TipidPC Rules!

TipidPC.com is the largest online IT Community in the Philippines. Have something to sell or share? Sign up for an account now. It’s absolutely free!

It is the premiere portal for trading – buying, selling and swapping computers, computer accessories and IT related services in the Philippines. Since its inception in 2001, TipidPC.com has been the conduit of more than a million transactions and has become a tool and inspiration for its members to become successful entrepreneurs.

Aside from being a trading portal, TipidPC.com likewise serves as an online facility for interaction among its growing number of members – from Baguio City to Zamboanga, South East Asia, Middle East, USA, Canada, and UK.

A proudly Philippine-made website for IT, TipidPC is richly endowed with a diverse group of people, from IT professionals and students, from CEOs, System administrators to technicians, from salesmen to engineers, graphic artists to digital art enthusiasts, from console gamers to PC gamers, amateur to professional photographers, the list just goes on.

The TipidPC community is a melting pot of Filipino ideas, creativity, ingenuity and camaraderie. Community activities such as seminars, LAN parties, photo shoots, and even sports activities, are being organized and held through the site via forum discussions or threads.

TipidPC has also made way to the formation of both IT and Non-IT related sub-groups, like TPC National LAN Shop Owners, Rig Noobies, Rig Builders Alliance, TPC Lente, TPC Audiophiles and DJs, TPC Gun Owners, Team Nikon Bullies, AMDroids, Virus and Spyware Removal Team, Graphic Artists Group, Folding@Home Team, TPC Sisterhood, TPC Billiards Tourney, TPC Basketball League, TPC IT Riders, TPC Airsoft Players, TPC Singapore, TPC Middle East, TPC Canada, TPC Japan and a lot of other groups continuously adding to the list.

Rig Noobies

TPC Lente

Rig Builders Alliance

Team Nikon Bullies

There are approximately thousands of online users daily using the website. It’s like eBay but better than eBay and caters to a smaller niche which is all about computers. Users can search or browse for “Items for sale” or “Wants to buy” on more than 30 categories. Users can also search via keywords for “Items for Sale”, “Wants to Buy”, “Forum Topics” and “Members” of the website.

Users can find new information in their forums and can directly jump to their chosen forums section. The language used in the forum includes english, tagalog and some use taglish language. Online users account names are displayed on TipidPC’s homepage.

Though users can post and discuss almost any topic in the Forums section (with the exception of some sensitive subject matters), the site owners and moderators are very strict in the Trading section. They only allow transactions dealing with computer-related items and services, and site moderators  may automatically delete or correct all item posts found non-complying with the restrictions. All members who do not comply risk having their accounts suspended indefinitely. Check out their “Site Rules and Regulations” for guidance.

More information can also be found in TipidPC’s “Info Center” and “Resource Bin”. Each of these categories are good that most of the people read it. TPC also conducts IT Seminars and Workshops trough their “Training and Events” portion offering highly efficient lessons for a very low cost.


Guide on Using The TipidPC Website


History of TipidPC.com

In August of 2001, a group of friends were sharing their hobbies with each other. They were members of the PinoyPC community, a community of Filipino PC enthusiasts. The section for buying and selling in the forum was so in demand, they aptly named the section “The Blackmarket”. Then the idea came up, instead of just having a portion of the forum for buying and selling, why not put up a site that is dedicated to buying and selling of PC parts.

So it was then they formed TipidPC.com (TPC), and that’s where it all started. The community then was small, limited to around people whose business is buying and selling computers. People got to know each other, and camaraderie between buyers and sellers grew.

With the increase in the site’s traffic, the current web hosting company was not able to handle the bandwidth needed by the site. Thus, TPC needed a new provider for their hosting needs. Along came Conceptsware, a hosting company owned by Mr. Alex Amadeo, or more popularly known then as ReB. The partnership was forged, and Conceptsware was able to provide more than enough to cover TPC’s requirements.

With the site’s following growing steadily, TPC decided to welcome to the team someone they can trust and help run the site better. Well, since they know ReB already and was very helpful with the server needs, why not include ReB along with the team, as he has been a very big help with the development.

