Scarborough Affair

The Scarborough Islands dispute began when China blocked a Filipino warship from arresting Chinese fishermen in the area, a group of islands and reefs about 140 miles from the Philippines shoreline. Manila requested to take the issue to international court last week. Beijing refused, maintaining that the area is an indisputable part of Chinese territory.

Scarborough Shoal is a classic case of a territorial sovereignty dispute. The Philippines asserts that it has exercised effective occupation and effective jurisdiction over the Shoal since independence in 1946. To reinforce this claim it points out that it built a lighthouse on the Shoal in 1965 and that it has conducted surveys and research in the waters surrounding the Shoal.

China asserts that Scarborough Shoal and its adjacent waters have been Chinese territory for generations and that it discovered the Shoal, incorporated it into its territory and exercised jurisdiction over it. Further, China also claims that the Shoal is included in the Zhongsha Islands, one of the four archipelagoes inside China’s infamous nine-dashed line map to which it has historic claims to sovereignty. China also argues that the Philippines never disputed Chinese jurisdiction until 1979.


Modding 101

Tools Of The Trade

One of the most commonly asked questions by aspiring modder’s and noobs alike.

“what are the basic tools / equipment do I need to get or buy, if I want to start into case modding as a hobby?”

Well look no further. Here’s a short list of  the most common tools used for modding.  Together with a simple description of  their applications and uses.


  • Rotary tool

Probably one of the most famous and most commonly used tool in case modding. The rotary tool or more commonly known as the DREMEL, is one of the most important tool to have in your workshop. Paired with the right bits and attachments. The rotary tool can cut, sand, drill, route, engrave, etch, polish, etc.

  • Power Drill

Useful in drilling screw holes and removing rivets, The power drill is an invaluable tool in any workshop.

  • Jigsaw

One of my favorite tools in the shop. The jigsaw can be used to cut a wide variety of materials including thick acrylic sheets, aluminum and steel. With proper practice and the right type of blade. The jigsaw can cut effortlessly in any type of material with speed and precision.

  • Nibbler

The nibbler is useful when cutting small holes on the case. It can also be used in cutting small window panels.

  • Pop Rivet Gun and Blind Rivets

When painting or modding any case. It’s usually much easier to dis-assemble or remove parts of the case for easier access. This is where the pop rivet gun and pop rivets come handy.



Henry Sy

Net Worth: $7.2 billion – As of JUne 2011
Age: 86
Children: 6

Chinese Filipino businessman, Henry Sy, is the richerst person in the Phillippines as of March 2011 with net worth $7.2 Billion, according to Forbes rich list. The richest man in the Philippines came from China as a child to work in father’s convenience store. He is founder of SM Group and chairman of SM Prime Holdings, the largest retailer and shopping mall operator in the Philippines

“He is also the most celebrated KILLER OF TREES and KING OF MASSIVE DEMOLITIONS in Urban Poor areas.”

A Philippine court has halted extension work on a mall amid a public outcry over plans to cut down nearly 200 trees in a popular urban forest.

The court in northern Baguio on Tuesday issued a temporary environmental protection order stopping SM malls, one of the country’s biggest chains, from uprooting the trees in downtown Baguio, known as the city of pines and the Philippines’ summer capital.

SM Prime Holdings Inc. had previously secured permission to expand the existing mall and promised to replant the towering Alnus trees in another location to make room for a new multilevel development.

Environmentalists objected and took to the site at midnight when workers began clearing the land. They have also started online petitions against the tree cutting.


The New SALN

The new Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth (SALNs) could improve transparency and accountability in government service.

The major changes are:

  • Inclusion of the spouse’s properties, including that paraphernal type –meaning property one brings to the marriage or acquires even after marriage, especially inheritance — and that of children below 18 years of age living in the filer’s household.
  • The use of acquisition cost for computation purposes. While all assets of minor children and the spouse should be listed, these will be excluded from computation. Also excluded is a spouse’s exclusive property if he/she files a separate SALN. (Insert)
  • Filers must now list GROSS INCOME from all sources and not just list down financial or business interests.
  • Filers must also submit personal and family expenses for the year, to include education and health costs, and the cost of vacations and other travel and big-ticket expenditures.
  • They must also submit ALL TAXES paid on all income/earningS whether through sale of properties, dividends, honorarium or regular income

While a study of revisions in the SALN form had been ordered in 2010, what spurred greater change was the Sandiganbayan dismissal of plunder raps against retired Armed Forces Comptroller Carlos Garcia.


Social Welfare


Allow me to share what I consider as a wonderful experience.

Yesterday was one of the happiest days in my life because I was able to provide some assistance to persons in need. It was the day when I handed over the financial assistance that DSWD released to my care.

Thanks to DSWD, I was instrumental to provide some medical assistance to my wife’s distant relative who just gave birth to her second baby. It was unfortunate that during the same time, this woman’s 3 year old daughter was also confined to a hospital due to a ruptured appendicitis.


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