Corona Impeachment

Chief Justice Renato Corona is Impeached by the House

We face every single day without knowing what lies ahead. Nevertheless, beyond this uncertainty, stands the assurance that GOD cares!….and from the latest news that I’ve just heard, GOD truly loves us so much!

Chief Justice Renato Corona has just been impeached by the House…..and OMG, how extremely fast it was! As fast as Jesus!…Judge Jesus Mupas of the Pasay RTC, that is.

Another victory for the new government. No, another victory for the Filipino people!

It took only a little more than just two hours to get 188 signatures to sign the impeachment complaint, led by lawmakers led by Niel Tupas Jr., Joseph Emilio Abaya, Lorenzo Tañada III, Reynaldo Umali and Arlene Bag-ao,  against Chief Justice Renato Corona.

Congress has repeatedly proven that if they want something done they can do it fast. They can impeach in 2 hours. Good luck to the RH Bill.

Two firsts…Renato Corona, first Chief Justice to be impeached by House… Merceditas Gutierrez, first Ombudsman. Both appointed by GMA.

Former Omdudsman Merceditas Gutierrez, impeached with 212 votes.

Articles of impeachment to be transmitted to Senate tomorrow.

Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile says that the upper house would only be able to act on the articles of impeachment when session resumes in January 2012. Congress goes on break this week.

Under the constitution, impeachment proceedings start in the House. If a complaint garners at least 1/3 of all House members as endorsers, the complaint would be transmitted to the Senate sans hearings.

The Senate meanwhile would have to convene itself as an impeachment court to hear the articles of impeachment.

So the Corona impeachment trial  is to start next year. At least Corona could still have a Merry Christmas, but a Horrible New Year as he faces an impeachment trial next year.

Question now is…will Corona choose to face impeachment trial or resign like former Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez?

Grounds of Corona impeachment:




Congressman Niel Tupas: “I’ts the person that we impeached, not the institution. We impeached the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. We respect the institution that’s why we’re doing this. We want to bring back faith & confidence of people in judiciary. ”

Corona’s failure to disclose SALN is culpable violation of Constitution.

Tupas says 1st 3 articles in the impeachment complaint specifically center on Corona, “on the way he voted in cases”

“We believe we have a very, very strong case against the Chief Justice.”

Tupas on allegation Palace threatened to withhold pork barrel:

“No such thing, no blackmail. If you believe (complaint), then you sign.”

Thank God we are not in Tudor or Elizabethan England — otherwise, CORONA is burning at the stake now or being beheaded.

Articles of Impeachment against Corona:

The summary of the impeachment complaint cited at least eight major grounds for Corona’s impeachment.

It said that Corona “betrayed the public trust through his track record marked by partiality and subservience in cases involving the Arroyo administration.” It said that apart from Corona’s “midnight appointment” being a violation of the Constitution, Corona’s voting pattern overwhelmingly favored Arroyo.

Corona also allegedly committed “culpable violation of the Constitution and/or betrayed the public trust when he failed to disclose to the public his Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth.” It said Corona “is suspected of having accumulated ill-gotten wealth, acquiring assets of high values and keeping bank accounts with huge deposits (among others, a 300-sq. meter apartment in the Fort in Taguig).”


Corona’s impeachment effectively eclipsed the other big news  — the assumption of the new chief-of-staff of the Armed Forces, and the installation of the new Catholic archbishop of Manila.

According to House majority leader Neptali Gonzales, the members of the lower house who signed the Impeachment Complaint was about twice the required one-thirds of the membership of the House of Representatives to automatically and swiftly send articles of impeachment to the Senate.

Where Arroyo succeeded in eluding impeachment, she failed in her attempt to flee the country. Now, the lost crown of glory , pleads for mercy.

Anthony Pangilinan jokes that the Arroyo spokesperon, Elena Bautista Horn, should be “imSPEECHed” as well !

Panay daldal at angal kasi eh!

