Thrilla In NAIA

It was the day Floyd Mayweather, Jr faced off with Miguel Cotto on the ring, but it turned out that another brawl got the limelight on May 6, as a columnist and a celebrity couple figured in a fistfight at the airport.

Do celebrities have any privacy nowadays? Is it unethical for people to take photos of stars in public places without their consent? This issue is brought to light once more following the brawl that transpired yesterday between Philippine Daily Inquirer columnist and TV5 host Ramon Tulfo and actor Raymart Santiago and wife actress Claudine Barretto at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport 3.

In plain view of passengers shuffling through Terminal 3 of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Tulfo,  Santiago and his wife, Barretto, got involved in a brief scuffle, which left Tulfo’s face swelling from the barrage of punches, and Barretto with a few bruises.

Tulfo said that the altercation erupted when he took photos of Raymart’s wife, actress Claudine Barretto, cursing a ground steward for misplacing her and her family’s luggage. Claudine and Raymart, fresh from their trip to Caticlan, had to give some medicine to their son. Unfortunately, the medication was located inside the couple’s suitcases which were still In Caticlan.

Tulfo, thinking it would be a good story, immediately whipped out his phone and started taking photos of Claudine berating the ground steward. Santiago, after seeing what Tulfo was doing, approached the journalist and forced him to give up his phone. When Tulfo refused to surrender his cell phone, at least seven men–including Santiago–ganged up on him. According to Tulfo, he was hit at his blindside as the punches came one after the other. He also admitted that he might have accidentally kicked Barretto while trying to fend off his attackers.

Tulfo eventually submitted himself to the airport authorities. However, that didn’t stop Santiago’s camp from continuing to physically and verbally abuse him. Tulfo said that Barretto cursed at him, and an unidentified individual tried to choke him while both parties were explaining to the authorities. The broadcast journalist added that he was extremely disgusted by Claudine’s attitude, particularly because the actress, who is often portrayed in the movies as a martyr, displayed actions far from her movie star persona.

Hours after the incident,  a YouTube user already uploaded riveting videos of the whole fight, where Barretto, Santiago and a couple of other people were seen attacking Tulfo, who still wore his journalist’s vest as he took in the actor’s punches.

The video had already racked up more than a thousand comments from Pinoys around the world debating about the incident.

From the video, Mon Tulfo was able to slug several punches. He is also apparently ambidextrous since he was throwing punches from his right hand and then his left hand. From my view on the video, looks like he threw four punches at the guy in pink and four at Raymart. And he took the same number of punches each from the guy in pink and also from Raymart. Plus the choke hold, plus a couple of knees to his face and some rabbit punches from Claudine.

Yet he came out like he was beaten by Pacquiao. Maybe because of old age.

Tulfo has already filed a case against the couple, and the Santiago-Barretto couple has already a lawyer filing counter-charges against Tulfo.

The jury is still out on what really caused the fight and who was responsible for sparking the outrage, but this early, Pinoy netizens have — so to speak — already picked sides and aired their views about the whole spectacle.

You know what? Maybe I don’t care who is at fault here. Its all just entertainment.

So …OK let the Santiago brothers, or even add in the Barreto sisters,  fight against the Tulfo brothers.

Ill grab the popcorn and spicy wings.


Cebu Pacific is for Cheapskates?

Interestingly, Cebu Pacific seems to be a common denominator underlying bad and tasteless behaviour in the Philippines. Perhaps it has something to do with a really simple formula: Cheapskates flying Cebu Pacific + mediocre service + crappy airport = bad attitudes and hot tempers on landing. It seems, conditions are always quite in alignment for this sort of thing to happen in a land of oppressively hot and humid weather inhabited by tribes of self-important people. Of course, what makes this particular incident excellent media fodder is its illustrious cast of characters: has-been artista couple brawling with an aging populist crusader.

Considering the plight of former A-List celebrities struggling to remain relevant in today’s far more fast-paced media landscape of reality show products and viral stars, one can argue that Claudine and Raymart are victims too – they were caught flatfooted on video flying on a budget and then complaining about bad service.

Sayaw Pinoy, sayaw.

Speaking of which, isn’t Cebu Pacific famous for dancing flight attendants?

There you go.

