Romulo – Soledad Nuptial

“Our emphasis is always to strengthen family. We believe that a lot of the solutions to the problems in the country will be best addressed by a family that is strong, united and strengthening and caring for the children that they bring into this world. We hope that this will be what the union of Roman and Shalani will be able to achieve.” says President Aquino

With that I congratulate Roman Romulo (Pasig Congressman and son of Alberto Romulo, former Secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs(DFA) ) and Shalani Soledad (Valenzuela, Bulacan Councilor and Wil Time, Big Time co-host) for their upcoming wedding.

The wedding date of Shalani and Roman was set according to feng shui as it was adjusted on an earlier date instead of the original plan on February. The couple took the advise of a feng shui expert who recommended that January will bring good luck to the family that they are about to create. Soon-to-be couples or the “engaged” consult Feng Shui experts to have their wedding harmonized as it is “an important day in their lives which should be as special as possible.” There are certain Feng Shui guidelines that must be followed to “harmonize and balance the ceremony as well as the reception,” according to persons who are familiar with this ancient Chinese practice.

Wedding Details

Here are the initial details:

When: January 22, 2012

Where: St. Benedict Church in Ayala Westgrove Heights in Silang, Cavite. Coincidentally, members of the Roman family are said to be devotees of Saint Benedict – “patron saint laban sa lahat ng kasamaan,” They initially planned to marry at the Pasig Cathedral, or at Our lady of Fatima Church in Valenzuela or at the San Lorenzo de Padua in Tagaytay but these choices were eventually shelved.

Reception: Undisclosed yet location but may be somewhere in Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna. A separate wedding reception for the couple’s constituents in Pasig and Valenzuela is also being planned.

The bride will be wearing a gown by Inno Sotto. “Shalani’s wedding gown will be soft, delicate and simple with minimal beading- suggestive of her personality. Very feminine, she didn’t want anything fussy–it’s her!” Sotto was quoted as saying.

Shalani will be walking down the aisle alone. “It’s the bride’s moment and she is old enough to stand on her own. I’m looking forward to a long, long life with Shalani,” Roman said.

Designer of the gowns of the bridal entourage  is Dennis Lustico.

While Roman will be wearing a suit made by international designer Hugo Boss.

The wedding’s color motifs are green and lavender, which were said to be Roman’s favorite colors. According to Wilkipedia, purple symbolizes creativity, wisdom, royalty, spirituality and magic. Purple is also associated with inspiration, mystery, dignity and independence. It is also the color of dignity and self-respect … it imparts determination and feeling of being in control, clears the mind of negative influences, calms nervousness and relieves stress.

Shalani revealed that she and Romulo are “calling the shots” regarding all the wedding plans, but they are being assisted by a “rather large supporting cast.”

Initially planning a grand wedding, the two decided to make the wedding more private and simple in order to sympathize with all the victims of Typhoon Sending in Northern Mindanao and donate the saved amount to the victims. Roman said they want a simple and private wedding since they want to keep the solemnity of their union. “We made it as simple as possible. Dahil it’s a private moment naman sa amin,” Roman said.

Among the wedding sponsors are Senator Ping Lacson, Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) Secretary Albert del Rosario, former congresswoman Cynthia Villar (wife of Senator Manny Villar), and  TV5 boss Manny V. Pangilinan. Lacson topped the couple’s list of choices for their principal sponsors because Soledad worked as one of his Senate staff from 2001 to 2002 before she ran for councilor in 2004. “Senator Lacson is dear to my heart, I consider him as a father. His children are my friends and our wedding will not be complete without him,” Shalani said.

The ever-shy but pretty councilor said they are still in the process of completing the list of their wedding sponsors. “Isa-isa kasi namin silang pinupuntahan at kinakausap. ’Yung ibang gusto namin, hindi pa namin nakakausap, medyo short na nga rin sa time pero hopeful kami na papayag sila,” she said.

Meanwhile, her closest friend in the council, 1st district Councilor Ritche Cuadra, will stand as one of their secondary sponsors. Cuadra and his wife Patty are the couple’s constant companions during their courtship and dating periods.

Aside from their relatives and close friends, the guest list will be a mixture of politics and entertainment.

