The Day Corona Testes-Tified

The “incident” at the Senate Impeachment court where the Chief Justice Renato Corona surprised everyone by his declaration of a waiver allowing most government agencies to access his bank accounts… only to give a pathetic condition later on that all 188 congressmen, who signed his Impeachment complaint, plus a special mentioned Senator Franklin Drilon, would also sign similar waivers, then CJ hurriedly walks out of the courtroom before he could be cross-examined…… was like similar to having sex with your wife at a point where both of you are almost reaching climax, at the peak of intimacy……then all of a sudden your child walks into your room and sees the two of you while in coitous.

When the CJ returned to the courtroom (he probably couldn’t leave because the Senate President and presiding impeachment court senator judge Juan Ponce Enrile ordered all Senate doors and gates locked), he was in a wheelchair….like a limp penis several minutes after pleasing himself.

I believe he’s far more relieved, while most of us at the courtroom had been abruptly stopped from ejaculating!

Kudos to CJs “scriptwriter”, or the men and women behind the grand mischievous scheme no “tele-serye” writer could have ever thought of.

The Philippine local cinema and TV stations could use their impressive talent.

I used a Compensatory Day-Off (CDO) to witness in person the Impeachment Trial at the Senate last Tuesday, May 22, 2012.

I was there as early as 7 am and was in queue already. I estimated to be number 22 in line. When 8 am came, a security guard in barong informed us that there were no more tickets available. Many of us didn’t believe and many questioned the announcement because the Senate was suppose to distribute the tickets starting 11 am only. I approached the said security, and asked him who gave the message. He wouldn’t say the source but he hinted that there were people from Corona’s Supreme Court group, and from the Senators group that reserved most of the tickets. When he wouldn’t reveal the source, I continued to remain in line and was hoping it was just a trick to send people away.

Around 8:30 am, somebody who introduced himself as the convenor for a certain organization affiliated with the Corona Resign (CoRe) movement went in to the Senate grounds to verify if there was any truth to the announcement that there was no more tickets available to the public, from the Senate security. When he came back, he informed us that there was no truth to the announcement. He said the security who gave the earlier announcement was from an agency and not directly connected to the Senate. He also advised that we should form two lines, one for the senior citizens and then another line for the rest of the crowd. Blue tickets will be for the senior citizens, while the yellow tickets were for the remaining crowd. We waited in line until 11 am while we witness a lot of reporters and camera men roaming around the place interviewing some of the people in line.

Past 11 am, the Senate security finally came out to distribute tickets. One was carrying a box supposed to be containing the tickets. However, we were shocked to find out that they will be giving out only 40 passes or tickets to the public. Another uproar from the crowd. Again, the reporters had a feast interviewing the disappointed crowd. Whatever happened to the other 110 tickets?

Apparently, there was truth to the original announcement, and that they just decided to giveaway additional tickets to appease the angry crowd. The 40 tickets were just to save face.

Unfortunately, I still was not able to get a ticket eventhough I was inclusive of the 40 already in line. It just so happens that a bunch of guys pretending to be senior citizens created a third line in between our own lines. Security was powerless to interfere.

I could have gotten the last ticket available because It was my turn to be served, but another guy from the back hurled himself towards the front of the line grabbing the last ticket.

I was just too kind and considerate to raise a complaint.

I was more disappointed to have realized that the guy who took my ticket was the same guy who was suppose to be fighting for the right values. I just said to myself, maybe he’s just too hopeless to get in, he would step on somebody’s toes just to get in.

Later….after still hanging around hoping there will be new tickets for distribution, I even resorted to asking an individual who got hold of a ticket if she could sell it to me instead.

Whoa!, I was surprised I even thought of that…just for a chance to personally see the Chief Justice testify. It was fortunate  for me she refused because I couldn’t have forgiven myself at the end of the day.

But, I believe it was fate for me to see the trial in person……………….. for later in the afternoon, I was able to get inside the Senate Session Hall at the 2nd floor, and was able to watch the trial from one of the better seats in the gallery even without that damn ticket. Imagine that I had to sacrifice falling in line for several hours, only to get none. Then, finding out there was a much easier and convenient, though risky, but sure way of getting in.

Want to know how I was able to get in?

Well, it’s too shameful to discuss online ……and too shameful for the “special” people of the Senate..

All I can say is…we live in a really “dirty” world. ….it’s freaking me up towards the level of insanity!

Damn, I am slowly hating myself!

Huling Hirit:

Good for a Chief Justice to sign that waiver. It’s an honorable act. But when did the witness hold a court hostage?

Now we all know that there’s one thing politicians are afraid of……….

“The waiver….” LOL

Waiver or not, CJ will be convicted. It’s just his way of muddling the issue. When you’re desperate and you know you’re going down, naghahanap ka ng karamay. Sorry siya, walang kumagat…hehehe

CJ says he didn’t declare his dollars in his SALN because they are, by law, absolutely confidential. I’m sorry, but this is, in my opinion, a disingenuous misreading of the law. That kind of interpretation subverts the very essence of the sacrosanct Constitutional principle that a public office is a public trust. For this interpretation to come from the Chief Justice of the Philippines is simply unacceptable.

