Wow, Fun ang Ganda!

“Philippines ka ba? Bakit? Kasi you’re so fun to be with. BOOM!” tweets a politician minutes after a slogan was released.

Hours before the big reveal, #1ForFun was already trending and later after the launch, “It’s more fun in the Philippines” already was on the top of the list of the trending topics, not just in the Philippines, but worldwide.

Loud and clear: The world’s social media capital has spoken! Pilipinas, IKAW NA!

Today, a worldwide trend on Twitter. Next: a premiere global destination.

‎”It’s More Fun In The Philippines” is the Department of Tourism’s (DOT) new campaign slogan…which was just launched January 6, with all the suspenseful secrecy coupled with a “no cameras allowed” introduction to the members of the media, unaware that as early as the other day, some were already tweeting “precise” hints of the actual slogan,  but immediately received scrutiny because of its similarity with a 1951 tourism slogan of Switzerland. DOT Secretary Mon Jimenez says its purely “coincidental”.

This slogan created by advertising firm BBDO Guerrero | Proximity Philippines, answers the fundamental question, “Why choose the Philippines? What differentiates the Philippines from every other place in the world ?”

Completing The Sentence

‎”It is said that the test of one who truly knows you is the ability of that one to complete your sentences.

For some strange reason, when the new tourism tag line “It’s more fun in the Philippines” was revealed, I identified with it. It wasn’t the graphics, the colors or even the slightly awkward way the “sentence” was written. It took some moments of thinking before I realized why: it wasn’t just a “sentence”, it was the start or end of a sentence. It is an open-ended invitation to complete the sentence and to take part in a conversation on something that I, and Filipinos everywhere else, know–that it IS more fun in the Philippines.”

It’s more fun in the Philippines because:

1. Even inmates know how to dance to the groove of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”.

2. Weddings, christening, birthdays, graduations, protests, rallies, Lenten season and even wakes and funerals are more fun here.

3. Christmas Sale, Payday Sale, Midnight Madness, Back To School Sale, etc.

4. Dahil dito literal tayo sa mga road signs! WALANG TATAWID, NAKAKAMATAY!

5. Where we have a Filipino version of everything: Elvis, Bruce Lee, Michael Jackson, James Bond, EVERYTHING!!

6. Kahit lubog sa baha or nasusunugan ay kumakaway sa kamera at nakangiti.

7. World’s texting capital. World’s social media capital.

8. Rich indigenous culture where “Never Gonna Give You Up” reminds you of Roderick Paulate and not Rick Astley.

9. Charos, charot, charoz, charost, choz, chos na chos… O, tayo lang ang may salitang nag-e-evolve!

10. Every Pinoy can sing or dance! And they do it anywhere and everywhere, with so much gusto and flair!

11. “Malamig na Bangkay” means being refrigerated, until a President allows the burial.

12. Where “Teach how me to Dougie” is translated as “Turuan mo ako, turu-turuan mo ako…”

13. It’s more fun here compared to North Korea. Peace Kim Jong Un!

14. Sa dami ba naman ng beki dito sa Pilipinas talagang “It’s More Fun In The Philippines”. lol!

15. Commuting in Metro Manila is like whitewater rafting in Cagayan De Oro. It’s a bumpy ride!

I could still add a lot of reasons on the list….

Similarity with Switzerland

Uh, ok, so Switzerland used “It’s more fun…” in 1951. That’s half-a-world away, half-a-century ago. Even intellectual property rights expire after 50 yrs. Is this another case of plagiarism or is it OK because the patent expired…hehehe? I wonder if any other country or place has used the rather common phrase like It’s More Fun In The Timbuktoo.

The difference is, the former slogan of “Pilipinas Kay Ganda” plagiarized almost the exact Polish tourism logo. “It’s More Fun In The Philippines” was a parallelism of a copy of a Swiss Ad 60 years ago, which by the way, is not existing anymore. So where’s the plagiarism?