As for the honeymoon, Rome was initially being considered as their destination were they plan to spend their romantic moments after the wedding, but then chose Palawan instead. Maybe in support also of the Department of Tourism’s “It’s More Fun In The Philippines” campaign.

Live or exclusive coverage of the wedding has not been finalized yet, as the two said that they had not given any exclusive contract to any networks.

Other details for the wedding will be announced by Shalani Soledad herself in “Wil Time Big Time” one of these days.

It is dubbed as the wedding of the year for 2012 and everyone is already excited for the lovers who are going to tie the knot on January 22.


He’s Invited

President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III was non-committal when asked by media if he would want to witness the marriage of his ex-girlfriend. He refused to answer if he is attending the wedding or not.

“Pag sinagot ko iyan, parang sinabi kong uy, imbitahan niyo ako. Wala yatang tamang sagot diyan. Siyempre karapatan nilang hindi ba yayain kung sino man ang witness na gusto nila. Pero kapag sumagot naman ako diyan, para bang kapag hindi nila ako inimbita, may galit sa iyo kaya ayaw kang imbitahin. Kapag inimbita naman ako, pupunta ka roon. Sorry, it’s a question that really doesn’t have an answer.”says Aquino

Aquino then recalled a song that he likes.

“You know, I like the song ‘Got To Believe In Magic.

“I know this sounds cheesy and corny, but there is a song I really like, it’s Got To Believe in Magic.’ There’s this line there that says, “Tell me how two people find each other.” Well, now she found someone. In their case parang mukhang nahanap na nila ang isa’t-isa. Talagang one hopes the state they are in persists throughout their lives, Ako kasi, tinatanong ko pa rin sa sarili ko, “How do people find each other?” Siya, nasagot na niya.”

“Pasensiya na kayo talagang sasabihin ko naman doon maganda sana kapag iyong wish them well, pero lalabas na parang world peace lang. But I really meant it in all sincerity,”

“Uulitin ko, ako hindi ko naman masasabi na naabot ko na ang estado na – tinatanong ko pa rin how two people find each other. Sila they found and one cannot help but really wish them well, that their union becomes strong and that they achieve the fullest potential,” adds Aquino

I’ve created this song especially for Aquino.  I’m sure he will find it very appropriate.

Josh, I Believe It’s Tragic (to the tune of Got To Believe In Magic)

How I hate my heart,
Pained me from the start,
Failed me lots of times from my first love;
All the press are right,
Ev’ry move I make just fails, my love.

Pity those I date,
Need to talk to Senate,
Findin’ out too late that they’ve walked out;
Never learning so,
I will never know the joys of love.


Josh, I believe it’s tragic,
Tell me how to find my special lover
In a world that’s full of fakers;
You’ve got to believe it’s tragic,
Somethin’ louder than your moms’ sob
‘Cause it’s tragic when I’m missing out on love.

I may never know
Why I’m not virtuoso,
All I care right now is this winning;
Failure I can’t bear,
I’m rooting for my prosecution team, my love.

Josh, I believe it’s tragic,
Tell me how to find my special lover
In a world that’s full of fakers;
You’ve got to believe it’s tragic,
Somethin’ louder than your moms’ sob
‘Cause it’s tragic when I’m missing out on love.
(Repeat 3x)

“He is invited,” Romulo was quoted as saying. “Although we understand that he is a very busy person because he’s the president, we hope he’ll still be able to attend.”

Aquino is invited, as well as his sisters Ballsy, Pinky and Viel who are close to the Romulo family.

However, Aquino  said he is not sure if he will be able to attend the wedding. He isn’t sure yet if he can go because he doesn’t know yet his schedule for that day. The President added that with regards to his schedule, his wishes are not always followed. Aquino explained there are many demands on his time such that his last personal trip to Tarlac, for instance, took four to five months to organize. “Normally my schedule and my wishes are not synchronized. In this particular case, I would have to provide the appointments committee the reasons for attending that particular event… There are so many factors I have to weigh.”

There seems to be so many words coming out of Aquino when he probably just meant to say “No.”  For goodness gracious, he is the President, unless there would be a “major, major” disaster or  government “priority” requiring his presence on the wedding day, he could easily adjust his schedule to make room for his attendance to the wedding.