Abangan ang susunod na kabanata. Until then, isumbong niyo kay Tulfo.

Statement From Cebu Pacific (from their Facebook page):

“In case you’re wondering why some bags got offloaded from 5J 896 at Caticlan Airport last May 6, let us explain.

The Caticlan Airport has a short runway, less than 1 kilometer long. It has a hill on one end of the runway, and the sea on the other, so we have a lot of factors to consider for the aircraft to take off safely. One such factor is runway conditions in Caticlan (e.g. Did it just rain? Is it a wet or a dry runway?). Another factor is wind conditions at the time of takeoff. This is also why we can only carry up to 32 passengers (not the full 72 passenger load) on Caticlan-Manila flights—the WEIGHT of the aircraft is important when taking off on a short runway.

Last May 6, the winds were at 6 knots, which is lower than usual for summer. At the last minute, we had to offload 11 checked-in bags (around 180 kilos) for the aircraft to take off safely. We immediately transported the 11 bags to Kalibo where a bigger aircraft brought the bags to Manila. These bags have already been delivered to the owners yesterday.

We hope this clarifies the matter. For Cebu Pacific, your safety is ALWAYS our priority.”



The ATR72-500’s maximum take off run is 1,165 meters, that is if it is carrying 9550 kg (MTOW). So assuming each passenger weights arround 55.2 kg and then carries with them 20 kg of baggage and there are 32 of them in flight, the total weight of the all the passengers (including 4 crew and luggage) should around 2707.2 kilos. And assuming the aircraft has to carry 2387.5 kg worth of fuel on board (that is 1/4 of aircraft’s maximum payload at it’s maximum take off weight, enough for the aircraft to travel to manila to caticlan and back). That leaves the aircraft carrying 5094.7 kg, 46% lower than the aircraft’s actual maximum take off weight at 1.165 kilometers.

Now, the caticlan airport is 810 meters long, 355 meters short of the aircrafts take off weight but then the aircraft is not taking off at it’s maximum take off weight, I still think the ATR-72 would still make it clear the 810 meter runway.

They mentioned that the winds are around 6 knots (11.11 kmh per hour), is it headwinds or tailwinds? I assume this is the headwinds. But of course MTOWs are computed at 0 headwinds, tailwinds and crosswinds. If it is tailwinds, you just turn the aircraft 180 degress.

and why was the flight delayed in the 1st place?


Clearly an Error in Judgement.

First thing Cebu Pacific should have done was to inform the passengers whose baggage got offloaded. Nowhere in their alibi did they say they made the necessary move of informing the passengers of the incident. They could have averted a big problem such as this. It’s water under the bridge to say Cebu Pacific have already delivered the baggage to the owners. That doesn’t mean anything because they failed to do the very first thing they should have done: to communicate well their intentions and the solution to the predicament they found themselves in.

Is it Cebu Pacific’s SOP to offload their passenger’s baggage without informing the owners. If that’s the case, then it’s a lousy process.

I hope Cebu Pacific has learned their lesson well.

Good customer service is now the name of the game.

Budget flights should not equate to cheap service and facilities.

Excerpts from T3 (The TV Show hosted by the three Tulfo Brothers (Raffy, Ben and Erwin):

Ben: “….pakinggan nyo ang sasabihin ko, READ MY LIPS, hindi pa tapos..”

Raffy: “…Raymart kanina ko pa sinasabi eto…ah Raymart Baretto…kanina ko pa sinabi eto sa Balitang Tapat…swerte ka marami kang kasama eh at nag-iisa ang kuya ko eh…ganun pa man, I’m very proud of my kuya, may tinamaan sa inyo…kasi kung yung kuya ko lang, 1 on 1 kayong dalawa, BAKA YUNG PUWET MO NASA BUNGANGA MO NA, BALI-BALI KA, dahil yung kuya ko eh talagang alam ng lahat martial arts expert siya sa Aikido…sinwerte lang kayo dahil ang dami nyo, pero kung 1-on-1…WAG LANG SANA TAYO MAGPANGINABOT SA MALL…IDASAL MO IHO DE P.I. KA, NA WAG SANA TAYO MAGKITA SA MALL, IPAGDASAL MO YAN…TUMIRIK KA NG KANDILA MULA NGAYON, WAG NA WAG MAG KRUS ANG LANDAS NATIN, P.I. KA…”