Horn should guest star in GMA 7’s latest show, “Daldalita”

Additional Documents:

In This Crisis, We Stand Together by Midas Marquez, Court Administrator and Spokesperson

Letter of Danny Lim to Chief Justice Renato Corona:

Complete Transcript Of Pres. Aquino’s Speech On Chief Justice Corona’s Impeachment (Tagalog Version)

Complete Transcript Of Pres. Aquino’s Speech On Chief Justice Corona’s Impeachment (English Version)

Huling Hirit/Final Note:

House Minority Leader Edcel Lagman brands this latest turn of events “The mother of all blackmails”, referring to the rumor that the pork barrel for next year was to be withheld if the members of the House of Representatives would not sign the impeachment complaint. He said he received reports from individual congressmen who were threatened with deprivation of their 2012 Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF), which is the year before the election.”

He said it blackmails both the lawmakers of losing their PDAF and the SC justices who risk being impeached if they do not decide cases in favor of the Aquino administration.

“We hope the Senators who will act as impeachment judges will be strong and judicious not to succumb to similar blackmails. The derogation of our democratic institutions is almost complete with the emasculation of the House of Representatives, the violation of civil liberties, the impairment of the rule of law, and now the destruction of the Supreme Court and the judiciary,” he said.

“Ano pa ang natitira sa ating democratic institutions e lahat ay binalewala na,” he added.


“Either we heal now as a team, or we will die as individuals.” – Al Pacino as coach, Any Given Sunday

“Politics & showbiz doesn’t differ much. There’s entertainment in politics seen as it happens. There’s politics unseen in showbiz happening” – chokoleit

“There is no spoon. You will then realize, it is not the spoon that bends…it is only yourself” – The Matrix

Credit of content goes to the many tweeps out there.

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  2. D' Transcriber
    Dec 12, 2011 @ 15:21:52

    Yes, bilis – binagyo si corona kaya pala nag-ala Horn nung sinabi nya kaninang umaga sa SC flag raising ceremony na may “secret plot” sa kanya. Actually, it’s no secret, harap-harapan nga siyang tinira ni PNoy sa justice summit, which you cannot fault naman PNoy because of corona’s closeness talaga with Arroyo is evident. Then pareho pa sila ni Horn ng kanta, me “plot”……..


  3. TechnoSpecs
    Dec 12, 2011 @ 16:16:13

    Thanks for actively commenting on my posts….Yun na yata ang best way to catch them …kailangang bilisan para di makagawa ng pangontrang hakbang.


  4. D' Transcriber
    Dec 12, 2011 @ 22:40:06


  5. TechnoSpecs
    Dec 12, 2011 @ 23:16:26

    Yes…heard the news last night too…Corona already knew there was a movement against him as early as the other day, thus his speech at Monday’s flag raising ceremony at the SC.. Marami namang mga “mole” or inside informer ang mga yan…In politics, everyone looks out for their own personal interests so alliances/friendships are but a necessary tool to advance one’s political career.


  6. Anonymous
    Dec 14, 2011 @ 08:26:59

    I believed that PNoy government will fail Corona down. When you put Corona down, it only means you put Supreme Court down. Don’t easily believe on what you hear. Read the evidences first.


    • Anonymous
      Dec 15, 2011 @ 02:31:17


      during cory’s time, isip ng karamihan was evil marcos
      during ramos’ time, isip ng iba, hindi masyadong halata ang kasamaan ni cory
      during erap’s time, isip ng iba, may masamang nagawa si Ramos
      during arroyo’s time, isip ng karamihan was corrupt estrada
      during pnoy’s time, isip ng karamihan is the most corrupt arroyo.
      see the trend?

      wag muna gawing judge ang sarili nyo, di makakatulong yan. di na kayo natuto.
      evidence vs. evidence muna in proper place.


    • citizen
      Jan 25, 2012 @ 14:36:41

      this political impeachment is not battle for supreme court persee but against to the people’s interest walking through straight road to nation’s success….we should be thankful of what is happening today it means that our nation still under democratic system of gov’t na walang pinipiling tao hangat pwede ipakulong gagawin ng mga nasa taas,kasangga parin natin sila…


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  8. citizen
    Jan 25, 2012 @ 14:25:56

    We do beleive that the group of defense, prosecutors or even the senator judges are corrupt….i hope that pnoy’s gov’t will at least mnimize the corruption that’s why he should pursue his political will to impeach corona thus,serves as a model to all politicians who wish to milk gov’t’s fund…. that is one of the lagacies of pnoy that i want to put in mark in this humble regime.


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