Celebrity Wishes Part 2

Make A Wish

According to wikipedia, a wish is a hope or desire for something.

Some cultures have customs in which people are encouraged to “make a wish”, such as blowing out the candles on a birthday cake, seeing a shooting star at night, tossing a coin into awishing well or fountain or breaking the wishbone of a cooked turkey. Many believe such wishes can only come true if they are kept a secret from other people. Others, on the other hand, believe that wishes come true only if they are told to someone else.

In fiction a wish is a supernatural demand placed on the recipient’s unlimited request. When it is the center of a tale, the wish is usually a template for a morality tale, “be careful what you wish for”; it can also be a small part of a tale, in which case it is often used as a plot device. You can wish on many things for example: wishing wells, dandelions when you blow the seeds, stars and much more. When you wish in a well you throw money in, in the hope your wish comes true.

Celebrity Wishes

Celebrities also have their own share of wishes just like the rest of us.

Let’s take a look at some of their tweets to get a glimpse of their wishes.

1. Sarah Meier Albano

It was a very hilarious tweet coming from Sarah Meier. I almost fell from where I was sitting as I looked more closer to the computer screen trying to see if there’s a picture attached to the tweet. But alas, there was none. I even tweeted back saying ” Pics or it didn’t happened”.

Hahaha…so crazy of me.

Anyway, Sarah Marie Go Meier is a Swiss model-turned-MTV VJ discovered by MTV Asia. She is of Swiss, Chinese and Filipino descent. She is married to events producer Banjo Albano, with whom she has a daughter, Kaya.

Based from her tweet, she wasn’t wearing any bra when her right boob popped out of her shirt.

So, guys, you know what to do now. Let’s ask  Sarah if she could send us her bust size for a more accurate fit.

2. Erica Paredes

Erica Paredes is the daughter of APO Hiking Society famous singer and songwriter Jim Paredes.

Now here she explicitly says she wants a brand new kitchen as a Christmas gift. From her producers?….., maybe.

Erica has Gourmet Kitschen.  The name Gourmet Kitschen is is a play on words. Kitsch has been said to be the opposite of art- a cheap, “slapping together” of things and passing itself off as art.

“I must say my cooking escapades are quite the same- a slapping together of random things I may have tasted before, wanted to taste or imagined. I am a very messy, irrational cook but I love it and it shows in the food I make.”

So if her producers would be giving her a new kitchen, we might as well give her some “Kitschen”-warming gifts.

I also caught her two times tweeting about wishing for bigger boobs. In one I had to reply: “hahaha…you keep wishing for bigger boobs!…is that your top xmas wish?”. She tweeted back with:” i think it’s a forever wish for those of us with not enough natural resources hahahhaha!”

3. Janice De Belen

WHO can ever forget the young, pretty and bright-eyed teenager who topbilled the long-running soap “Flordeluna” more than two decades ago?

Janice, the original Flor De Luna and now Elena Dizon mother of “Budoy”, has new puppies only a few weeks old….and from her posted picture, there’s nine of them that she calls “babies”.

Catherine Janice Yap De Belen has also added to her credentials of being an actress and TV star and host, the prominence of being a “chef”.

She hosts a Spoon, where she recently won as Best Celebrity Talk Show Host for the PMPC Star Awards For TV.

I think  there’s a lot of celebrity dog lovers out there who shares her same love for man’s best friend. Most of us also love dogs so it wont be hard for us to figure out what she would love to have this Christmas.

If you can’t think of a gift for her puppies, then something useful in the kitchen would be a fine idea as well.

4. Maricel Laxa

She called her latest find as “heaven on earth”. An all organic food store. She also loved the “pure honest to goodness healthy complete juice”.

Maricel Laxa’s tweeter profile says she is a “Wife, Mother of 5, Actress, Columnist, Author, Triathlete, Servant of Jesus.” Maricel graduated with a degree of B.S. Social Sciences at the University of the Philippines, Manila and earned her Master’s Degree in Family Life and Child Development at the University of the Philippines, Diliman.

No wonder she is the ideal mother….very supportive of his children namely Ella, Benjamin, Donny, Hannah and Solana. She is now campaigning for her 10 year old son Benjamin as Youth Triathlete of the Year. Benjamin had an open-heart surgery at the age of 4, and now is a triathlete at age of 10.

So give her something all natural and organic. for this Christmas season, and don’t forget to vote for her son.


5. Liz Uy

If you don’t know Liz Uy, then you’re not paying attention to the news. Especially the news about our President Noynoy. Liz is PNoy’s stylist who was rumored to have a romantic affair with PNoy.

Liz is a celebrity stylist who is the previous girlfriend of actor John Lloyd Cruz and was reportedly dating President Benigno Aquino III. But both have already denied any romantic connection.

Liz has tweeted that she loves Sonja’s cupcake: http://cupcakesbysonja.com/

Cupcakes by Sonja is the first bakeshop in Manila that specializes exclusively in cupcakes.

