Crazy Filipino-Canadian Landlord


I received this letter from a follower. This landlord who was also a former small-bit actor is a Filipino Canadian married to former actress Izza Ignacio, popularly seen in bold movies. He is now operating several apartments and houses for rent aside from his other businesses. His office, or probably just one of the places where he manages the business, is located at No. 2 Kanlaon Street Highway Hills Mandaluyong. 

The picture above was taken from a Filipino movie (Madame X, starring Ina Raymundo, Gary Estrada, Izza Ignacio, etc) where he had a small part. It is apparently dated so expect him to be a little more older now. We tried our best to “google” for his pictures, but surprisingly there was none. There was even no picture of his marriage with Izza Ignacio.


Pakitulong against a certain James Harper, a Filipino Canadian and married to former actress Izza Ignacio. He uses the name  “Maria Munoz” in his lease contracts, does not notarize the lease contracts…and issues Mandaluyong registered receipts.

He does not want to return our three month deposit payments , and does not want to meet with us at the barangay Maybunga, Pasig City para pag-usapan ang reklamo (to settle things).

We were renting a house at No. 5 Kawilihan Street Maybunga, Pasig city. The landlord refused to repair the numerous leaks in the house. The ceiling was already collapsing and “fungi”. molds and even some type of mushroom, was already growing on the ceiling because of the leaks especially during rainy days. One of the landlord’s staff said they will not repair it anymore because it will be too expensive. So we decided to just look for a new apartment.

However, only after a few days that we gave notice, we already received a demand letter last March 13 requiring us to leave by March 31. Only two weeks notice.

March 21, one of the landlord’s staff, filed a complaint against us at the barangay for violation of contract. However, they were citing the violation as the usage of the house for commercial purposes. But it was very clear on our contract that says we can use it for commercial purpose. Yung tauhan na niya mismo na si Gina Manaog ang nagsampa ng reklamo against us sa barangay pero di naman nagpapakita sa barangay for the hearings. Di naman mapadalhan ng patawag ng barangay dahil sa ibang city nakatira. (The staff, Gina Manaog, was the complainant but was a no-show on the first hearing.)

James Harper operates an office at 2 Kanlaon Street Highway Hills Mandaluyong City.

Staff names include Gina Manaog, Mirriam Kanlaon, Divino Devulgado, among many others.

Wala ba talagang kapangyarihan ang barangay para ipatawag ang nagreklamo pero di naman sumipot? Wala ba talagang kapangyarihan ang barangay para ipatawag ang may-ari ng bahay na nakatayo sa Pasig pero nakatira naman ang may-ari sa ibang city? (Does the barangay eally have no power over a landlord who owns a property under the barangay’s jurisdiction? The owner is not a resident of the barangay but the house is located in the barangay.)

Ilang beses ng tinatawagan ng barangay Secretary pero hindi nakikipag-meet. The barangay Secretary has tried several times to invite them over to the barangay but to no avail.)

May harassment pa para lang mapa-alis kami ng mas maaga sa aming inuupahang bahay. Nang-gamit pa ng ibang tao against us. (There were obvious forms of harassment so that they can provoke us to leave the house in haste. They even tried to fabricate a fake repair request on our front gate by ordering one of the tenants to make a written request to fix the front gate eventhough there was no complaint of any damage on the gate. The other tenant confessed and gave a statement at the barangay stating that she was only ordered to do that by Gina Manaog, one of the staff of James Harper.)

Minsan ay pilit na binabaklas ang gate ng aming bahay, at minsan rin ay nagising kami na sinira ang tubo ng tubig namin. (They even tried to dismantle our front gate. It was a good thing I was on leave so I was there to stop them. We also woke up one morning realizing there was no water coming out of the faucets. When we went out to checks the main, our water pipes were intentionally damaged and water had been leaking all over probably all throughout the night until morning.)

Ipinakita na namin sa barangay ang aming kontrata at demand letter para umalis daw agad kami sa bahay na inuupahan namin. Natatakot na misis ko kaya kusa na kaming umalis. (We already showed the barangay our lease contract and the demand letter. Both were not signed by this James Harper, and was signed for by one of his staff, Mirriam Kanlaon, only. The lease contract was also not notarized.)

The barangay issued us a certificate stating that they’ve seen our contract which they proclaimed as valid and in order. It also advises to assist us if there is a repeated form of  harassment.

Hindi po ito ang unang kaso na na-involve siya. Marami na pong reklamo against him sa barangay na hinarass niya na mga former tenants. (This is not the first time where James Harper was involved in disputes with his former and existing tenants, as can be attested from the barangay logbook and records.)

Nais sana namin na maibalik ang aming deposit payments at mapanagot siya sa perwisyo na dinulot sa amin. (We just want them to return our deposit payments and make them pay for the inconveniences we had to undergo.)


Please help him get information against this James Harper. It would be more helpful if we can contact the existing tenants from other locations who had similar problems with him, especially the previous tenants who were also maltreated by this lunatic landlord and his “minions”. Please post a note or message if you have any information. Thanks.


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Arsenio Reyes
    Apr 05, 2012 @ 14:49:26

    Isumbong mo kay Tulfo! Meron siyang opinion column sa PDI baka andun ang address, email address or phone number or search mo sa google. Those guys are really bad.


  2. Anonymous
    Sep 18, 2012 @ 01:44:18

    Ask help to IMBESTIGADOR!!! So that they will learn lessons.


  3. Gela
    Apr 29, 2013 @ 15:32:20

    Try the numbers


  4. atv carmona
    Jul 10, 2017 @ 16:18:46

    I know James Harper. I filed a case against them at Bgy Malamig Mangaluyong


  5. Anonymous
    Jul 13, 2017 @ 11:07:21

    Same thing he dis to me. Wpuld it be possi le for all of us to meet and file a case against him?


  6. Anonymous
    Jul 13, 2017 @ 12:55:59

    Same thing he did to me. Would it be possible for all of us to meet and file a case against him?


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