The people who own the TipidPC.com site:

  1. Jesus Domingo
  2. Alex Amadeo
  3. Christian Maningding
  4. Hermann Thomas Calero
  5. Jason Migrino
  6. Ryan Jay Gregorio
  7. Christelle Gregorio
  8. Rosel Amadeo

Thus, the alliance was forged. Along with the growing number of members who were selling and buying in the site, the community wanted a place where they can build their camaraderie instead of just buying and selling. So TPC decided, it’s time to put a forum for our members.

TipidPC Website Evolution

The site had since made many changes, from the old green and black motif, to the blue and white and now with its current look, TPC just keeps getting better.









Still the site owners continue to improve the site’s looks and features. In fact, there is an ongoing development of a new design. Here is a preview:

In the works, early prototype and not final yet

Continuously being improved based on feedback and bug reports from TipidPC members

Try Out The New Website:

We need your help in trying out the upcoming TipidPC website version. It’s still a work in progress, but most of the functionalities for trading is done. We’d really appreciate your feedback/bug reports on this one.

So what’s available for testing?

1. User signup/preferences/signout/password reset
2. User to user messaging
3. Item posting/editing/activation/deactivation
4. Item bookmarking
5. Transactions — offers, ratings
6. Forum

Everything else is not working yet.

NOTE: All data that goes into the test site will be wiped every now and then depending on the bugs being fixed

Here’s the URL for the test site:

http://tpdp.cc/ <click here for link>

We really hope you’d give the test site a spin. Feedback and bug reports are greatly appreciated 🙂

TipidPC Magazine

It has been a long wait. Finally it’s here, our very own community magazine. What makes this even more sweetier is that its FREE.

Who says there is nothing free in this world? Well here is one great freebie you shouldn’t miss whether you’re a computer enthusiast or not.

“We’re always been proud of this community and we wanted to highlight the talent, ingenuity, and creativity of our members. From cover to cover – every concept, word, image, and digital art, were contributed by members of the TPC community.

The hurdles are always there but the bottomline, we made it because a lot of you believed and made it happen. We know there are a lot of things to improve. We will adopt and we will come out with a better issue than the last one.

This is just the beginning. We will showcase more home grown articles from our community. TipidPC Magazine is your new playground. Show them what you got. Take the challenge…contribute and earn that badge of bragging rights. – ReB”

Publisher’s Note

Sweet. Our very own magazine.After several years of yearning and hard work, one of our visions is coming to fruition. I can still remember back in 2003 as we were mapping out TipidPC’s plan for  the  next  five  years  over  a  dinner  meeting  at  my  house.  Ideas were running in different directions at the same time as eight guys were speaking their minds out. It was a bit surreal.

In those twenty-two minutes of verbal chaos, goimon suggested that we should also publish our own magazine, to complement the website. At that time, the magazine’s concept was not yet clear, but nonetheless, we had it staked as one of the site’s direction in the future.  A couple of years have passed and the idea still remained just a vision.

Our first big chance came in 2005 when Ayokis_stuff and I explored on the possibility of doing collaborations for the magazine.  Ayokis_stuff  was already publishing his own magazine, Airsoft  Extreme, back then.

First thing that we needed to establish was the magazine’s concept.

We wanted a concept that would go hand-in-hand with the site’s vision.We  always  get praises that  our forum  is a  great  source  of  information,  even for things beyond technology.  It  was evident  in  the forums  that  we have  a  lot  of  highly skilled, expert, talented and unselfish TipidPC members, willingly sharing their knowledge to fellow members who needed help, without expecting anything in return. We wanted to highlight this in our upcoming project and we decided it was the perfect concept for the magazine.

Though even with a clear direction, we still held back. With all the cost involved for the project, doubts started to cloud our thoughts – if we could really sustain the project.  We then had a realization, we were not yet ready.

Fast forward to 2011, our community will be celebrating it’s 10th year this July and we gave the idea of the magazine a second look.

We  were  moving  to  our  new  corporate  office  in Alexander  House along Amorsolo St. in Makati and everything seems to be in place.I thought, at long last the ball was finally rolling. I knew then that it was time. We were ready.

We approached Ayokis_stuff again and this time around we are adamant that we wanted to come out with our own magazine. We are proud of our members – their expertise, creativity, resourcefulness and their ability to innovate and improvise is second to none, and the magazine was our way of to showcase the community.

