Sin Bin

According to Wikipedia,  The sin bin (sometimes called the penalty box, bad box, or simply bin) is the area in ice hockey, rugby league, rugby union and some other sports where a player sits to serve the time of a given penalty, for an offense not severe enough to merit outright expulsion from the contest. Teams are generally not allowed to replace players who have been sent to the penalty box.

A player who has committed a foul can be sent to sit for a specified period.

The Tulfo brothers, Ben, Erwin and Raffy has recently been sent to the Sin Bin.

Perhaps almost everyone who followed the Thrilla in NAIA (the brawl at NAIA Terminal 3 among broadcast journalist Mon Tulfo versus showbiz couple Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto plus their friends) would easily understand why they’ve been suspended to host their T3 show on TV5.

However, how come the Kapatid station only gave them a 3-day suspension (May 9 to 11, 2012) That’s only from Wednesday to Friday….and to make it more amusing is, their eldest brother Mon was asked to replace them as host temporarily while they’re suspended. Mon would be one of the temporary host of T3 along with two other network hosts, Martin Andanar and resident legal commentator Atty. Mel Sta. Maria.

Would the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) be giving them a longer suspension after they’ve conducted their own investigation of the Tulfo brothers Live television threats against Raymond, Claudine and company, or is MTRCB going to cancel their T3 show permanently?

Is Raymart finally going to send her wife Claudine to the sin bin for her apparent misconduct while she maltreated  the Cebu Pacific staff – the root of all these shocking yet humorous behavior of these so called “idols” of Philippine showbiz. Remember that everything happened while infront of their own children.

Should they be filing child abuse cases against Mon Tulfo, or should they file a case against themselves instead.

Is the Cebu Pacific management also sending some of their staff to the sin bin as well? It was very obvious that they also have a lot of shortcomings or irregularities here.

– Delayed flights

– Offloaded baggage with no knowledge of the owners

– Defective CCTVs or surveillance cameras

– Poorly trained security guards

– etc.

I pity the Cebu Pacific staff, including the security guards, who were berated by the former “Marina” star (malansa) and his hubbie “Bantatay” (may rabies).

Apparently, the couple had nothing good to say about the Cebu Pacific staff, and likewise, the Cebu Pacific staff already made a written statement that the couple indeed started a commotion which caught the attention of many people including the journalistic instincts of Mon Tulfo.

Mon Tulfo’s fault is that he was all alone, that’s why they were able to gang up on him…

Much like what happened to a young star named Albie Casino, who was said to have been beaten up by friends of his former girlfriend and mother of his child, “Agua Bendita”…or was it “Agua Oxinada”? star Andi Eigenmann.

Should Andi’s mother, Jaclyn Jose…or her father Mark Gil also send her to the sin bin for letting her friends beat the crap out of her former lover?

It seems everyone is beating each other up recently, everybody paid little attention to the Mayweather-Cotto fight. Whoa !…Mayweather won?…Really?

Not surprisingly coz most of us would rather watch Mayweather versus our own Congressman-boxer-religious-billionaire playboy philanthropist  Manny Pacquiao …or was I describing Tony Stark aka Iron Man?

When most of the people anticipated the showing of The Avengers more than the resumption of the Chief Justice Impeachment Trial, we know for a fact that we Filipinos are tired of the many unresolved nowhere-going issues, and would rather watch our action superheroes really accomplish something blatantly fast and furious to defeat their foes.

Do we really ever going to see any closure to these issues, or is the wheel of justice really a flat tire?

Recently, my favorite forum thread that had the Tulfo-Santiago-Barretto fight as its topic was sent also to the Sin Bin. Moderators just suddenly removed the thread forum with no warning….Well, in fairness there was a warning…but they also were asking us to choose whether to just ban the members who were “pasaway” r just lock the thread. Instead they totally ripped it off the face of the website forums.

When another member tried to create a similar thread forum, and many complained about the missing one, the moderator finally left a final note, and then locked the thread this time, and asking everyone to just join a different site or forum having the same topic.

It’s like saying, “if you’re not going to follow our rules, better scram and join a different forum group!…You’re not welcome here! Scram, beat it, shoo!!!”

Wow! The powers of the Forum Moderator – God mode!

But going back to the sin bin – Was Mon Tulfo sincere when he said the reactions or statements of his brothers on national TV threatening the showbiz couple were uncalled for?