Erwin: “…siguro kung nagkasabay kami sa eroplano kahapon…hindi mangyayari yun pare dalawa lang ang patutunguhan nun, either INIINTERVIEW AKO SA LOOB NG KULUNGAN or iniinterview akong nagsasalita ako ngayon…pero eto lang ang masasabi ko Mr. Santiago at Ms. Baretto, SAKSAKAN KAYO NG SINUNGALING…ikaw Mr. Raymart Santiago, MALAKAS ANG LOOB MO DAHIL KINUYOG NYO ANG UTOL NAMIN…eh masarap sana siguro kung 4-on-8, eh kayang-kaya namin, eh kung apat kami at versus walo kayo, walang problema…tama ang sinabi ni tol Raffy, ako din nagkikita tayo sa airport,ipagdasal mo na lang muna at pinapayo ko sayo at sa asawa mo, WAG KO MUNANG LUMABAS PAMINSAN DAHIL PAG NAGPANG-ABOT TAYO SA NAIA TERMINAL 1, TERMINAL 2, TERMINAL 3, TATAMAAN AT TATAMAAN KA…WALA AKONG PAKIALAM PATI ASAWA MO TATAMAAN SA AKIN…IPAGDASAL MO NA LAMANG, WAG TAYO MAG KRUS NG LANDAS…”


Erwin: “…hindi pa tayo tapos Raymart…hindi pa tapos…antabayanan mo lang…antabayanan mo lang ang lintik na ganti ng Tulfo..”


Final Note:

Things I’ve learned in the NAIA Brawl:

* Most penoys doesn’t know what being a journalist means. Most of them, especially laos actors and trolls thinks that journalists are mere usiseros and epals.

* Feeling sikat and sosyal actors will will act like childish brats in public, will feel special and superior to commoners, will berate small employees, act innocent in press-cons and post incident interviews and will tell lies even in the name of their children.

* Airport security in The Philippines is useless. While airports are collecting tax per passenger, we may now have a hint where it goes. Hint: Not for funding better security measures like working cctv’s and able security guards and airport police. Ever wonder why The Philippines is a haven for migrating international criminals, terrorists and domestic criminals who can leave the country easily?

* Being a martial arts expert or having skills and knowledge of it will render it utterly useless when you are ganged up by 2 younger and bigger men and a woman and dumb, stupid and untrained security personnel whom are supposed to pacify the situation but ends up putting you in a place where you can be beaten up fast.

* Some penoys hate the Tulfo Brothers as they see them as mayayabang. Most Filipinos know better. We understand what they stand for and why they need to be matapang.

* One credible witness I think but the authorities may have missed is the one who took the brawl video and uploaded it.

* Real men can land blows even when ganged-up. Much more impressive if you are almost 70 years old and fighting men and a dugong half your age.

* Real men don’t and won’t ever wear pink.


Huling Hirit:

Claudine to stewardess: &**7!1!!1$$@@@!!! Fack Shieyt!

Mon Tulfo: Uy, may away, ma video nga, scoop ko to!

Friend of Claudine: Day, may nagvivideo sayo…

Raymart to Mon Tulfo: Bakit ka kumukuha ng video, akina ang cellphone mo!

Mon Tulfo to Raymart: Bakit? Sayo ba ang cellphone ko?

Claudine to Mon Tulfo: akina ang cellphone mo!

Mon Tulfo to Claudine: Bakit? Sayo ba ang cellphone ko?

Claudine to Mon Tulfo: Akin na sabi eh! (sabay pilit kunin)

Mon Tulfo to Claudine: Hoy, personal space ko na violate mo! (tulak!)

Claudine: Sabi na’t akin na yang cellphone!! Ngyawrrr! Hisss! (sabay kalmot)

Mon Tulfo to Claudine: (tulak! tadyak!)

Raymart: (hell breaks loose)

May sumapak, nanadyak.. boom pak pak!

The bottom line with all of this: dalawang taong nagtataasan ng ihi. Si “I’m a journalist dammit!” at si “Ponyetah, artista ako!”