To steal from a current campaign would be plagiarism, Like “Amazing Philippines” but to use type from an ad that’s more than a half century old is an homage. Would that be a good explanation? Haha. And either way,  “It’s more fun” is such a common term it’s like trying to patent the words “How Are You” and “OMG”.

Getting inspiration from existing designs is not an uncommon practice thus there is a saying: “While plagiarism is condemned in academia and journalism, in the arts it is often a major part of the creative process.”

Originality is overrated. It’s just a byline.

“It’s not meant to be a unique, magical and original line. It’s meant to be a simple truth.”
“The line isn’t a manufactured slogan. It’s simply the truth about our country. Don’t be swayed by people who are trying to punch holes in it.””FUN” is a fusion of place and people. A place is not fun if there is no fun people in it.””This Switzerland coincidence only makes our line truer. Sun Tanning IS more fun in the Philippines.”

“If you look hard enough, you might even find an old ad that says “it’s more fun in Alcatraz!”

“No one can own the expression “it’s more fun” but it’s very true for the Phils so it bcomes ours. ” says Jimenez.  I thought no one can own it?

Other tourism slogans long used by the country’s competitors in Asia include: Amazing Thailand, Malaysia Truly Asia, Incredible India, etc. In 2010, Australia launched “Nothing like Australia”, Spain had “I need Spain”, and just last month, Vietnam launched its “Timeless Charm” promotion.

I checked the Web and found that Truly Tuscany preceded Malaysia Truly Asia. Incredible Italy came before Incredible India, and Amazing Australia came before Amazing Thailand. They are all making big bucks from tourism. But you don’t hear their people bickering about it. Choice of words are finite, its bound to reappear. But the experience you can get from our country is limitless. Mas masaya sa Pilipinas!

Meanwhile, Singapore and Thailand haven’t changed their tourism taglines and are actually doing real work on their end for achieving their tourism numbers through EFFORT. Its not about liking or hating, though I find our old slogan as worn out as the Filipino Democracy. You want to know strategy? Why did WOW Philippines worked while its predecessors haven’t hit anything more or less a slight buzz? Use your minds then for once as opposed to going on a vitriol diatribe or oxycontin based rave regarding this issue on the social networks.

Now the challenge to all of us: If Philippines is more fun, why go to HongKong, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Japan, Bali for holidays?

Even the government officials like Senators and Congressmen do not spend their holidays in the Philippines. Include also on the list or showbiz stars…You could see them tweet their exotic tourists destinations, including foreign products and delicacies, all over the Twitterverse.

Discovering The Philippines

Let’s begin repairing our country’s image by repairing our self-image. I’m a Filipino living in the Philippines and I love it! There is so much beauty. So much potential. We are at the cusp of development. It’s invigorating to know that I am part of the reason why our country will achieve. I love the fact that I can make a difference.

Have you ever tried going to Mt. Samat in Balanga, Bataan and see the humungous corss sitting atop a hill?. This cross has an elevator inside that will take you to the top of the cross (appr. 30ft) and will allow you to have a 360 degree view of Bataan. Not only that, there is a museum underneath that displays WWII memorabilia that are both fascinating and nostalgic. If you drive further, you will get to the other entrance of Subic; passing by Morong beaches. Again, these are breathtaking sceneries. It’s more fun in these places!

Have you ever tried renting a bike in Boracay and follow the road leading into the countryside? At the far end of it is a forked road. To your right is a cave adventure, to your left, is a secluded beach (a must see). On you way back, you can pass by Shangri La Boracay and have a sumptuous buffet lunch; you can stay there for awhile and enjoy their exclusive beachfront before hitting back to the busy stations. It’s more fun in the Philippines!

Surpass This!

‎Php 5.6 million pala ang binayad sa ad agency para sa “It’s more fun in the Philippines” slogan. Former DOT Secretary Richard Gordon did not spent a cent from the WOW Philippines slogan, he just thought about it and it was ORIGINAL.

