Going Mental

4.   Going Mental

Elena Bautista Horn shouts “It’s mental torture!”, as former president and now Pampanga Representative Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s grandchildren were not allowed to use an ipod inside the Veterans Memorial Medical Center (VMMC) Presidential Suite. The children were there to visit Arroyo a few days after her transfer from the St. Luke’s Medical Center (SLMC).

After not being allowed to use mobile phones, laptops, TVs, radios, and other electronic media and communication devices, Horn is now again furious about the strict observance of the same restrictions to the visiting families, relatives and guests of Arroyo.

Horn is really out of her mind! I think Horn needs to be reminded that Arroyo is in detention in a government hospital, and not on vacation.

How can that be mental torture? Imagine hearing this kind of complaint in the City Jail. Others can’t even afford an mp3 player, what more an ipod.

The kids can always play outside, but In the first place, weren’t they there to be with their grandmother and not busy playing with their expensive toys??!

“Horn lives up to her name: Sanga-sangang sungay ng kasinungalingan at kabalastugan! Mental torture na ba yun? May ipod? Yung iba nga walang makaing bigas.”

“Is Horn using her present position as a stepping stone to show business? Irritating.”

“Ganyan yata talaga si Horn, panay busina na dahil walang tigil sa kakatalak, may sungay pa dahil puro masamang intensyon ang binabalak!”

Arroyo is lucky to have a very loyal friend in Horn. Those who had ties with Arroyo, even among friends in media, love her and defend her fiercely! Among those defenders are those who have much to hide and to account for. Do take note, they don’t enjoy public sympathy.

If you would ask “These loyal “defenders”– are you alluding they could have benefitted from their close relationship in more ways than one?”

I would reply by saying “Arroyo was a smart woman, she took care of a lot of people. All Generals, Bishops, Justices and plenty of other influential personalities, to stay in power long. Arroyo conspired with many others in plunder, human rights violations, and electoral fraud, as per complaints at DOJ and the Ombudsman. It is not a surprising why she still has a few number of supporters working painstakingly hard for her”.

Huling Hirit/Final Notes:


“I cannot understand why GMA keeps on complaining about harassment and persecution when she is being treated well by the administration. This is nothing compared to the cruelty and ruthlessness that her administration did when they arrested and detained President Estrada,” -Rep. JV Ejercito

“Elena Horn, you have the most sexually charged name in politics today. That is all.” – Paolo Montecillo

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