Be Kind To Us Baluts

Balutropolis is a dark and gloomy city located in an alternate universe. This alternate universe has two moons with oblate spheroid shapes similar to the symmetry of eggs. The hours of the night are longer in this universe but the tediously protracted darkened hours is not a hindrance to the undertakings and other noteworthy adventures of the citizens of Balutropolis. The stories here centers on everything about the shady characters of Balutropolis known as the “Baluts” and the other dastardly convoluted citizens of Balutropolis like the “Penoys”, the “Abnoys”, and the “Maalats”or otherwise known as the “Pulang Itlogs”, along with their different ideals and point of views. Sometimes the stories would extend not only beyond their neighborhood but at almost every corner of their world.

In our own universe, a Balut is a few-days old fertilized duck embryo egg, boiled and eaten with salt or vinegar to taste, popularly known as an aphrodisiac and considered as a high-protein, hearty Asian street food. A Penoy is the milder version of the Balut – no feet, beak and feathered chick inside, while the Abnoy is the a rather fatal version of the exotic delicacy with a gamey taste (stronger, tangy and earthy flavor) widely cooked as “bibingkang abnoy” (similar to how you prepare an omelette) to make it more edible, and Pulang Itlog (aka Itlog na Maalat  or  Salted Egg), is the salty duck egg variant you can have soaking these duck eggs in saturated brine and then painting their shells with red dye.

In their universe, they are the living and breathing entities known as the “Itlogs” or “Egglings”.

These posts could represent the different types of Balut-related articles, blog posts, images, facts, people, and imaginative stories poking fun, satire or humor – or worst, the subconscious realities.

Each adventure exploits encounters that could be categorically branded as simply mundane, weirdly twisted or insanely extraordinary.

Credit to the original authors and owners of the literary and art works gathered online, but would try my best to post original masterpieces.

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