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Monster Hunter Aquino

“We cannot expect Corona to be a sterling example of good governance,” presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda told Agence France-Presse just before the start of the trial, which is expected to take months.

“Removing him would be a vital cog in the president’s fight against corruption.”

Aquino won a landslide election victory in 2010 largely on a platform to end the corruption which has plagued the Philippines for decades and which he says got worse under the decade-long reign of his predecessor, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.


Immorally Principled

Of Principles and Morals

Corona says “Manalo, matalo, ang mahalaga rito ay maipakilala ko ang sarili ko. Let it not be said that I did not defend my principles. I am still fortunate because I have the opportunity na panindigan ang aking prinsipyo, not all are given this opportunity.”

The “true and fair view” can be what you make of it, depending on your principles.

The Crown Of Gloria

The Impeachment trial is tomorrow, Monday January 16, 2012.

To keep myself in the loop, I’ve decided to search all over the Internet and compile all the information I deemed pertinent to keep me abreast of all the facts and issues so that when I seat down and listen to the trial proceedings, I won’t be caught uninformed.

Here are some of the many information available online, with some editing and added opinions of my own, and arranged in a way I find more streamlined and conducive to easier understanding – minus some of the hype.

I’ll get back to all of these and insert clearer facts and “subtract” redundant or erroneous entries.

Of course, add my illustrations which I am very fond of. For the meantime, I am sorry to bore you with all the lengthy text.


Panatang Ano Ba Yan


Filipino Pledge of Allegiance

Butting in has its rewards. I learned just that when I stuck my nose into a huddle of teenagers (nephews, nieces, cousins) last weekend. The topic was the national anthem and how hard it is to sing it straight on your own. I disagreed and told the group I could sing it straight without buckling.  And that’s exactly what I did (show off!).

But when they asked me to recite the country’s pledge of allegiance (Philippine patriotic oath), Panatang Makabayan, I failed. It is, after all, not commonly heard, much less recited, by those already out of school. Usually done right after singing the national anthem during mandatory morning flag ceremonies, the Panatang Makabayan ng Pilipinas, is a beautiful verse of pledge to the country, as well as to the ideals of being a Filipino.


The Corona Properties

“If they can find it, it’s theirs,” “I’ll execute a deed of donation. If they can show my properties, I’ll just give it to them. The problem with some people, I won’t say who, they think that I am a thief like them.” – Renato Corona.

The alleged Corona properties are located in the cities of Makati, Parañaque, Marikina and Taguig, according to a two-page letter from Land Registration Authority Administrator Eulalio Diaz III.


No Other Concert

All Sold Out !!!???

Anne Curtis teaches us how to sing and get away with it like a pro!

Tickets to her first major solo concert, “Annebisyosa: No Other Concert,” have been selling like hotcakes since they became available. Fans are obviously excited to see their favorite actress-recording artist-TV host-fashion icon conquer the Big Dome on January 28.


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