And I have my share of that 5.6 million pesos, and that’s what they came up with after months of BRAINSTORMING???

I have every right as tax payer to beg differ.

SURPASS OR EQUAL WOW PHILIPPINES’ SUCCESS and maybe I can or the thousands/millions of the so-called “haters” would support it.


MANILA, May 9, 2002  – The Philippines bested 50 countries represented by some 500 organizations in capturing the overall championship in the Most Prominent Exhibitor competition and the Best Folklore Performance contest in the recently-concluded KOTFA 2002 travel and tourism far in Seoul, South Korea.

Manila, March 14, 2003 – The Department of Tourism’s “More Than The Usual, WOW Philippines” advertisement campaign won the “Best International Video Advertising” award at the recently concluded Internationale Tourismus Borse (ITB) in Berlin, the leading Travel Industry Think Tank, as well as the World Travel Market (WTM) which is staged annually in London and is the premier global event for the travel industry.

Despite the challenges of the times, with the removal from office of the sitting president, the SARS outbreak, the Oakwood mutiny, the Dos Palmas kidnapping, and numerous bombings, not to mention the global terrorism problem, Secretary Gordon kept tourism afloat. In doing so, he lived up to his mantra – “tourism means jobs; where tourism advances, poverty retreats.”


Tourism Secretary Richard Gordon led a 47-member Philippine delegation to the exhibition where the country built the second largest booth, all of 210 sq. meters, to reflect the WOW Philippines campaign by the Department of Tourism (DOT).


Haters Abound

I pity your narrow mind, your venomous anger towards the country of your birth, your pompous judgement & misinformed criticism. If you wish to look deeper there is much to be proud of in the Philippines.

Our heritage and culture is just as rich as other foreign nations’. Why you choose to lambast the Philippine government, the Filipinos and our country instead of embracing your heritage is beyond me. Don’t you see that, because you are also a Filipino, when you disparage your country’s ills you are in effect shitting on your own skin?

Wake up people! The issues/situations you cited are not the sole monopoly of the PI..nor do we seek to excuse ourselves of these…But, some of us actually choose to support the DOT campaign because we LOVE our country, we are PROUD of our nation and we would rather help and contribute rather than be a destructive force.

Please Don’t Hate The Haters

“Ok…I’m a Texan. Our tourism slogan is ‘Texas…like a whole other country’. Well, that’s true. We have deserts and swamps. We have the Alamo and cattle ranches. We have so much to offer. However, we also have slums in our bigger cities. We also have crime. We have poverty and McMansions. So, I guess it would be a ‘whole other country’ getting stuck in the Oak Cliff part of Dallas at 10pm at night. You can always find the negative in places. But why on earth would some Pinoys focus on the negative? Yes, there are some serious concerns that HAVE to be addressed. But slamming your entire country is just preposterous. Just an observation from a foreigner that lived in the ‘pines (Peace Corps from 2006-2008).”

In every good idea, there’ll be a disagreement. Not that they’re against it, but hates it because it didn’t came from their brain. This is the way we do it…. sans angry tirades at those who don’t quite believe, cynics and naysayers. Let’s not forget one important thing that makes it truly fun to live in these isles… the luxury of disagreeing.

It’s kinda annoying. Especially the people who say we should not have a slogan till we fix the country. What? We have to do things one at a time. No such thing as multitasking? Seriously, the intellect of some of these haters is totally questionable.

“But then again, to be fair with the others out there, I’m very much disappointed at BBDO (not at DOT) for coming up with such a lame and copied slogan. Yan ang hirap sa ating Pinoy, settling for and accepting other people’s mediocrity and laziness. That slogan was turned out by an ad agency for goodness sake. Sa dami nang resouces nila and extensive library, at sa dami naman ng adjectives, adverbs and verbs sa mundong ito, must they plagiarize other countries’? And they better not say that they didn’t know it. THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO KNOW THEIR CRAFT. They are being paid for it after all by taxpayers’ money! Kung ang ordinaryong tao was able to pull out from the web that 1951 Swiss ad slogan within MINUTES after the DOT unveiled it inpublic, sila pa? Am not a hater. Just want that Pinoys stop being accepting mediocrity in our lives and the way our country is run, and start demanding excellence from their government!!!”

