Independence Doy

The most important question to ask on the job is not “What am I getting?” but rather “What am I becoming?”~ Jim Rohn

Independence Day is just around the corner, and I thought it would be interesting to retell the story of a friend of mine named Doy who underwent a  seemingly like “militarized” treatment at work.

Poor Doy. Talk about losing your right to reason out and demand for a valid explanation.

It was a total nightmare to suffer the wrath of a boss who decided to bully him just to teach him a lesson. All because his boss got a beating of his own from a bigger boss.

Talk about getting even with your subordinates.

But before I tell you his lengthy story, here is a paragraph containing a few of his beliefs that has guided him through all the years:

“There is no need to have it all, just make the best of what you have. 

What need is there to waste your time making money? Material wealth is fine and all, but we have to realize that making money should only be a tool to do what we really want to do in life. If we are willing to make the best of what we have, then in a sense we will have everything we have ever needed. 

Chase after things that are substantial, and that actually mean something to you at heart. It is easy to chase after money, but what will happen if you get it and you have nothing else to live for. 

You can buy things like diamond rings, homes, and jewelry, iPads, condos, and Diablo 3, but you can’t buy real love, real friendships, real happiness, or real fulfillment. So make sure that having it all to you means something more than wealth or status, make sure your dreams really mean something to you.”

This is a story about a guy named Doy.

Doy chose to become a nationalist, instead of a materialist. He chose to leave a life of  assured luxury just to be part of an organization that would allow him to be identified as a  modern day “hero”. A part of a movement that directly serves his country.

Doy had ambitions on running for a government political post in the near future, and what better way to start is by penetrating the government organization as one of its employees.

Doy was also at an age when claiming for his ideals was more important than living a “stable and secured” life. He wanted to raise his integrity as a Filipino by serving his countrymen.

Doy also wanted to try out an experiment. He wanted to check out if the rumors were undoubtedly right or merely exaggerated. He wanted to see for himself if the government was really composed of a bunch of  corrupt and lazy individuals who just sits all day long in their desks playing computer games and updating their social networking status. While the rest of the time is spent in coffee or “yosi” (cigarette) breaks while discussing current events like the Claudine Baretto, Raymart Santiago and Mon Tulfo brawl at the NAIA Terminal 3, the wacky tantrums of Miriam Defensor-Santiago during the Chief Justice Renato Corona Impeachment Trial, and the latest score between Miami Heat and Boston Celtics.


Doy had a lot of opportunities to visit government agencies before. The popular computer game then was Tumblebugs, Zuma and similar other varieties of it. Now he sees the ever popular CounterStrike still alive and fraggin’, DOTA with more heroes, and the newest and now online-only game, Diablo 3 as a common interest especially those at the ICT department.

Doy did see some of them playing games even during office hours. Not once, but almost everyday he was there to visit.  Many of them would be hooked to their computers, and you have to call their attention otherwise they wont attend to your needs.

A bad impression even from the very start.

So one day he thought. ” I would try to become a government employee and try to influence them to change for the better.”

He would soon join the ranks of the individuals most people outside the government hate.

He knew someone of high position at this particular government agency. A former colleague from a former job. But he chose not to bother her with a “letter of recommendation” or to put in a good word for him during his application. He wanted to see if he could get in on his own without the influence of others.

That was his first step towards a “Daang Matuwid”. 

Not to use his influence to gain an edge.


He applied to a rank and file position way below his former professional career. That was the only position available when he submitted his CV online. So regardless of the career demotion, he still continued his quest towards uncertainty. All for the sake of getting the best chance of being accepted as part of a government entity. Thinking that he would grow and get promoted once the management sees his worth and potential. But ore importantly, he would disprove the general perception that most government employee lives only for the money.

He was offered a higher position during his panel interview, but he realized he may not be ready and equipped to do the task because he felt he was not competent enough for the offer. Although he knew the answers to the exam for the higher position, he refused to take it. He wanted to be the right guy for the position. He just wouldn’t accept a position with a lot of responsibility. Now right now, anyway. Maybe after a few weeks or months of familiarizing himself with the job.

That was his second step towards a road less traveled.

To put in place the right people for the right job.  Even if it means losing the opportunity to a promotion.


Doy got accepted.

Doy closed down his high profit-earning business immediately, and sacrificed several essentials to make ends meet out from the meager salary from his new “vocation”. He moved in to a smaller apartment as another means to compensate for the lost of his extra income.