Aquino said his office may already have bought a gift for the couple, but said he was not aware of what the gift could be. “I have not been to the bridal registry so I would not know,” he said. Wow! Talk about personalized and coming from the heart. That kind of gift  would be a surprise to both the newly-weds and him.

Aquino also said he hopes his ex-flame and Roman “have found the right person in each other.” Hhmmm…sounds like he’s sourgraping.

Shalani was Aquino’s girlfriend for a little over a year. They broke up in October 2010, amid speculations that his hectic schedule once he became President made it difficult to maintain the relationship. Since breaking up with Aquino in 2010, Soledad has been romantically linked with Valenzuela Mayor Sherwin Gatchalian and controversial host Willie Revillame, but neither of them passed Shalani’s preference of his ideal man.

The couple has also invited over 400 guests to celebrate their special day with them. Guests will be a mixture of relatives and friends in both showbiz and politics.

I’m Guessing Up A “Guess” List

Here’s a partial “guess” list containing names of personalities which may be 99.9% included in the official guest list. Aside from their families and relatives and the already announced initial list of sponsors and members of their bridal entourage, the other guests may include:

  1. Korina Sanchez and Mar Roxas – Korina, newscaster from ABS-CBN, was Aquino’s former girlfriend who is now married to Mar Roxas, Aquino’s former Vice Presidential running mate during the last Presidential election 0f 2010. Korina and Mar got married last October 27, 2009.
  2. Bernadette Sembrano and Emilio “Orange” Aguinaldo IV – another former girlfriend of Aquino who is also a newscaster from ABS-CBN, and now married to the Kawit, Cavite Vice Mayor. Bernadette and Orange got married last June 12, 2008.
  3. All of the other former girlfriends of Aquino…hehehe…after the reception  they’ll be having a separate party, cheering  “Welcome to the FUN (Former Union of Noynoy) Club, Shalani!” and shouting “You’re getting old, Noynoy!”


The Couple

Shalani is a self-confessed shy girl who nevertheless chose the very public spheres of politics and show business, and the celebrity status those professions entailed. I don’t know how someone manages to appear both shy and soft-spoken but radiant and glowing with a warm aura, but Shalani does, without even trying, even in her everyday clothes.  It’s hard to imagine her raising her voice, let alone keeping up with wild man Willie on live TV.  In fact, in the over-caffeinated world of showbiz, Shalani comes across as preternaturally calm and serene. She also looks better in person than she does on television – the camera does add 10 pounds.

She was formerly the country’s favorite romantic heroine in a telenovela-like series of dramatic highs and lows with President Noynoy. She might have been the next First Lady of the land had her relationship with President Aquino didn’t panned out. Whether it was the demands of the state or personal differences that eventually led to their breakup in 2010 remains open to speculation.  Out of respect for the president Shalani would rather not talk about it.

For a time, the newly-single Shalani was the subject of intense speculation.  Showbiz hype tried to link her with her game show co-host Willie Revillame, but nobody really bought the “beauty and the beast” pairing. What an odd pair they would make, Willy being so hyper and Shalani being super cool.

That rumor about a romance because she was seen partying in Boracay with Wiilie in the early hours of the New Year in 2011 isn’t true.  It was actually Willy’s blowout for the entire staff of their show so she had to go to get along with everybody.  She wades into intrigues and would rather keep cool.

And then came Roman.

Bespectacled Roman looked like the perfect candidate for “Is She Really Going Out With Him?” – a regular-looking guy who had somehow managed to snag a knockout girlfriend.  But he exuded a quiet confidence, and came across immediately to females as “a nice guy,” perhaps a clue to why Shalani fell for him.

Roman has been one of Manila’s most elusive bachelors for the longest time. He has captivated and won the hearts of many beautiful and brainy women.The guy is the kind that every girl would love to bring home to picky parents.


The First Meeting

It might have started months ago when Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) Secretary Albert Del Rosario told his godson Roman: “You should meet Shalani.”

Countless other friends tried to act as matchmaker to Shalani and Roman, saying “Bagay kayo talaga.”

