Erection Hardness Score

The 4 levels of EHS, or the Erection Hardness Score

Grade 4 or “Optimum” erection is the highest level which can be likened to the hardness of a cucumber. It not only helps achieve sexual satisfaction but also indicates a generally healthy condition among men.

Grade 3 or “Suboptimum” erection, which is hard enough for penetration but not as hard as Grade 4. It can be compared to an unripe banana.

Grade 2 is not hard enough, like a peeled banana.

Grade 1 is likened to a serving of tofu.

A Grade 1 score depicts a penis that is larger, but not hard. For Grade 2, the penis is hard, but not hard enough for penetration; while Grade 3 is a penis that is hard enough for penetration, but not completely hard.

Grade 4 ultimately is a penis which is completely hard and fully rigid.

Now that I got your attention, let’s associate it to a review of the status updates of the former President and now Pampanga Representative, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo:

Grade 1 was when we heard the Aquino administration keeping Arroyo in the country with a Department of Justice (DOJ) Hold Departure Order (HDO) and defying a Supreme Court Temporary Restraining Order (TRO). They got our attention enough, but we still doubted it to a certain point due. The Executive against the Judiciary was a big sight to behold but not hard to penetrate our disillusioned mindsets.

Grade 2 was when a Warrant of Arrest, due to Electoral Sabotage, was released against Arroyo and some other personalities, and eventually landed her in hospital arrest at the St. Luke’s Medical Center in the Global City of Taguig. It was hard-hitting news that delighted us but not hard enough to penetrate against thoughts of “special treatment”.

Grade 3 was when the government finally transferred and detained Arroyo in a government-controlled hospital, the Veterans Memorial Medical Center, where access to cellphones, and laptops and any other communications devices and Internet access were denied, and now a new set of criminal acts were recently charged against her.

Let us see now if they could take us into the highest level which is Grade 4, to see Arroyo tried in Court and made accountable for all her transgressions.

What do you think they should do so that we could successfully reach that highest level and experience Optimum Erection!?

Final Note:

The most important factor for achieving an optimum sexual experience is – not size – but hardness.

To relate it with life, no matter how numerous and “huge-looking” your accomplishments are, the significance and impact it makes to other people is still what counts.

If should be “hard” enough to penetrate other people’s consciousness and bring them out of their comfort zones to  be able to stir their emotions. It should be hard enough to arouse their interests to eventually follow your every move, support all your whims, and excuse all your shortcomings. It should be hard enough to take them into the peak,….. into orgasm, and finally into ejaculation.

But also remember that no matter how “stiff” you are right now, if the persons you’re gonna “f*ck” are not as “horny” as you are,……then you should probably resort first to a little more “foreplay” to set the mood. Thus this means  a leader would only be able to lead and govern efficiently if his followers are supportive enough to cooperate and give him every chance to prove himself.

“As when there is no love or lust , the coitus becomes an unpleasant act. As when there is no trust, our leader remains like a man trying hard enough to knock on a wall hoping it will crumble apart and create a doorway.”

Our government is too much burdened with so many responsibilities and tasks that a 6-year term is not sufficient enough to accomplish their noble goals. We should take an active participation and get involved in making the changes for the better.

But everything should not end in just one “spurt”. You need to be able to repeat and sustain the sensations that you bring, …. to reach another orgasm, and another ejaculation. Thus a continuous process towards the completeness of our goals.

“I don’t know about you but I’m so “horny” right now and my “dick” is so hard that I could “anal f*ck” anybody even without lubricants.”

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