I think Erwin and Raffy already apologized for their behavior, but I haven’t heard of any news about Ben’s apology – if there was one.

Should Mon send his brothers to the sin bin for their actions non-befitting of respected broadcast journalist? – or do they really deserve respect since all their shows never was without any curse or threat to others. It’s but “automatic” and “expected” that these “tough” guys should show their “macho” image vehemently.

Or should Mon send himself to the sin bin for turning a”complaint ruckus” into sort of a “fisticuffs” between him and the showbiz couple (don’t forget the guy in pink -Eduardo Atilano is his name)..

Hhmmm…come to think of it, how come the T3 brothers did’nt threatened this Atilano guy?…or they haven’t got his identity yet when they made the “Live on National TV” threats…

At leasts, Mon invited everyone for some coffee….but not in Starbucks, I suppose. He did say it should have a big space, no video cameras, no other people aside from those involved in the original brawl.

Oh, yeah I would like to ask, who would serve the coffee if there are no other people around…perhaps 3 in 1 coffee mix?…or 3 against 1..the Three Tulfo brothers against Raymart..

Raymart probably has called already the help of his brothers Rowell and Randy, and Claudine probably already tweeted Gretchen and Marjorie….or do they need to  coz it’s all over the news?

I can’t wait for the “di pa tapos ang laban” next episodes. ..after all, this was better than the Pacquiao fights because it was star-studded!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Arsenio Reyes
    May 09, 2012 @ 23:33:15

    Things do happen for a reason, hehehe. Maybe the Raymart and Claudine couple would be more closer than before because of the incident. There was a rumor they were already separated. They need to be closer because of the complaint filed by Mr. Tulfo.

    A very humbling experience for Mr. Mon Tulfo whom I truly respect for his good deeds the latest one regarding the involvement of some NBI people in the kidnapping of a Japanese woman.

    Lastly, Cebu Pacific customer service needs improvement. Luckily nobody died because of the incident.

    They should not wait for another incident to happen because of very poor service.
    It’s possible to cause a life next time and they cannot put the blame on safety concerns, budget fare reasons or the hot weather or temperature in Manila. Its adding insult to injury.

    Safety is a basic responsibility of the airline anytime of the day and has nothing to do with its failure to timely inform the passengers of the off-loading of their baggage since there might be serious inconvenience or damages that can be
    caused. A basic sense of foresight is needed.

    It happened to me once or twice with PAL. No appropriate reason was given then, it was left behind, period. Once I admired Cebu Pacific because no matter what it was always on time unlike PAL (they call it Plane Always Late). Not only that, if I checked-in early (which I do most of the time), I get my baggage immediately upon arrival at destination. Not with PAL then (I don’t know now). If you check-in early, your baggage is at the bottom and go home last. Hehehe.

    Only the Philippines as they say!!!


  2. TechnoSpecs
    May 10, 2012 @ 20:40:36


    The MTRCB has slapped a preventive suspension of 20 days to the T3 show. TV5 President and CEO Ray Espinosa has announced that the MTRCB is overstepping their mandate. The MTRCB’s action, if left unchallenged, sets a dangerous precedent, with grave implications on media practice because it violates the constitutional prohibition on prior restraint.

    Following is the full text of News5’s statement:

    “News5 is deeply concerned by the MTRCB decision to place its Public Service program T3 under preventive suspension.

    We believe that this oversteps the mandate of the MTRCB, and sets it on a path that could threaten the independence and freedom of the broadcast industry.

    Self-regulatory mechanisms internal to the organization and instituted within the industry and to which TV5 subscribes were in place, enforced, and ultimately effective in disciplining programs host Ben, Raffy, and Erwin Tulfo.

    MTRCB’s action of placing T3 under preventive suspension raises the question of what else, other than the disciplining of the anchors, the government aims to achieve. The Tulfos have been sanctioned. What else is there for government to resolve? A preventive suspension suggests that the continued broadcast of the program would constitute a danger to the viewing public.

    There is no such danger. T3 was conceptualized, produced, and ultimately classified as a public service program. For MTRCB to even consider or suggest by its actions that T3 has suddenly lost all its purpose and value, or worse, poses a danger to the public such that it warrants censorship, sets a dangerous tone and could potentially lead to a dangerous precedent for all news programs.”


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