Pag parehong nagtataasan ng ihi, abay pareho kayong maiihian!

Boom! Pak! Pak!

14 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Arsenio Reyes
    May 07, 2012 @ 23:30:29

    Yes Sir! A very stupid way to handle passenger baggage. Since the flight was delayed, there was enough time most probably to inform beforehand they planned to off-load some baggage which may cause inconvenience such as the timely taking of medicine.

    I remember a few years back when I accompanied my very sick father to a well-known doctor. I got the surprise of my life when the medicine he recommended were ordinary over the counter (OTC) medicines. The doctor emphasized just one thing, my father should take the medicine “on time”. If it is every 8 hours, it should be taken exactly every 8 hours, etc.

    I won’t forget it because my father got well in less than a week.

    It’s a bad case of negligence or even gross negligence by Cebu Pacific. For law students its an interesting case on criminal and civil law such as sufficient provocation, self-defense, defense of relatives, defense of strangers, physical injuries, rights of and protection for journalists, damages, etc.

    Finally, maybe the hot weather has something to do with it.


  2. Anonymous
    May 08, 2012 @ 08:34:26

    ayos..pinaghalo-halong blog..di mo man lang ilagay link kung san mo nakuha..



    • TechnoSpecs
      May 08, 2012 @ 10:33:22

      Sir, the name of my blog speaks for itself…”Be Kind To Us Trolls”…

      I’m trolling!..well, at least I am trying to make that impression….hehehe

      My blog posts are compilation of selected portions from news, articles, blogs, forums, comments from my neighbors, colleagues, friends, etc….added with some of my own opinions..

      That is how I post a blog, I accumulate all information available, select the most informative parts, add a few of my own words, and then combine them all as one blog post. If I were to list down all the credits for all the articles that I’ve read, then it will be very tedious on my part…

      Thanks for taking the time to comment though….I appreciate all feedback.


      • Arsenio Reyes
        May 08, 2012 @ 18:33:15

        I respect all opinions here. As for me, I don’t have any problems with it but just plainly reading and appreciate the information and maybe give some comments once in a while.

        No offense meant to anybody and thanks to Mr. TechnoSpecs for his Troll Alert.

  3. aldi
    May 08, 2012 @ 12:54:28

    This blog is so stupid. ALL OF IT’S CONTENTS ARE COPY & PASTED


  4. Anonymous
    May 08, 2012 @ 15:40:04

    at least have the decency to show where you got your information. its like claiming it as your own pag wala nakakapansin, then pag may naka-puna, your excuse is your trolling..trololol


  5. Anonymous
    May 08, 2012 @ 20:35:45

    Is trolling another word for plagiarizing?


  6. TechnoSpecs
    May 08, 2012 @ 20:38:13

    Dear Anonymous and aldi…as posted in my Noobies section ..,

    “* Credit of content would originate from my favorite writers like Raissa Robles, Ellen Tordesillas, Maria Ressa, and other great writers and bloggers out there, too many to mention. Plus accumulated information coming from the online sites of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Philippine Star, Manila Bulletin, ABS-CBN 2, GMA 7. TV 5, etc. Twitter and Facebook shares as well.”

    I also mentioned in my About the Blogger section that I also post “raw Copy and Paste” information…but in fairness to me, I also input some of my own thoughts within the blog posts….especially some of my own edited illustrations.

    I have never claimed ownership of everything posted here…even from the moment I started this blog….that is why I have something like a “disclaimer”, so that I won’t have to list all the credits everytime I post a blog entry…

    Anyway…..I am doing this blog just as a past time, hobby, ……I’m not earning anything from it. …so I have no obligation to anybody to make it original, unique, one-of-a kind, accurate, complete, unbiased, etc…. I have a day job, so I am not really exerting too much effort on these tasks…

    I am just spreading some news and current events that strikes an impact in my daily undertakings…..Plagiarism is a form of admiration and flattery to the owners of the original articles or stories…..Plagiarism is copying the work of one person….if it’s more than one work that you copied, then it’s “research”…LOL

    Relax lang po kayong lahat… respect lang po…huwag padala sa init ng panahon…

    Sabi nga ni Tulfo kina Claudine and Raymart, “Magkape na lang tayong lahat”…hehehe


    • Arsenio Reyes
      May 08, 2012 @ 22:11:00

      I like and enjoy reading Troll Alert and I’ve taken it for granted that the information he gives is from the internet. Before I subscribed to it, I’ve read his profile and I certainly understood how he gives information.

