Ang Sirena Sa Terminal 3 ng NAIA

Out of This World 
(Sing to the tune of Part of Your World from the Little Mermaid movie)

Looking around here you think
That Claudine’s got everything
I’ve got hubbie Raymart and friends a-plenty
I’ve got Mon Tulfo’s shoeprint and bruises galore
You want threats and bad publicity?
I’ve got plenty!
But who cares?
No big deal…
I want more !

I wanna be back there at NAIA Terminal 3
I wanna scream, wanna hear myself cursin’
Punching abound with my– fists, with no rest
My bottom is fish (I smell), my top is woman (I yell)

Down where Mon took the video (pictures), seeing me berating Bocboc and Ilagan
At a counter in the baggage claim area I was caught in the act
Now I’m the Tulfo brothers enemy – wish I could flee
Out of this world !

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