Just saying, there are just way too many alternatives, original alternatives to say the least, to settle on a USED ONE. Katamaran ang tawag dyan. Simply put. Sorry if demanding for excellence cramps everybody’s style but let us call a spade a spade. Sana man lang, sa slogan man lang, umayos. Where is the much-ballyhooed and famed Filipino talent????

But then, what can we do? We can’t march towards their office with pitchforks now can we?

The choice for everyone now is whether to bicker over the slogan or think of ways how to really show “It’s More Fun In The Philippines.”

Guys….PLEASE DON”T HATE THE HATERS. The mere fact that many of us feels hatred only shows that it may not really be more FUN in the Philippines because some of us HATE the people who CRITICIZE.

Please understand that these “critics” also, in one way or another, help to IMPROVE, regardless if it may be a pessimistic approach, they still count as REALIZATIONS that we need instead to CONVINCE these HATERS…. not by lambasting them, but by actually physically doing real BEAUTIFICATION of our country…not just the SCENERY and FACILITIES for the tourists, but also in our LIFESTYLE and MINDSET, common or government people.

LIFESTYLE means to PATRONIZE the PINOY products and tourist spots first before vacationing in other countries. BUT, it will only be POSSIBLE if we STOP producing LOW QUALITY products and places.

…and changing the MINDSET includes to STOP HATING the HATERS….

It’s a difficult task, even I would have a hard time doing it. But these are the REAL SECRETS TO SUCCESS.

“The unstated idea at the heart of It’s More Fun is in the Philippines is that Filipinos are the must-meet, must-join, must-have-fun-with people of Asia. To mix marketing and pop culture metaphors, Jimenez has searched for the country’s unique selling proposition. And it is us.”

In other words, the Filipinos are the real reason why It’s More Fun in the Philippines.

That is what we have to continue working on, so stop with all these HATING of each other.

Remember that we are no better if we also show signs of disrespect towards another. RESPECT lang po ang kailangan.

How to Really Upgrade Tourism 

Poor infrastructure, corruption, kidnapping and poverty are the some of the factors holding back the country’s tourism industry.

The class A tourists do not come to the Philippines ever since the Dos Palmas kidnappings in Palawan. I remember Amanpulo was so full then CEO’s from different companies would flock to Amanpulo. But after the Kidnappings of Swiss, American and French Nationals beamed worldwide via CNN and BBC. Tourism dropped tremendously.

The government officials should improve their safety record. In the Philippines most of the time it is the policeman coniving with the criminals. In the Qurino Grandstand siege the hostage taker was a policeman and his brother too. I hate to see lives lost. Prevention is better than cure. This ad cannot “band aid” the poor safety record of the Philippines.

After the Qurino seize, China issued an advisory, so there is a relation between safety and tourism. There are plenty of tourist spots around the world that will not cost you your life if you are a tourist with money to burn, don’t you think you would come to where you can come out alive? Why take the risk? After that DILG Secretary Jessie Robredo does not even want to issue an apology to the victims. That will anger a lot their relatives and friends and will tell others not to come to the Philippines. Then after that Pnoy went to China to tell the Chinese to invest in the Philippines. Kapal.

I mean, if we really ‘want’ to help tourism, how about clamoring for the real deal changes than just the slogan? You know so we don’t get repeats from crap like the shitty bus massacre. Those dead Chinese tourists never got to see their home again. Or the rusty boats used to ferry people are one bad accident away to killing its passengers. You know, upgrading standards and practices so not only do you want to say its more fun because its propaganda, but it really IS MORE FUN, sans the sex tourism.

God what I would give for clean toilets in manila.