      There are times when I don’t agree with his comments but I don’t express my disagreement because I want him to be motivated to continue his service.

      Yes, I don’t think his blogging is a job, its a service. No one is perfect and I don’t
      his explanation and blogger profile explains everything.

      More power to Mr. TechnoSpecs.


  7. xxx
    May 08, 2012 @ 21:19:20

    plagiarism pa rin.


  8. TechnoSpecs
    May 08, 2012 @ 22:30:13

    Thanks Arsenio,

    We need more people like you who are open-minded and sensible….

    I welcome all criticisms so I can improve my “blogs” for the better….But I am not promising anything coz it’s not really a full-time job.

    but then again, I’m sort of spreading the “news” as it unfolds so I rely mostly on “actual posts and sentiments from forums, tweets from twitter, posts from Facebook, etc” of the online community, then I add my own comments or modify the copied entries so it will match my point of view…

    Still…this little effort is only a way to contribute and let others know I am aware of the issues and want to get involved even via just a humble posting in a blog…


    • Arsenio Reyes
      May 09, 2012 @ 09:25:22

      Yes Sir Mr. TechnoSpecs. I fully understand what you do and I sincerely believe what you say. I certainly hope that you will continue what you do. If people would understand, then I think there would be less conflict in this world as they say “wisdom starts from understanding” or something like that. We readers must be sensible enough to appreciate the good that other people do.

      Mr. TechnoSpecs is not perfect in the strict sense of the word as all of us are not perfect but the imperfection is corrected or shielded by good faith and clearly good intentions and makes Mr. TechnoSpecs perfect for me. Mr. TechnoSpecs writes good and informative things and he has never pretended at the very beginning that his basic info are original but right as he is he injects his own opinion which is the one original. Mr. TechnoSpecs has his own biases or personal opinion which we ought to respect as we respect each other.

      As ordinary citizens of this world, we also get ideas from news, research etc. and we discuss and share it with friends. Isn’t it? That’s why there’s FB, Twitter, etc. We can never pretend that the basic info is ours. Maybe it gives us ideas and that is the one which is original. It’s just a matter of technicalities in the laws of intellectual property. With billions of people in this world, there is a strong possibility that the same idea can come into the mind of more than one person. It’s because intelligence is a gift from God, the source of all intelligence, and we are surely lucky to benefit from the abounding intelligence through the internet.

      I think what strikes me most is that I feel you are happy in what you do and it shows in the way you inform. It is certainly a Filipino way of seeing things even negative ones in a good light. I sense that he loves what he does and shares the info and his ideas with us.

      Let’s promote what is good. There’s a saving “Discourage others from the slightest evil; assist them in doing the slightest good.” On this premise, I defend Mr. TechnoSpecs and wish him (in the frequents words of Atty. Topacio) “Mabuhay po kayo at lahat ng inyong mga ugat”!, something like that.



  9. TechnoSpecs
    May 10, 2012 @ 16:34:48

    Reposting what was on my “About The Blogger” section

    “I envision this blog as a platform for my creativity. One that may bring out the best or worst in me, to release my creative juices out from both inspiration and frustration, or even from perspiration. On a busy or less inspiring day I will just copy and paste a post or two from all over, and do some minor editing or modification just to personalize the subject matter. Hope I always find the will to keep posting articles or even just a picture.

    Once in a full moon I would go hysterical and conjure up a fictional or creative non-fictional story or poem. Even in my sleep-deprived state, I would try to manage pulling off one literary work that I could be proud of. If I could I would, but If I can’t, I shan’t.

    So please don’t mock me if I fail to update my blog regularly. It’s a shame our society mocks the differently uvulated, what more for a free-baller like me. Just remember that this blog is my indie film, but like the subordinate male protagonist in countless action movies who disappears halfway through the second reel, I will eventually return to save the day.”


  10. Arsenio Reyes
    May 10, 2012 @ 20:05:27

    Thank you Sir Mr. TechnoSpecs!!!


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