Many told Doy he was crazy to give up a materially rewarding life. But Doy told them the highest reward for a man’s toil is not what he gets for it, but what he becomes by it.

Doy’s first days were a series of discoveries and affirmations:

1. It is true that many of the employees were related to each other. A family member, a relative, a friend, a former colleague, a neighbor, etc.

2. Many were not fit for their respective positions. A lot of them do not have the necessary credentials,  and even skills, required of the position.

3. Work procedures are chaotic and disorganized. No documentations exists.

4. Discrimation is very evident. Position of authority is highly regarded, and acknowledgement is highly expected from everyone.

5. Budget is too plenty, a lot of it is wasted on unnecessary “wants” rather than “needs”.

…and the list goes on.

Doy said to himself, “I will endure all of this, and make a name for myself the more appropriate way!”

That was Doy’s third step towards change.

Do not be disillusioned or distracted by  existing “standard practices”. Be strong enough to introduce innovations.


Doy tried to influence his colleagues….in his own unique way.

He wanted to show them he was a man of ideals and principles. He questioned discrimination and promoted fairness. He questioned accepted practices and insisted on being resourceful and proactive. Following protocol was the last in his vocabulary because he believed everyone should be able to directly address their concerns towards any person of authority.

He would often send his suggestions via e-email. He would often request and recommend many things from his bosses.

He was positively acknowledged because of that. Taking the initiative they say. Doy was glad his bosses appreciated his efforts.

However, Doy was also somewhat of a blabbermouth. A non-stop story-teller during their 3 pm merienda break. He had too much information he wishes to convey and share that he would most of the time monopolize the conversation. He would tell them about stories from his past experiences and adventures. About his accomplishments and failures. What is uncanny about Doy is that he would sound like a perfectionist, maybe going beyond the reality of life. ….and he loves to creatively insert humor in his stories.

When he felt his colleagues were enjoying his wild antics, he  continued to be more expressive in his everyday stories.

Doy would blog about things regularly, and would often update his Facebook status almost every time he had a spare time….and he would always definitely make sure he has the spare time.

When his colleagues have no pending tasks, they were busy watching videos, or playing games. Doy would be busy with social networking and blog sites.

He loves to interact and share his point of views with people online. …and believe it or not, he has a massive number of followers on his blog and twitter accounts.

But his first weeks were greeted with a closed door meeting with his boss chief Loy who had a piece of advise for him:

“Keep a low profile because many are probably threatened by your potential”.

This message according to boss chief Loy, was being instructed by the boss OIC Coy.

Boss chief Loy reported there was a consensus feedback that Doy seemed to be too arrogant when he talked about his past accomplishments and experiences.

The succeeding weeks  were also somehow disappointing because some people started calling him “Boss”.

“astig”, “malakas ang dating”

“Inggit lang siguro sila” says Doy

In this world, some people will always throw stones in your path. Your future would depend on what you make from them: a wall or a bridge.

This was a challenge towards his fourth step.

Standing still, yet alone, against all obstacles towards the right path.


Doy believed he was very resourceful and proactive at work. That’s what he told me as his ultimate goal, and that’s what I feel he really has been doing.

When there was no computer available yet for him to use during his first days at work, he borrowed a laptop from a colleague.

When he had no place to store his work stuff and personal belongings, he requested a colleagues if he could have his extra pedestal cabinet.

When noone was taking care of the status of his contract, along with some of his colleagues who were also new in that organization, he approached one of the senior staff and requested for assistance.

When nobody was updating their office’s web site, he offered to be part of the team in charge.

When his colleagues were too shy to talk directly with Directors of certain offices, he would be their spokesperson.

When they finally assigned him a computer, but it turned out to be faulty, he found a way to make use of another unit so that he could accomplish his work more efficiently.

When everyone was confused on which supplier to contact, and what scope of services to expect from the existing ones when a part of their system was in chaos, he suggested to his boss chief Loy to provide them a copy of the TORs or Terms Of References signed by their vendors and suppliers.

When he felt their system was insecure due to certain OBSUs (Office, Bureau, Service and Units) receiving ICT equipment from an office without informing the unit responsible in securing their system, he called everyones attention including his boss OIC Coy.

Boss OIC Coy was appreciative of Doy’s efforts and he agreed it was really Doy’s job to notice these things.