We used to call the LRT1-LRT2 connecting bridge “Wow Philippines” out of sarcasm because as you walk along, prisoners from the Old Bilibid Prison will welcome you with a bang, literally! Kung mamalasin ka pa, matatalsikan ka pa ng mumog ng mga squatters na nagtotoothbrush. Now, that’s what you call Fun Commuting.

I saw so many sad images in the Philippines. I saw some things that will certainly stick with me for the rest of my life. HOWEVER, I also saw many things that were just plain beautiful, with beautiful people, and beautiful places. There are things our country can offer the world. Instead of self-loathing, isn’t it time to get off our collective asses and do something about it?

Singapore, a gateway to southeast asia is a clean ass city. They actually MADE efforts to promote their tourism with city beautification. I would pay money if I could have the government promote manila city beautification if it meant the moment they spent money outside of the funds I get to slit their throat. This is about what makes sense with long term goals with tourism with real results.

I think we’re over-ranting already. Other countries had their fair share of controversial crimes. HongKong also had some unfortunate events worse than ours. Remember SARS and yung pagsaboy ng acido sa mga mall-goers? Why are we blaming ourselves for having these atrocities that’s also happening in other countries to begin with? Oo, madaming adik sa Pilipinas. Wala ba sa iba? The Thais recently had their Jet Ski Scam. In fact, pagalingan pa nga tayo ng mga Thais sa panloloko ng turista. But still, it’s Amazing Thailand! A ranting policeman gun-toted on Chinese tourists. Americans also guntots on kids at school. So what makes us special to segregate our negative traits with other countries? I can’t say it’s safe, but in totality, the Philippines is still a fun country to visit.

It seems that the recent social media promotion of DOT was also quite unsettling for many because it was released shortly after the Sendong tragedy, an outcome that has been partially influenced by the way we abuse the natural resources of our country; quite ironic if you ask me. Moreover, Kris Aquino’s “life should go on” mentality on the recent tragedy comes to mind, when the public consciousness, dictated by the media, is being shifted so fast from one sensational topic to the other. Oh well, I might be over-analyzing here, it’s tourism after all; selling and marketing comes with persuading people to consume is the name of the game, even if it means to leaving a potential “copycat” promotional message of such abstract proportions to the netizens that have mixed opinions of what is “fun” for that matter, and by all means it’s effective at calling one’s attention.

Trying to promote a positive image for the Philippines shouldn’t be ditched because of the tragedies and crisis we recently encountered. I feel for the loss of property and lives, and I cry for the tragedies in Mindanao, Cotabato,  Iligan, and other disaster-stricken places, but really – managing perception and creating positivity about our image is part of helping this country improve and heal.

“Back in the mid-1970s, the “I Love New York” tourism campaign was launched. Even the agency (Wells Rich Greene) thought it wouldn’t last too long. I was a teenager living in rural NY at the time, just 3 hours North of NYC. The campaign was meant for the entire state. But it stuck with NYC. I recall my my many visits to the Big Apple were memorable for many reasons. But back then, the crime was higher than most places, parts Broadway were still seedy sex shops (most probably run by the ever-present mafia), and the “city” people of were less than “lovable.” Looking back, the campaign was aspirational at best for a place that needed some serious PR repairs. But since then, the slogan and logo have gone the distance. Even despite one of the worst attacks of terrorism in history, it too survived. That said, I still believe the true test of “it’s more fun…” will be if the Philippines can live up to that promise, and deliver a truly “fun” experience to a world so in need of it. ”

It Is Our Job

“It’s the DOT’s job to fix our IMAGE and PERCEPTION. Not our TOILETS and ROADS.”

So you are down by marketing a rust bucket by painting it gold and calling it ‘good’? I hope your “pango” logic isn’t shallow enough not to get that!

Stop with all the “hindi trabaho yon ng DOT”…regarless whose job it is to BEAUTIFY or KEEP SAFE or PRODUCE BETTER PRODUCTS…it still should be everyone’s collective goal in order to make this campaign successful.