Too busy with their hectic work schedules, the pairing off never happened. Until Dan Soliven, Roman’s good friend since grade school, decided to set up a “chance encounter.”

The couple first met at a restaurant in Quezon City on June 11, 2011.

That first encounter, Roman now recalls, was fantastic. “Shalani is so beautiful,” he says, admitting that he also liked her feminine, dignified grace. Friends were saying: “Shalani looks shy, but she is sharp and intelligent.”

And they agreed: “Roman is quiet but not shy. He is strong-willed, articulate and very intellectual.”

In other words, they make a perfect couple.

The two politicians, who both belong to the Kampi political party, reportedly saw each other again when Romulo was invited by Mayor Sherwin Gatchalian to the Valenzuela Day celebrations last July 11.

Roman openly conveyed his interest for Shalani saying, “Talagang I tried to text her and tried to call her as much as I could. Talagang pure naman talaga ‘yung intentions… A couple of months na rin po na nagkakilala na kami.”

The debonair lawmaker pursued the pretty councilor, would  even wait  for hours whenever he fetched her from the TV5 station in Novaliches, Quezon City for her “Will Time Big Time”program.

The two were subsequently constantly spotted watching movies and dining out with friends. The two were spotted midnight of September 2 at the Baclaran Church and they were also spotted at The Manila Peninsula  days after that.

Asked if Soledad has already given him her “matamis na oo,” Romulo quickly clarified, “Ay, hindi pa ho! Ano lang, lumalabas lang po kami talaga.”

Romulo described Soledad as “napakasimpleng tao, napakadaling kasama.”

“Kaya siguro talagang kahit sino naman ang nakakasama niya ay…mabibighani sa kanya,” said he in the report.

Three months after their first encounter, the ever shy and demure Soledad and the charming solon became engaged.

By any standards, it was a whirlwind courtship. She wasn’t his first serious relationship, he says, but she was the one he thought of spending the rest of his life with.


The Proposal

Roman proposed to Shalani at Our lady of Fatima Church in Valenzuela. A diamond ring was given by the Congressman to the lady councilor. It was said to be a family heirloom from Roman’s mother, Rosie Lovely Tecson Romulo. The engagement ring has a very special value because it’s the same ring that Roman’s father gave to Roman’s mother before they got married, passed on to their son.

It was in this church where Roman said the words “Will you marry me?”

“I guess I was kneeling down. We were in church, after all.” Says Roman.

Rumors spread when Shalani was reported to be wearing a diamond ring, and speculations of an engagement already were conceived. Roman’s sister confirmed it

The couple announced their engagement last September 2010, and then it was official. Roman Romulo, the 44-year-old bachelor lawmaker from Pasig City, and Valenzuela councilor and television game-show host Shalani Soledad are engaged and firming up a likely wedding date.

Rumors of the romance circulated in public when the couple admitted going out together.

“Some may say it is too soon, but I think we’re both old enough to know what we want in life,” he said. “Siya ang nahanap ko.”

Shalani Soledad is now 31 and Roman Romulo is on his 44 when the two had agreed to get married.

In an interview, Soledad brushed aside comments that their engagement happened too fast. “As events unfolded, it may seem fast but it was meant to happen,” she said.

Romulo said a lot of people were surprised by their announcement because they do not understand the depth of his relationship with Shalani.

“Sa amin naman talaga eh maraming hindi nakikita talaga ng tao, pag lumalabas kami, pag nagkakasama kami. Ang nababalitaan lang nila eh yung milestones kaya mukhang biglaan.”

“Kaya nga kami engaged dahil we’re perfect for each other,” he said.

Romantic poses of Soledad and Romulo in tarpaulins with their Christmas messages are still seen in different places in Valenzuela.


The Family Agrees

“We like her. So far she’s okay,” says Romulo’s sister, Agriculture Undersecretary Berna Romulo-Puyat.

Their mother also appreciates that Shalani hails from a city that was named after revolutionary hero Pio Valenzuela, the Romulo matriarch’s grandfather.

Puyat said her brother was smitten by Soledad, and that she is the first woman he introduced to the family in four years.

To bolster her brother’s earlier claim that he only has “pure intentions” for  Shalani, Romulo’s sister added that “He doesn’t bring women to the house unless he is serious.”