2 months later, ‘TipidPC Magazine’ was born. We would like to thank everyone who contributed and helped us in making this issue a reality – you’re now part of TPC history.

In succeeding issues we will venture in using Taglish format to preserve the Pinoy flavor and the TipidPC culture, just as we have envisioned for  the  magazine.

I  am  confident  that  this  magazine  will  open  a treasure chest brimming with talent and unleash the true potential of the TipidPC Community.


– Alex Amadeo a.k.a. ReB

The TipidPC team has already released two issues of the TipidPC magazine, and is actually already on its way to releasing the 3rd issue soon. All articles were written and submitted by no less than the TipidPC members themselves.

Download Links

TipidPC Magazine Issue 1: 






Online Viewer Only:


TipidPC Magazine Issue 2: 




Online Viewer Only:


Call for Articles

Are you sure you’re really a Tech Savvy? O baka naman, savvy savvy mo lang?

If you really are, then prove your worth and be recognized. Be a part of the most authentic Tech Magazine in the country today.

Earn your bragging rights at TIPIDPC.COM magazine.

Write down your techie experiences, which we assume would be worth publishing for our magazines since you are after all, a TipidPC member.

Send your worthy write ups to articles@tipidpc.com. Include good Hi-res photos (300 pixels, at least) in JPEG format.

Happy TPCing.

TipidPC TechMarket

We would like to invite everyone in TIPIDPC TECHMARKET 2011 extended up to January 15 2012, at the ETON CYBERPOD E-LIFE (Building 1), EDSA cor Ortigas Ave, Q.C.

This event emulates our online activities at TipidPC and incorporates other things we have envisioned for our community.

Techmarket 2011 will highlight daily trading and weekly community activities such as, group-buys (Remember the Voltes V and X-men sales?), sub-group events, gaming, product demonstration, raffle, shop grand/clearance sales, testing center, Mini and Grand EBs, exhibits, free seminars, and more. Simply put, think of TipidPC Techmarket 2011 as the offline equivalent of our site.

This means more accessible stores for you in just one roof. Close you deals here at TipidPC.com , meet your seller at Techmarket and test your items in one of the many testing stalls that we will authorize for free or just a very small fee. Participate in the weekly events we have stored for you and of course enjoy company of the TipidPC community.


TipidPC Premium Membership

TipidPC is a forum and classified ads site open to all for free. This is why the site is also susceptible to scammers, forum trolls, and other mischievous elements of the online community. While there are a lot of successful deals and trading stories, there are also some reports of buyers or sellers being scammed in a transaction. Aside from individuals who want to sell their old or unused computer stuff, or buyers searching for brand new or second-hand items at a cheaper price, there are also sellers with legit physical shops who post their products here. To get peace of mind, check out the member’s feedback ratings, and also check if they are TPC-verified Premium members.

Premium Membership is a level of membership that promotes trust, credibility and a stronger community. Not only for TPC users who trade regularly and consider the site a place of business, but also for users who want to enjoy value for money even for their other purchases. It is founded on the concept of trust-building and establishing oneself as a reputable member of the community. A premium member is someone who has passed the identity and billing address validation and screening process of TipidPC. Once you become a Premium Member, you remain as such at both of our communities, TipidPC and TipidCP.

TipidPC Premium Membership FAQs


TipidPC Has Further Evolved!

TipidPC also has a site dedicated for all mobile/cellular phone related items,  TipidCP: http://www.tipidcp.com

TipidCP.com is now the premiere forum and trading portal of the Filipino mobile phone enthusiasts.

TipidPC will soon have a site dedicated to Photography enthusiasts, TipidLentehttp://www.tipidlente.com

While the site is in the works, there is a forum thread where Photography enthusiasts can post their amateur and professional shots, ask and learn from the experts, and discuss anything related to Photography: The TPC Lente (Official Point and Shoot Digital Camera Users Support and Photography Thread) http://www.tipidpc.com/viewtopic.php?tid=181446

Advertisers can contact the company through the “Contact Us” form provided on the website or proceed to this address:

502 Alexander House Bldg.
132 Amorsolo St., Legazpi Village
Bgy. San Lorenzo
Makati City

TPC is not just your usual IT site, it’s not just a trading site, and it’s not just a forum for IT enthusiasts. TPC more than anything else, is a community.

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