These branches of the government should be coordinating with each other, and not go on independently among themselves to avoid redundancy or a repeat of the same tasks.

It would have been better if the DOT just launched a “slogan making contest”, and allowed the public to openly participate. Then have the slogans posted online to be criticized before finally accepting and officially owning it as the country’s tourism slogan. That way, it saves us of all of the mockery and criticisms because it happened during the preliminary stages.

‎Para maging maayos ang collective goal at para may iisang boses lang ang mga iba’t ibang departamento, dapat may COMPETENT LEADER muna sila. Lol. Good luck on that one.

“It is sad that there seems to be no continuity of projects in the Philippines. Pag nagpalit ng presidente magpapalit din ng slogan. Papalitan yung name ng project para hinde ma-identify sa mga previous administrations. Nangyayari rin yan pati sa mga local projects. Sa Maynila di ba nagpapalit din ng slogan pag nagpalit ng Mayor. I think yan ang malaking reason kaya asar ang mga tao dyan. Habang hinde ine-explain at kinaklaro ng DOT kung bakit kailangan magpalit ng slogan from “wow” to “fun,” iisipin lang ng iba na ito ay may halong maduming pulitika upang ilayo ang imahen ng current admin sa previous admins.”

“Professional” Is A Debatable Word

Again, a Department does its job, ibabatikos; pag walang ginagawa, kukupalin. Seriously, guys, san pupunta ang Pinas pag ganito nalang tayo madalas?

“Slogan making contest”? Ano to, high school? Lol. “Leave it to the professionals”, di ba’t ganyan naman dapat? Problema kasi sa ibang tao, kala nila ang pag market at pag campaign ng isang idea ay napakabilis lang.

They started with 30 agencies. Short-listed them to 20, then to 8, and of course, to one. Maganda ang proseso, matino. Pag nag pacontest tayo, oo sige, nakatipid nga, pero hanggang san lang yun? Sa slogan lang. The agency will be forced to work on a campaign slogan na hindi naman aligned sa kanilang mga ideas. Mahirap yang ganyang idea.

So let’s say nanalo ang isang estudyante dyan, kakayanin ba nyang kargahin ang burden ng ibang activations? Such as websites, TV and radio ads, print ads and the like?

Wag tayong masyadong mayabang, thinking na EVERYBODY can do this job. Kung ganuon, tingin natin, pano nga ba nag flourish ang mga ahensya? Lol.

“Professional” is such a debatable definition. Are you saying, you could only be “professional” if you graduated with honors, have years of experience, or is part of a large advertising firm?

Remember that the “Its More Fun In Switzerland” slogan was discovered only a few minutes after the DOT launched its slogan…

Was it a “professional” who learned of that 60 year old “coincidence”?

Everyone of us could be a “professional” regardless of our current status.

Collective Effort

All I’m saying is that everyone’s involvement in the slogan making would have prevented these negativity among us….Everyone does have its own job and expertise to focus on but it should not stop us from soliciting comments from other people before we implement our final ideas,

and the “winner” would not have to work alone after the selection process…that’s where we all jump in…to sustain the process of continuously campaigning for our country.

No one should be claiming the “recognition” alone. Not the ad agency, not the DOT, but everyone of us would be proud of such an accomplishment if it was a collective effort.

“This is not my campaign. This is not BBDO’s campaign. This is not DOT’s campaign. This campaign belongs to everybody.” – Mon Jimenez

Create Your Own Meme

Here’s one way you can create your own “It’s More Fun In The Philippines” memes.

STEP 1: Google up an image taken from the Philippines or better yet, use your own photos from your travels within the Philippines. You could rename your photos appropriately depicting the places in the photos like: Mayon Volcano More Fun In The Philippines.jpg.

STEP 2: Use Photoshop or any image-editing software to edit or enhance the photos (crop, contrast, lighten, etc). There are several image-editing software out there, and also some online versions. The simplest way is to use MS Powerpoint…There are basic tools there that you could use to produce the same effects.

