The Impossible Win

The Impossible Dream

“This is not my personal fight, this is the fight of the judiciary and democracy. If this is only for me, there is a simple solution. But this is not my personal fight. We will make known what is right under our Constitution,” says Corona.

This statement was given by Corona immediately after the sixth and final novena Mass held on the Supreme Court grounds. Chief Justice Renato Corona and his wife Cristina turned emotional at the conclusion of the novena sponsored by Solidarity of Sovereignty, a group calling for the preservation of the independence of the judiciary.

The couple were seen wiping tears as some 100 attendees, mostly judiciary employees, sang “The Impossible Dream.”

The couple thanked their supporters after the Mass, which ended at around 6 p.m.

Corona will go on trial at the Senate impeachment court starting January 16.

For that I dedicate this song to him. I truly hope he sings it with all sincerity.


The Impossible Win
(to the tune of  The Impossible Dream)

To win the impossible win,
To fight the House that’s so Low,
To dare the convictable t’morrow,
To run but there’s nowhere to go..

To hide the unhideable wrong,
And to nod moved and controlled from afar,
To sly for my ill-gotten property
To breach the impeachable war.

This is my jest,
To mocking that war
No matter how senseless,
No matter how scarred.

To smite all their rights
Really hideous and gross,
To be willed by my Satan from hell,
for an impeachable cause.

And I know if I’ll only be true
to this Gloria-ful jest
That my heart will lie joyful but damned
When I escape to the west

And the world will be hating and pissed,
That one man scorned and trampled with
Still grope with his corrupt moves of
To breach the impeachable,
The impeachable, the impeachable
And I’ll always win,
The impossible win…
Yes and I’ll breach
The impeachable war…
The impeachable war…

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