Fugitives On The Loose

2.      Fugitives On the Loose

CCTV videos revealed the actions of a jailguard who purposely distracted the attention of other guards on duty and allowed three chinese nationals to escape. The three detainees, who are in prison for drug related cases, escaped from the Paranaque city jail, and was rumored to have the jailguard as an accomplice.

BJMP director Rosendo Dial formed Task Force Quatro, headed by Senior Superintendent Daniel Dequito, to supervise the investigation and manhunt for Jail Officer 1 Richard Sillatoc, who he declared armed and dangerous; and escaped inmates Long Zong, Chan Tong Lou and Cheung Wai Leung.

Parañaque City police head investigator, Chief Investigator Enrique Sy said Sillatoc allegedly fed fellow guards JO1 Jesus Baguinon and JO2 Jimmy Zapata “bulalo” (a Filipino recipe made up of stewed beef bone marrow or oxtail with vegetables in broth) and rice, which made them vomit. Sillatoc, Baguinon and Zapata were then on duty, manning the jail’s gates. While they were in the bathroom, Sillatoc reportedly removed his uniform, changed into civilian clothes and helped the three detainees escape from jail from 3 a.m. to 3:20 a.m.

Dial said the leftover food fed to the guards was sent to National Bureau of Investigation’s toxicology division for analysis.

I’m also wondering if the lunar eclipse had something to do with this as well, but definitely there might be money involved since the detainees belong to a drug syndicate who could easily offer money in exchange for their freedom…or it could also be possible that the detainees had something against the jail guard forcing him to help them escape. But definitely, the bulalo bait was a beautiful touch as many people couldn’t really resist ravaging down on a free meal.

At another location, six inmates of the Cagayan Provincial Jail escape when during a daily morning inspection of the jail guards at 6:45 a.m., the six suddenly pointed guns at the jail guards and locked them inside the jail cell.

National police spokesman Chief Supt. Agrimero Cruz Jr. identified the escapees as Vincent Badajos, Jong Romero, Kevin Chua, Christopher Tasi, Harris Tasi, and Agustin Kawilan.

The suspects escaped on board a tricycle. It was unclear how the six managed to get hold of guns, but it was very clear that the jailguards were a bunch of wimps for being easily subdued by their prisoners.

Huling Hirit/Final Notes:

“Sillatoc must have been offered a very large amount of money to have helped spring the detainees from the facility” – Chief Inspector Enrique Sy

“Filipinos must be reminded that the lure of the fast buck has its tragic consequences.”- Bongbong Marcos

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