Desperate Housewives

Politicians’ Wives

Angela Arroyo, Erlinda Ligot, Corazon Abalos and Cristina Corona, are just some of the many wives of politicians and government officials who are reaping the rewards of having influential husbands who have big roles in our government.

Now that the Aquino administration is in heavy pursuit of Arroyo alliances and associations, and divulging their heinous shenanigans and corrupt practices, these wives are also taking part of the drama.

Are their happy days almost over?….their globe-trotting vacations at a halt?….their expensive purchase of real estate and other prime properties doomed to a full stop?…or do they still have a lot more “tricks” out of their fashionable signature skirts, designer dresses and branded purses and shoulder bags?

Should they be equally punished for being a part of their husbands’ immoralities against society?

I’m sure any wife will support his husband regardless of his ways, whether naughty or nice, but if  he becomes too “evil” and couldn’t moderate his greed anymore, isn’t the wife equally guilty because she allowed the atrocities to happen, and splurged in its financial and luxurious benefits?

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