are also home to untold wildlife, provide food and fodder for mountain people and are important sources of timber and non-wood products.

Yet in many parts of the world mountain forests are under threat as never before and deforestation in tropical mountain forests continues at an astounding rate. Protecting these forests and making sure they are carefully managed is an important step towards sustainable mountain development.

The International Day aims to raise awareness about the relevance of mountain forests and the role they play within a Green Economy as well as in climate change adaptation measures.

Commitment and will to advance this cause were strengthened during the International Year of Mountains in 2002, and mountains have gained an increasingly high profile on agendas at all levels.

The Year also led to the adoption of resolution 57/245, in which the General Assembly designated  December 11 as International Mountain Day, and encouraged the international community to organize events at all levels on that day to highlight the importance of sustainable mountain development.

If I were asked by the government where we should detain Gloria Macapagal Arroyo…I won’t answer Veterans Memorial Medical Center or any government hospital. I won’t even say lock her up at a prison or detention cell in Metro Manila or nearby provinces.

I won’t even say ” Send her to the mountains!”, because she might continue her evil deeds there, and cause chaos to the forest creatures, insects and other critters like “duwendes” and “tiyanaks” out there.

Deforestation and illegal logging continue to prevail despite the watchful eyes of our nature loving NGOs and activists. Many are failing to realize that it’s because of our continued demand for wood or lumber, the cutting of trees would remain.

Stop using wood to build your house, furniture and garden fence.

Stop using wood for matchsticks, toothpicks and chopsticks.

Stop bringing down mountains to build subdivisions or shopping centers.

No trees on our mountains would mean flash floods even for a little rain, and intolerable climate change.

No trees on our mountains would mean no habitable environment for our animal neighbors, thus destroying the eco-system.

Please support the International Mountain Day.

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