Romulo regularly fetches Soledad from the TV5 studio after every episode of Will Time Big Time, her game show with Willie Revillame. Whenever they can, they go to Quiapo church to pray.

It was further revealed that congressman Romulo had already asked for Shalani’s hand from her mother Evelyn where Shalani’s mother reportedly to have said “I admire the courage and honor of Rep. Roman Romulo in seeking me out and telling me his intentions with my daughter Shalani.” Now wasn’t that a point for the congressman from his fiancée family?

Roman’s sister, Mons Romulo, revealed that her brother also wants to meet with Shalani Soledad’s father, Adolfo Aguirre, to ask for Shalani’s hand in marriage. “Roman is very proper. Gusto muna niyang tanungin ang dad ni Shalani and he will make a formal announcement after that,” she said.

She also added that their family likes Shalani, “We all like her very much. Simple siya. Maganda, inside and out. Mahirap makakita ng babaeng ganyan. She knows politics too. Hindi siya magiging sagabal kay Roman. There are women na makikiagaw sa time.”

Furthermore, Mons said that Shalani is the best woman for her brother. “My brother is very prayerful, and a workaholic like my dad (former Foreign Affairs secretary Alberto Romulo). My prayer is for my brother to find a girl who will understand and love his work, someone who will love his Pasig constituents. The best si Shalani,” she said.

Mons also mentioned that her brother’s last girlfriend before the 31-year-old Shalani was two years ago and that she (Shalani) is worth the wait.

“We’re happy she’s an answered prayer already because ang gusto lang namin sa kapatid namin someone who will love and support him and his public service. It’s a match made in heaven and only God can make it more perfect,” Roman’s sister said.


What a Perfect Match

The ease with which Roman and Shalani fit into each other’s lives isn’t that hard to fathom, considering the fact that they are both in the midpoint of their political and personal lives, despite the age gap.

“We both understand the requirements of being public servants, so we understand that we have to devote time to our respective districts, so we’re not jealous when it comes to that,” says Shalani.

“I think we are at an age when we really understand each other in terms of work, that aside from each other we have obligations to our offices and our families. I think what makes it easier is both of us know where we are at this point in time, what we want, and what else we want to do. It’s easier because we know how to handle situations that may arise. May level of maturity na, may level of acceptance na, may responsibility.  It works for us,” she adds.

Divine intervention aside, others surmised that it was a savvy political alliance in the making – Shalani’s celebrity profile would surely elevate Roman’s visibility, and his solid political lineage would in turn lend its weight to her future plans, whatever they might be.

This is a union of two people who obviously find fulfillment in public service. there’s no doubting that they are the couple du jour.

Changing for the Better Quotes


“When I talk to people or when I’m doing something, I don’t put up a front,” she says. “How you see us now is how we really are.  But of course, along the way, certain experiences make you stronger in terms of how you deal with certain challenges in life.  Of course, getting over a challenge toughens you.  But we’re basically good-natured.”

“I guess there are certain aspects of your personality that you develop through the years, through your experiences, but basically, how you see me on TV, when you talk to me in Valenzuela, is how I really am,” says Shalani.

“I’ve always said that as much as you want to set standards when you fall in love, you really cannot,” says Shalani.  “You will just find yourself one day liking that person, falling for that person, and hoping that when you are together things will get better, things will be OK.  That’s how it is.

“Deep in their hearts, people believe in fairy tales,” she adds.  “They all love love stories, they all want happy endings.  Not just me, but people in general want to see that magic happening or unfolding before their very eyes.  Tayong mga Pinoy very romantic.  Kahit na anong kaguluhan ang mayroon diyan [despite the chaos], we still get to smile, our optimism remains.”



“In all honesty, what you see is what you get.  I’ve seen Shalani with her family members, I’ve seen her with friends.  That’s really her. She’s not as extroverted as others; she won’t tell you her life story, but she’s not hiding anything.  Ask her a question and she’ll answer you.  I guess at most she’s shy; she won’t make her opinions known unless it’s part of her work.” echoes Roman.