STEP 3: Insert the wittiest text you could think of. The shorter, the better recall, the more catchy will work really good. You can use any font, just like what I did, but if you want to mimic the ones created by DOT, use the  Harabara font type. If you don’t have it yet, download the free font from here.

STEP 4:  Similar to the DOT images, you could adjust the opacity of the font to allow you to see through the text. In Photoshop, you could do this by sliding the opacity and/or fill between 50% to 90%, while the text is selected. That option can be found on the lower right hand side of your interface.

STEP 5: Start uploading it online at your Facebook page, tweet it on Twitter, discuss about it on online forums, and everywhere you could think of. Spread the FUN of the Philippines!

Final Note:

Well, what with the sex tourism, seedy drug trade, and other mysterious getaways waiting to be explored from our 7107 islands, I do agree there are many more surprises that Pinoy tourism offers for those willing to go beyond the over filled white sand beaches of Bora, or the smell from the rank density of Manila even to the clear fields of scenic Maguindanao.

Kidding aside, there are plenty of things wrong with the Philippines, but the new slogan is not one of them. In fact, it captures the one thing that we are known for – whatever adversity we encounter we are always ready with a smile. Because we are such a resilient race that we still manage to smile regardless of the tragedy that we just faced. We are a positive, fun-loving people. As someone said earlier, the fact that the Swiss government used such a line 60 years ago is really a non-issue. Besides noone goes to Switzerland anymore for fun. Have you been there? Not exactly the most fun-loving crowd. try dour, serious and, well, dull. The new slogan captures our spirit. Better than any other slogan. The line is now owned by the Filipino people.

GET OVER IT!!!!! ‘ITS MORE FUN’ needs to move on!

—If you DON’T LIKE the slogan really, its okay, but are we gonna spend the entire 6-year term of this administration trying to come up with the most brilliant slogan? Let’s just accept this is probably the “best” those guys at DOT can get.

—If you LIKE it though, don’t waste your time arguing with a kapwa Pinoy who disagrees. Why don’t you help the DOT in campaigning and convince tourists to prove for themselves why you believe “it is really more fun” here.

Let’s face it, this isn’t about liking or disliking. It’s about meeting objectives. In this case, to increase the flow of tourists to the Philippines, and for more than the “fun” of “it.” The added pesos to this already tourist-(and everything else)-challenged country is vital to its sustainability. If that objective is met, the campaign will be deemed a success. Anything less, and it will be judged a failure. Simple as that.

‎”Wala kaming ginastos sa Wow Philippines. Gawa ko lang yun. Any slogan can be sold with proper funding. Hindi ko na ilalaban ang Wow Philippines. I wouldn’t have launched it today, it’s a bit insensitive (refers to Mindanao happenings lately)…maybe because I’m in Red Cross. Tourism is a story, it’s not just “wow” or “fun”, we have to justify it. The product should sell itself. We don’t want to advertise tapos pagdating dito, wala. We have to improve the country.”

– Richard Gordon, PRC Chairman and former DOT Secretary

“Resist the temptation to amplify destructive gossip, rumors, and paranoid theories. Make positive, detailed contributions.” – Deepak Chopra

It’s More Fun In The Philippines website:

Pahabol for Fun

Question: What’s the worst thing for you if you rally behind this new campaign? Seriously, what can you possibly lose if you try to support it? I’m just curious…

Answer: You’ll lose sense of reality and immediately be transported into the land of fairies where trolls and 2 legged crocs roam the world.

Question:  Is that a serious answer for you? Is that the best you can come up with?

Answer: That’s 0.00000000001 x 10^-432% of  “the best that I can come up with.” But seeing you can only reply with an ill-thought rhetoric, I’d say enjoy your fantasies.

Welcome to the Internet btw. LMAO

*Credit of content goes to all the tweeps of the online community.

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