Birthday Boy Boxer

Birthday Bash Ala Hollywood

Boxing champ and Sarangani Representative Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao celebrated his 33rd birthday with a major star-studded bash, Hollywood style with all the elements of showbiz glamor and kick.

The nearly 2,000 guests, among them celebrities, politicians, relatives and buddies in the trade, arrived in their best dresses and suits, packed the KCC Mall Convention Center, cheered on, and paid tribute to the legendary boxing icon tagged as the most famous Filipino.

Joy Isla, managing owner of Party Island refused to cite the cost of the event, but a Pacquiao family member claimed that about P5 million had been spent to orchestrate the event, excluding the car and P2 million that were raffled off for the guests.

83-year-old grandma, Cristina Dapigran, was given the chance to give her birthday message to the celebrant. After giving her greetings, Daprigan said in the vernacular: “I hope you will make good your promise to give me a house.” The boxer-turned-lawmaker responded with a big smile.

I hope the residents of Northern Mindanao, like Cagayan De oro and Iligan. could also request a new home from Pacquiao.

Dionisia, Pacquiao’s mom also appeared  and even sang two songs for her famous son. I think the songs were entitled “ Mo Money, No Problems” by Notorious B.I.G. and “Envy” by Nicki Minaj, and she dedicated it to the people of Northern Mindanao (joke).

Jinkee’s Surprise Gift

Jinkee, had one big surprise for Manny. She gave him a highly modified Hyundai County.

Jinkee had secretly commissioned popular and multi-awarded car customizer Atoy Llave of Atoy Customs for the Hyundai County van project. The Hyundai County is the newest addition to the Pacman’s fleet of pricey vehicles.

They are calling this the “Pac-Van”.

Besides the Hyundai County, Llave was also commissioned to customize Pacquiao’s other two vans—a Ford E-150 van and a Dodge Ram El Capitan, both of which had undergone extensive interior refurbishment and customizations including new color-coordinated leather interiors, mobile entertainment setup, and instead of the usual carpet treatments, Hornitex laminated wooden floors were used to give it a clean and practically maintenance-free finish.

Wow!, could the government also hire Llave to work on the flashflood damaged vehicles in Northern Mindanao?


Willing To Get Less Winning

Pacquiao punctuated his 33rd birthday celebration, reportedly his biggest and most lavish, with a resonant off-ring move that could easily rival all his other truly heroic feats.

Pacquiao has offered to take a cut from his purse if this could lead to Floyd Mayweather Jr. finally coming forward to fight him.

Pacquiao swore there should be no problem if he gets less; the important thing is for their fight to become a reality. He has no problem with a smaller prize purse. What’s important is for the fight to push through.

I think Arum is the one pulling the strings with Pacquiao, and it probably doesn’t matter that Pacquiao is saying he’ll accept less to fight Mayweather. If Arum doesn’t want this fight to happen, it won’t. There are still two fighters that Pacquiao still hasn’t whipped in Arum’s Top Rank stable, and he can also go back around the table and fight Cotto, Margarito and Clottey once more for in house fights.

Regardless, Pacquiao coming out and willing to take a smaller percentage than Floyd Mayweather Jr., was a stunner that sent the eager boxing world in a reel.

This sounds promising, right? Mayweather has always wanted the bigger slice of the revenue and if Pacquiao is serious about giving him what he’s asking for then it should make the fight easier to put together. From a neutral point, Pacquiao’s humble offer sort of puts Mayweather on the ropes.

Of course, slippery as he is, Mayweather could always come up with another ridiculous counter, although its soundness would for the moment remain suspect.


Mayweather ‘s New Excuse

And then again, it seems Mayweather has gone to full extent of all excuses as he now faces jail time.

Boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been jailed after pleading guilty in connection with domestic violence.

Mayweather was given a 90-day prison term after pleading guilty to reduced battery domestic violence and harassment charges.

Las Vegas judge Melissa Saragosa also ordered the 34-year-old to complete 100 hours of community service and pay a $2,500 (£1,600) fine.

Mayweather’s guilty plea avoids a trial on felony allegations that he hit his ex-girlfriend Josie Harris and threatened two of their children during an argument at her home in September 2010.

He was accused of assaulting her after she told him she was seeing another man, and he allegedly reacted by striking her, threatening his children and taking their mobile phones.

This probably means the fight with Manny Pacquiao is off. Mayweather can now blabber all he wants in jail where he would have a “captive” audience.

Good going, Gayweather. You will really do anything and everything just to prevent fighting with the Pacman.


Publisher Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao is a boxing icon, who is also the Congressman from Saranggani, the TV host of “Manny Many Prizes” of GMA7, the actor of movies like “Wapakman”, the singer with songs like “Para Sa ‘Yo Ang Laban Na ‘To” and “Bilog Ang Mundo”, the basketball player, the billiards shark, the businessman, and many more, is taking on a new persona – a media mogul and communications magnate.

To start his venture into the communications business, Pacquiao has already established a radio station in General Santos City which he hopes will be the first of the projected 100 or so radio stations that will be set up all over the Philippines after he has acquired a congressional franchise to operate a radio network.

In the first quarter of 2012, a new international boxing magazine, “The Boxing World Quarterly,” which will be printed by a new multi-million peso printing press that Pacquiao has opened also in General Santos City and managed by his wife, Jinkee, will be published with an initial circulation of 30,000 copies.

BWQ, the quarterly boxing magazine, while printed in the Philippines, will have international writers from all over the world and will be distributed worldwide through mail order and during the Pacman’s big fights in Las Vegas.

For the first issue, the cover story will be an exclusive interview with Manny Pacquiao and his plans for the future and what he sees of his life beyond boxing. The cover photo will be a computer generated composite of the many personalities of Pacquiao.

Pacquiao has also recently launched his official website:

There would be a lot of challenges working with a bull-headed personality whose mind is on a lot of concerns and whose attention span is very limited owing to the many activities in his life, it is a good thing he has Jinkee to “look into” activities he would normally have very little time to focus on.

“Manny has Jinkee, just like Renato has Cristina.”


Final Note/Huling Hirit:

“I don’t look ahead… I keep focused on my next opponent. I am looking forward to my next opponent, I don’t think past that point.” – Manny Pacquiao

“I will do my best, and I promise I will give this guy a fight, and I have to win this fight.” – Manny Pacquiao

“Sasagasaan ko ‘yan. Talagang maghahanda ako para sa kanya. Dadaanin ko sa resistance. Hindi ko siya tatantanan. Lagi akong naroon kahit siya maputo.” – Manny Pacquiao

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  3. Developer
    Jan 05, 2012 @ 10:51:50

    It is not that has been launched. It was MANNYPACQUIAO.COM the official political website of Manny Pacquiao‘hollywood-style’


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    Jan 06, 2012 @ 07:27:23

    Thanks for the correction…keep in touch!


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