“It’s very different when you like someone and you’re just going out,” he adds.  “There are no responsibilities involved.  It’s daunting to think of spending every day with someone.  That’s a bigger step.  It takes a lot from you.  But like what Shalani said, you can’t really pinpoint why you fell for that person.  It just happens.”

A Hopeful Future Ahead

And after the wedding?  Their respective duties would require them to have domiciles in both Pasig and Valenzuela, but by now Roman and Shalani are used to the commute.

Roman said both he and Soledad will still pursue their political careers even after they are married. He said he also wants her fiancée to continue her hosting, adding that “she was already in showbiz when I met her.”

Now on her third term as a Valenzuela councilwoman, Shalani can no longer run for reelection, but she says she has her eye on higher office in 2013.

“I’ll announce it when I know, but I’m leaning toward a seat in Congress, representing the second district of Valenzuela.”

Roman also admits that the possibility of seeking higher office is always there.

“Hopefully, as a public servant, I would like to be able to serve my constituents as much as I can, sana magustuhan pa nila ako.  If you’re asking what office, I always say in politics destiny also comes into play.  There comes a time when you’re just surprised to find yourself in a situation that you never designed or thought of.  We just hope that as long as we want to serve, our respective cities will also want us to.”

Romulo’s sister reveals that his brother may seek a third term as Pasig congressman, while Soledad is considering running for a congressional seat in Valenzuela.

 “And of course,” Shalani hastens to add, “being a woman, I also want to have a family, have children, settle down.  I guess you learn from all your experiences, be it in your career, love life, or family.  I think the key to having a happy life is finding a balance.”


Final Note:

Meanwhile, in Hollywood, it was confirmed that Justin Timberlake proposed to Jessica Biel during the holidays just right before the New Year….so it looks like we’ll be seeing another wedding this 2012.

Marriage or wedlock is a social union or legal contract between people that creates kinship. It is an institution in which interpersonal relationships, usually intimate and sexual, are acknowledged in a variety of ways, depending on the culture or subculture in which it is found. Such a union, often formalized via a wedding ceremony, may also be called matrimony.

People marry for many reasons, including one or more of the following: legal, social, libidinal, emotional, economic, spiritual, and religious. These might include arranged marriages, family obligations, the legal establishment of a nuclear family unit, the legal protection of children and public declaration of commitment.

People also do not marry for several reasons, and I am guessing that Aquino has a very good reason why he is still the most elusive bachelor of the country.

The act of marriage usually creates normative or legal obligations between the individuals involved.  In some societies these obligations also extend to certain family members of the married persons. Thus, it means a lot of responsibility.We have to remember that in union, there lies the responsibility of keeping it united. Marriage is the process by which two people who love each other make their relationship public, official, and permanent. It is the joining of two people in a bond that putatively lasts until death. It’s suppose to be “till death do us part.”

However, in practice it is increasingly being cut short by divorce.  Of course, over the course of a relationship that can last as many as seven or eight decades, a lot happens. Personalities change, bodies age, and romantic love waxes and wanes. And no marriage is free of conflict. What enables a couple to endure is how they handle that conflict. Some cultures allow the dissolution of marriage through divorce or annulment.

It is understandable that our President may be having trouble sustaining his intimate relationships. His everyday tasks are so grand and important that he may be too much daunted and worried that he would not be able to “swallow more than he could chew.”

Peter Parker’s uncle Ben once said that “With great power comes great responsibility”. Aquino has so much “power” right now that he may be torn between fulfilling his own personal wishes and dreams (which includes sttling down with a significant other, and having kids just like the dreams of his former sweetheart Shalani),……….. or to bring the country out of its depressed state brought about by the shady Arroyo government…. to its ultimate recovery and potential growth hopefully within his 6-year term.

I congratulate Aquino’s former “inamoratas” or girlfriends for moving on and getting hitched. But I would also like to congratulate Aquino for staying and continuing on leading us towards the straight path he calls “Daang Matuwid”.

He is married to us right now, but unlike the typical wedding, the ceremony before the almighty is still in process…It’s not over yet, In fact it has just began….and the long-awaited reward which is called the “honeymoon” still looms ahead.

So how do you manage the problems that would inevitably arise? And how can you keep the spark alive?

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