In short, Doy would always be taking an initiative and would maintain the necessary vigilance  and precautions in his everyday work.

This was his fifth step towards a better government perception.

To never become complacent and to always strive for improvement, if not perfection.


And here is where his latest challenge erupted.

Some perceived his actions as highly irregular. They felt he had an ulterior motive behind the “resourcefullness” and “proactivity” he wanted to project.

His actions was “colored” and presumed to have a hidden agenda.

Probably because they refused to accept that one can be morally justified and free from malice.

Doy was different alright.

And some probably thought it was highly abnormal for a “straight guy” to exist in a world overwhelmed by hypocrisy.

It was quite a surprising day for Doy because after he was acknowledge for doing a good job that morning, he is now getting a taste of  his boss OIC Coy’s wrath when he was scolded behind closed doors that afternoon of the same day.

His boss OIC Coy never gave him a chance to explain himself first. He received the hatred immediately unaware of what his boss OIC Coy was babbling about. Doy even felt distrust towards him and can sense boss OIC Coy would not believe whatever explanation he


………….and to Doy’s mind wandered what could have been so big a deal to warrant the need to yell at him.

He was asked to write a formal letter explaining the “altercations” accused of him….and it needs  to be ready that very same day.

The next day he was removed from the task he failed to perform. It was assigned to another colleague instead.

The following day he was prevented from performing his assigned night-shift duty which was scheduled a week before. His boss chief Loy initially told him one of his colleagues wanted to switch night-shift assignments, but later he found out it was a lie. Based from the statements of the said colleague, it was an order from a “boss”. Which boss was it? …His colleague was hesitant in pinpointing. There were other bosses at their department that I have not yet mentioned….and Doy had a good hunch who it was.

Doy approached his boss chief Loy, and requested permission to stay because Doy couldn’t go home since Doy doesn’t have the keys to his house (His wife and kids were away at their province for the entire day and won’t be back until the following morning because they had to visit a relative who just died there.)

Boss chief Loy agreed but his other colleague would still be accompanying Doy during the night-shift monitoring. This confirmed Doy’s suspicion that the request for switching was indeed a lie.  Someone just wanted Doy out of the way.

Later that night at the office, Doy’s colleague informed him that he received a call from another colleague telling him that there was an instruction from boss OIC Coy to send me away. Doy was being prevented to stay in the office for reasons unknown.

Doy informed boss chief Loy about it via SMS. The reply was something like:

“No explanation needed. Just comply. It is a “Directive”. There is no need for an accompanying reason. Follow orders whether you like it or not. Go home!”

and then Doy got a follow-up SMS: “Expect for the worst. Better reflect also on your attitude.”

Doy said to himself: “Don’t get confused between my personality and my attitude. My personality is who I am. My attitude depends on who you are.”

Doy’s collaegues got concerned that they volunteered to call boss OIC Coy. But they got a reply:

“I refuse to talk with Doy today. If Doy wants to talk to me he can do it on Monday.”

Wow!!!! Is boss OIC Coy turning into a dictator?

It was a sad Friday night. Doy left the office to avoid further complications. He decided to just follow the “directive”. He wandered for a few minutes thinking what should he do and where he should stay for the night.

Definitely it was something to write in his blog, if ever he had one.

So I am sharing this with you today in commemoration of Independence Day.

You might ask what does this have to do with Independence Day? Wait for the next blog post to find out.

Independence day is an annual national holiday observed on June 12, commemorating the Philippine Declaration of Independence from Spain on June 12, 1898. It is the National Day of the Philippines.

Doy feels he is now under the clutches of a “Spaniard” who is now strangling his neck until he loses breath and turns black and blue. Doy feels he is slowly being gagged until he pukes. Doy feels “its beginning to look a lot like Martial Law.”

However, Doy believes that If you have been maliciously maligned, be the better man and do not step down to their sickening level.
Just stick your tongue out to them when they are not looking! LOL

The rest of Doy’s story on a future blog post…. soon.


“A nation is born into freedom on the day when such a people, moulded into a nation by a process of cultural evolution and sense of oneness born of common struggle and suffering, announces to the world that it asserts its natural right to liberty and is ready to defend it with blood, life, and honor.”


********* Fictional story na parang totoo kahit paniwalaan man o hindi pero pwede rin mangyari sa totoong buhay

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