It’s an equally lame excuse cooked up by Corona NOT to disclose his dollar accounts.
Since when it becomes mandatory that prosecutors and accusers have to be squeaky clean anyway?
Your accusers being dirty doesn’t make you clean does it?

If there’s a coward in all of this, that would be the one who selectively dishes out a “challenge”.

And based on what I’ve been reading on various forums… it appears Corona’s move to introduce the waiver challenge has worked out quite nicely for him. Doubt has been cast on the character of his accusers and even one juror… at least in the court of public opinion.

However, I think it is a little hypocritical of Corona and the defense. They always cry foul when prosecutors make moves that defy or circumvent the rules of court or the rules of evidence. What do they call this move? Or I’ll do you one better… what do they call the entirety of Corona’s 3 hour narrative testimony? They keep bringing up technicalities when it benefits them but now, the Chief Justice of the land daring his accusers and jurors to waiver up? Pure class! Noble as it may seem… the IC is NOT the proper forum for such an act. He being the Chief Justice should know that.

Sometimes I find myself wishing that what happened in Jim Carrey’s Liar Liar movie can actually happen in real life… would have been classic to see Cuevas saying “Objection!” JPE: “On what grounds?” Cuevas: “Because it’s damaging to my case!” JPE: “Overruled!” Cuevas: “Good call!”

Let me congratulate Director Carlo J. Caparas for this elusive masterpiece. Every scene is breathtaking; riveting dialogue and superb acting. Kudos to you sir! Kudos!

The latest news I got was that Chief Justice Renato Corona is at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Medical City for a possible heart attack. That’s actually good news knowing the CJ has a “heart”. may puso rin pala si CJ!

Renato, you would have won the Academy Award for Best Actor. Sadly, you tried so hard to cry but not a single tear did drop. Acting is definitely not your forte. Too guilty sir? You can’t even swallow your own putrid lies that it shut your tear ducts? Galaw-galaw sir, malungkot sa ICU.

C’mon, don’t get fooled by the spin. We all know that corruption is (still) rampant in the government. But we have to follow the order of who is in trial first. If not, everyone who gets indicted can just use the simple argument: “If you try me, try everyone else first too”. Then the courts gets bogged down with the amount of cases, and the result… tatagal ng tatagal yung mga kaso until magkalimutan na… Dapat one at a time lang. Parang sa trabaho natin, we have to prioritize and put into order our workflow. Kung masayadong nag mu-multitask, we end up finishing only a small percentage of everything.

I personally advocate the move for transparency suggested by CJ Corona. But let’s not forget that a lot of truly honest people have advocated the same thing in the past. Pero magaling ang timing ni CJ, sa harap ng buong madla, ipinahayag niya na parang siya ang nagnunguna sa laban sa katiwalian. Hook, line and sinker anyone? If he is found guilty, so be it, and let others share the same fate if it is their turn. But before that happens, wait for the twists and turns… Remember, he said: “…I am also no fool”. We can count on his legal shrewdness, not his innocence, to prove that.

If Corona doesn’t show up in the senate later, there should be NO postponement of his cross-examination for another day. We all know he is faking his illness just like his lord and master GMA, and I’m sure senate president JPE knows it too. Strike out all his lying pronouncements yesterday and just render a guilty verdict so that he may be removed from his lofty perch.

But the CJ most probably made a calculated risk. And him not showing up today is a part of the plan:
1. He makes a lengthy speech, lashing out at his detractors.
2. Cooks up some stories to justify his wealth and how bank deposits magically ended up under his name.
3. Avoids cross examination and possible presentation of rebuttal witnesses.
4. Hopes that his “version” lingers in the minds of some senator judges and buys his story.

Just a speculation.

Can’t wait for the Senate Doctors to evaluate Corona so we can find out if it’s real or just another acting job. The timing was just too convenient.

In any case, I think I see the defense’s plan. The defense has been laying the groundwork for a mistrial for so long now… asking for the inhibition of “biased” jurors (Drilon, Angara), claims of manipulation from external sources and now trying to goad the IC into striking Corona’s testimony off the record when he is incapable of defending himself due to illness.

Tough situation for JPE and the IC. If he doesn’t show up today and the IC goes on to decide the case based on the evidence currently on record, I can already see the defense crying “Mistrial!” and running to the SC for relief.

“I beg you, ladies and gentlemen of the prosecution, not to engage me in argumentation about who is on trial here. We—you and me—are on trial here. Let’s stop all the posturing to show the Filipino nation what we’re made of. This is no trick or manipulation. This is an invitation, a challenge for public accountability made only with the hope that we can all together give our nation one shining moment in public service.” – Chief Justice Renato Corona

“I have high respect for the Chief Justice, for the institution he represents. But I equally demand respect for the institution that I represent. I am not going to allow any slight, any abuse of authority against this court for as long as I am the presiding officer.” – Senator Juan Ponce Enrile

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