It’s More Pun In The Philippines

It’s More “Pun” In The Philippines

Create Your Own Meme

Here’s one way you can create your own “It’s More Fun In The Philippines” memes.

STEP 1: Google up an image taken from the Philippines or better yet, use your own photos from your travels within the Philippines. You could rename your photos appropriately depicting the places in the photos like: Mayon Volcano More Fun In The Philippines.jpg.

STEP 2: Use Photoshop or any image-editing software to edit or enhance the photos (crop, contrast, lighten, etc). There are several image-editing software out there, and also some online versions. The simplest way is to use MS Powerpoint…There are basic tools there that you could use to produce the same effects.

STEP 3: Insert the wittiest text you could think of. The shorter, the better recall, the more catchy will work really good. You can use any font, just like what I did, but if you want to mimic the ones created by DOT, use the  Harabara font type. If you don’t have it yet, download the free font from here.

STEP 4:  Similar to the DOT images, you could adjust the opacity of the font to allow you to see through the text. In Photoshop, you could do this by sliding the opacity and/or fill between 50% to 90%, while the text is selected. That option can be found on the lower right hand side of your interface.

STEP 5: Start uploading it online on your Facebook page, tweet it on Twitter, discuss about it on online forums, and everywhere you could think of. Spread the FUN of the Philippines!

News Portal:

It’s More Fun To Be A Filipino

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