Midas Marquez: Spooksperson

The Midas Touch

Supreme Court Administrator and Spokesperson Midas Marquez was named after King Midas, the legendary king who was popularly known in Greek mythology for his ability to turn everything he touched into gold. It was called the Golden touch, or the Midas touch. It was his parent’s chosen name because it they said that his father’s business flourished immediately after he was born.

The TV monitors are kind to Marquez because he really looks good and dignified everytime he’s infront of the cameras and broadcasting the latest court rulings or decision.

He also squirms when being called The New Crush ng Bayan, owing to the cool image that he projects on national television even if he’s announcing a controversial decision of the Supreme Court.

But when a video of him went viral over the Internet showing him shrieking after a microphone that fell during a press briefing, Marquez’s quirky reaction prompted the online community to question and speculate about his sexuality.

He said he just laughed off that viral video clip of him on YouTube. “It’s wishful thinking for those who are rooting for it.”

It was revealed that in succeeding press conferences, Marquez gamely poked fun at himself. In one briefing, he asked reporters if they had more questions. Then he quipped, “Bago mahulog ‘yung mic (Before the microphone falls).”

In another press conference, Marquez wondered aloud about “having all the microphones tied to the podium so they would not fall off.”

People are now starting to call him “Joker” Marquez.



Call To Resign

Lawmakers are calling again on Marquez to resign.

The first time he was called to resign was when he was accused of misleading the people about the particulars of the released Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) of the Supreme Court. Lawmakers said he allegedly misled the public on the TRO the tribunal issued against the travel restriction imposed by the Department of Justice on former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Marquez defended himself from allegations that he intentionally fed the media with erroneous information that the TRO was executory and effective immediately.

“I’m standing by what I announced (during the press conference),That’s what the justices who voted with the majority told me. That’s the position of the majority.”

This new call for his resignation was because of his ardent call of allegiance and defensive statements in support of the Chief Justice Renato Corona.

Impeachment prosecution panel spokesman Rep. Miro Quimbo said Marquez must choose between being the spokesman of Chief Justice Renato Corona or the court administrator. “Para na rin sa kapakanan ng buong SC — ayaw nga nating maapektuhan ang buong SC– magdesisyon siya. Siya ba ay magiging personal spokesman ni Corona o magpapatuloy gampanan ang makapangyarihan at sensitibong posisyon ng court administrator?” Quimbo said.

MIlitant group Akbayan noted that Marquez has too much on his plate. “Tila gulung-gulo si Marquez sa dami ng trabaho niya, convenor ba naman ng communications team ni Corona, kasabay ng pagiging Court Administrator at Spokesperson. Kailangan na niya sigurong mag-focus sa isa lang,” Akbayan party-list Rep. Walden Bello said in a statement.

Bayan Muna Rep. Teddy Casiño also urged Corona to hire a personal spokesman to allow Marquez to perform his duties. “We’d like to remind Justice Marquez as well that only Corona, not the High Court, is on trial at the Senate,” Casiño said.

However, Marquez said he is staying put, adding that he will continue to speak for the Chief Justice and all 14 other members of the High Court. “I don’t know why they’re singling me out. Again, I know where I stand, I know what I’m supposed to do and I’m doing my functions,” he said.

He was so determined to depend Corona until the end that a broadcasting network is eyeing to get him to appear in one of their tele-dramas entitled “Walang Hanggan”.


Investigating The “Gay” Truth

“The Marquez video looks funny but it’s only a reaction, anyway. Nagulat lang iyong tao, pagbigyan na. May mga ganyang mga pagkakataon talaga, rare and peak seasons.”

I don’t think Marquez is gay. I have a few friends who have girlish tendencies but they never turned or became a part of the gay or “Becky” community. Still some we hear has come out of the closet and revealed their true form.

There are lots of people all acting like that but they`re not gay and only present themselves that way due to environmental influences. Especially those with gay friends, it’s quite funny imitating the contagious funny expressions of the third sex. I actually love the company of my gay friends and its really fun to be with them all the way.

Some people are trying to conform with the rest of the community to prevent being an outcast at their place of work or study. They’re trying to blend in with the majority  “para happy ang lahat” thus losing their identity and unique perspective in life. A sacrifice they’re willing to make in exchange of acceptance.

But nowadays, more and more people, even kids at a very young age, are openly declaring their gayness to society. Maybe because there’s plenty of successful professionals, most of them doing creative work in fashion and media, that are being recognized due to their expressive talent, perky attitudes, and clever masterpieces.

It’s hard to judge people because we couldn’t and shouldn’t judge them with their actions or words alone. As an individual, we should act in our own eccentric or unique way that would make us comfortable and feel good about ourselves. If there is one look I don’t like for myself, that would be to look like a common pedestrian. I dislike the idea of blending in with people on the street. I want to stand out among a crowd!

“Meron kasing ibang Pa-Men tang durog. Dami diyan na naka-camouflage and couldn’t muster enough courage to come out of the closet.”

As court administrator and spokesperson of the Supreme Court, only the tribunal can investigate him and impose disciplinary actions if warranted, The high court should determine whether Marquez is going beyond the bounds of his duties and assigned tasks. He maybe overstepping and making huge leaps,….thus losing his objectivity and fair interpretion of what the court really wants to deliver to the public.

We couldn’t really help it. Being a non-partisan was never realistically possible.

All of us are biased, to ourselves, to our family and relatives, to our friends and associates, and the rest of the people that is part of our “support” group. We Filipinos value “utang na loob” so much that we are willing to look over irregularities just to please and favor those that helped us reach our current status in life, and maybe even unconsciously been favoring those people that were at our side during the best and worst days of our lifetime. We would also positively favor those that we think could help alleviate us from a miserable life, or to those that could elevate our personal interests into a higher level.

I couldn’t blame Marquez at all for depending his boss, just like when former Presidential candidate Gilberto ‘Gibo’ Teodoro depended Gloria Macapagal Arroyo for giving him the opportunity to work for her as one of her cabinet members. They were both grateful and appreciative of their superiors.

They say only a snake would bite the hand that feeds him. But rumors continue to spread that Marquez may be biting off a deadlier “snake” located in Corona’s underpants.

“Lessen your armor – It’s heavy and you’ll get hurt with or without it” 

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