Mister Anonymous

“Why is there a proliferation of Mr. Anonymous in this archipelago?!” says Senator-judge Miriam Defensor Santiago.

I would have to laugh-out-loud if the Senator would take it seriously and consider requiring the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and Philippine National Police (PNP) personnel to look for “Mister Anonymous” due to a strike three circumstance where evidences coming in are from “anonymous” sources.

First, from a small lady giving documents to Oriental Mindoro Representative Reynaldo Umali, then from a messenger who left it hanging on the front gate of Quezon City Representative Bolet Banal, now from another mysterious source who left it within the premises of Harvey Keh’s Kaya Natin Movement for Good Governance and Ethical Leadership organization office.

Harvey Keh,  was presented as a hostile witness by the Defense panel, (hostile to the defense, and if he keeps coughing, to the immediate health of people in the Senate Impeachment Court. He was now being asked to give due cause and may face legal liabilities on why he submitted documents that could influence the decision making of the Senator Judges of the Impeachment Court.

Santiago was screaming at Keh “Consider yourself admonished! Di mo nga nakita, ikaw ang nag-file ng complaint? Do you want that done to you?” My blood pressure was also rising during that moment.

Santiago had no right to berate mortals below her chimerical level of “intelligence”. She has a mind that is so full of hot air and dishonesty (indeed, how many times has she admitted “I lied” on national TV?). She forgot that it was not the Supreme Court that approved and gave life to the Constitution—it was the ordinary people of ordinary intelligence who did so. Doesn’t their understanding of what they had approved count for anything? Apparently, she has very little respect for such little minds—yes, the same obtuse minds that made her senator over and over again despite herself!

I also get hot-headed, but I don’t spout inanities.

More than the “sinungaling ka,” what cut deeper was when Keh was when Senator Jinggoy Estrada said “you advocate good governance and yet you’re trying to influence a senator-judge.”

Juan Ponce Enrile said to Keh, “I felt insulted and offended as Presiding Officer. I’m ordering you to show cause why you shouldn’t be cited in contempt of this Impeachment Court! You were trying to influence the court! I’m insulted”

“Bakit ba ganoon, kung sino pa ang naninindigan, siya pa ang ginagawang masama, kinukuyog ng mga trolls, at pinapasinungalingan.”

Many would claim that “unverified and unauthenticated” documents coming from these “anonymous” sources could very well be fabricated, fraudulent and fictitious that were strategically orchestrated to pin down the Chief Justice Renato Corona.

Defense lawyer Dennis Manalo said “Our theory is that all evidence versus the CJ is fabricated, grossly exagerrated or comes from illegal sources.”

O, come on! Instead of focusing on destroying the credibility of the witnesses and documents presented, couldn’t the Defense team just present their rebuttal evidence or their very own materials and sources that would debunk, disprove and falsify the accusations against the head of the Supreme Court.

Let us compel Corona to waive his rights in opening his dollar accounts? Di tapos na ang boxing!

“Too many sheets of paper have been passed around, and so much time has been wasted. The best way to settle all doubts is for the accused to take the stand.”

I hate what is happening at the Impeachment court. Instead of encouraging individuals to come out and get involve, some of our so called leaders are discouraging us to participate in criticizing irregularities.

Unless you want to be berated and humiliated by the Senator Judges, especially by the banshee-like and hyper-ventilating sermons of Senator judge Mirriam Defensor Satiago. Whoa! I hate to be in her shoes! It seems most of the people only admire her because of her superb knowledge of the law, but nobody would want to hang out with her as their BFF.

Conviction or acquittal of Corona could not be easily predicated as the senators are keeping their cards close to their chest.

The history of the world is full of unrighteous deeds by men and women waving the banner of righteousness.

In spite of the double standard and display of utmost arrogance by some of the senators, I would commend the courage of the witness who would testify against the CJ.

So what if its “unverified documents coming from Anonymous sources” …at least somebody took the effort to contribute what he believes might help the case….

Harvey Keh was just probably unaware of proper procedures, like us ordinary people, who lacks the legal knowledge on how to correctly address our concerns without getting ourselves in trouble.

He did say he is not a lawyer so he is not familiar with legal terms and procedures, and frankly he was probably too excited to bring forth what he believed as strong evidence against the Chief Justice.

Imagine being accused as the possible fabricator of the “damaging” documents. Gawa-gawa lang daw.

Harvey is said to be a man of integrity.  He has worked passionately in the projects he engaged.  He has done well with Pathways and AHON Foundation.  He has also been instrumental in bringing Kaya Natin to where it is now.  But the real measure of integrity was the fact that he decided to submit the account information of CJ Corona, knowing full well that he will invite criticism.  He carried on in spite of the many who will make evil out of the good that he is.

Could “Intense” hate against one person indeed succumb you to do everything nasty and devious enough to bring him down for good, even if it means falsifying documents?

Who are these “Mister Anonymous”? Are they different people working for the Aquino government?

I would love to be a Mister Anonymous if I would get my hands on similar documents, but should I have to suffer ridicule and unbridled sarcasms and have my character assassinated by these high-caliber lawyers and politicians, including Pro-Corona mediamen and friends?

Why should it be a burden on my part to try to authenticate or verify the documents, when my real intention is to ask for their help in probing and confirm the veracity of the said documents.

So what if I want to share my information with the media? The media listens, and could possibly be my only saviour to protect me from situations like these.

More of the comments soon as more facts unravel.

Huling Hirit:

In our lives, we are brought to difficult situations where it is almost impossible to do the right thing. And in struggling to do what is right, we remind others of the possibility and greatness that a human being is capable of. It is called a heroic moment.

“Bayan, huwag tayong pumayag na kung sino pa ang may ginagawang masama, sila pa ang may ganang magalit at manindak. Huwag din tayong manood lamang at siya pang unang mamintas at mangutya sa mga taong kahit nahihirapan ay naninindigan.” – Grace Padaca

“Kung abogado ka ni Corona, kelan mo sasabihin sa kliyente mo na hindi mo sya kayang ipagtanggol pa? Naniniwala pa ba sila na inosente si Corona? O naniniwala sila na ganun sila kagaling na mababaligtad pa nila ito? Ano ba ang drugs na tinitira ng defense to keep on going? Malakas yan ha!!! Panalo!” – Mae Paner

Throughout the course of the trial, over 70% of the people believe that CJ Corona is guilty.  If a survey was done, I am sure most of these people find that the defense is using dilatory tactics.  Aside from delaying, they have been actively blocking evidences from coming out.

I cant wait for May 22 when the Chief Justice finally testifies at the Senate Impeachment Court!

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