Liz also loves receiving bouquet of flowers, especially from secret admirers. In one of her tweets she said, “Kung sino man ang nagbigay ng flowers, thanks, pinahaba mo buhok ko.”

6. Ryan Bang

The former Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash 2010 housemate said in one of his tweets that he wanted to have a dog. He said this when he saw Jon Avila’s pet dog.

Bang Hyun Sung is Ryan Bang’s real name. Ryan Bang became one of the judges in Showtime and stayed from August 16, 2010 up to October 8 2011, when he was eliminated. He is currently Showtime’s longest staying judge at 48 weeks.

Lately he tweeted that “pares” was now also his favorite dish, after he and his friends, including Vice Ganda – Showtime’s unevictable star judge, ate the said dish sometime early morning.

Pares, which literally means “pair”,  is a Filipino dish  that is a combination of a beef stew viand and a bowl of soup, both served with rice. Some less popular variations of the dish are rice-topping versions. The stew is made with beef cutlets cooked in sweet soy sauce and anise, topped with spring onions. The soup is made by combining a portion of the stew sauce with some pre-cooked soup stock.

So it’s either a dog, or the dish.

7. Mo Twister

Mohan Gumatay or commonly known as Mo Twister, is a radio disc jockey and television host in the Philippines. He is best known for his Good Times programs, which started as a Radio Show and spun off into TV and Internet.

He recently got involved in a scandal when a recorded video of him went viral on Youtube implicating Rhian Ramos to have undergone an abortion of their supposed to be baby. Mo was crying on the video, and even blamed the GMA 7 TV station and manager of Rhian for the decision of abortion.

Some say he went to New York so he could be with his daughter Moira, his child from former actress Bunny Paras.

In his tweets, plus the attached pictures, we see him busy furnishing his new apartment in Central Park East, New York, and having trouble assembling his newly bought IKEA furnitures.

IKEA is a furniture brand that offers a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products at prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to afford them.

The ideal gift for him would be anything useful for his seemingly still bare apartment so he could finally call it “home”.

8. Lucy Torres Gomez

She loves pink roses in the bathroom…..Well I’m betting not only in the bathroom.

Lucy Torres-Gomez, wife of actor Richard Gomez, is a congresswoman, actress, television host and mother. Torres is of German, Spanish, Chinese, and native Malay descent. She was elected congresswoman of the 4th District of Leyte in 2010.

She also tweeted “Massage: like chocolate, a treat I would have every day if I could.” and “Crispy Pata, why are you such delicious sin?”

She just celebrated her birthday last December 11 for which she tweeted “Gummy bears and instant coffee. They don’t really go together but it is my birthday, I will happily follow no rules:)”

She also said “Yes, milk tea is my favorite. I can drink it everyday!”

So that’s plenty of gift ideas already.

9. Anne Curtis

I may be a little too late because as I write this, Anne has already bought a new tree. Well, there’s no harm in having more than one Christmas tree in the house.

She’s giving away the old tree tweeting it needs a new home. I’m not sure if its already taken.

This last few months had been very fortunate and productive for the Showtime host,  movie actress and celebrity endorser.

Her latest movie, No Other Woman, along with Derek Ramsay and Christine Reyes, was a blockbuster. Her first solo album just turned Platinum, and now she would be performing at the Araneta Coliseum for her No Other Woman first major concert.

Her followers in twitter has reached more than 2 million already.

I think she already has everything she wants in life, including a puppy she calls Princess.

10. Melissa Ricks

Melissa Marie Ricks is an actress of Filipino-American descent. She was a runner-up in the reality talent search Star Circle Quest on ABS-CBN.

She starred in many TV series.  Melissa received one of her biggest breaks when she portrayed Hiyas, the apple of Pedro Penduko’s eyes in the Fantaserye Komiks Presents: Da Adventures of Pedro Penduko

Her latest TV series is “Nasaan Ka, Elisa”.

From her tweet, we can feel her drooling over the Hello Kitty spare tire cover as she tweets ” Omg, I’m so gonna get that Hello Kitty sticker when I get a car!”

From her tweet, she wants both a car and the Hello Kitty.

She also has two dogs named Potchi and Chewy.

Got ideas what to give her already?

Final Note/Huling Hirit:

The tradition of gift giving in the Philippines is as varied and diverse as the number of islands it has. There is no wrong occasion to giving out gifts. From family events to formal functions – personal or business, a small token or a gift delivery is always appreciated. But gift-giving is practiced more by almost everybody during the Christmas season.

“Although gift-giving might involve an expectation of reciprocity, a gift is meant to be free.”

“Psychologists say it is often the giver, rather than the recipient, who reaps the biggest psychological gains from a gift.”

“At the end of the day, the phrase “it’s the thought that counts” still holds true. No matter what kind of gift you give, the most important protocol to follow is that your token has sincerity written all over it.”

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