Bakit Nga Ba Gusto Nating Pumuti?

Bakit ang mga Pinoy, nagagalit sa lumabas na Bayo ads dahil racist daw, pero panay naman ang bili ng “whitening” products?

In the same way that foreigners like to be tan so that they’ll look wealthy enough to regularly go on vacation to exotic locales/beaches, (Coco Chanel started the tanning trend in the 20’s when she came home sunburnt after a vacay at the French Riviera).

Filipinos wanting to be white has less to do with colonial mentality and more to do with being associated with the upper class. (Leisure class/doing jobs that don’t require toiling under the hot sun). I remember Glutamax using Gretchen Baretto as an image model, with the slogan “Kutis Mayaman”.

Aanhin naman ang kutis mayaman kung astang matrona naman like her sister Claudine Baretto? (Remember the Claudine Barreto, Raymart Santiago and Mon Tulfo brawl at the NAIA Terminal 3?)

Another perplexing thought that is worth mentioning is why do Filipinos always look for Filipino blood or heritage from foreigners, and look for foreign blood from Filipinos.

Kapag sikat at “imported”, hinahanapan ng dugong Pilipino. Kapag naman Pilipino, hinahanapan ng dugong banyaga para mas siguradong sisikat.

Look at the proliferation of Fil-Am (may dugong banyaga) artists in local showbiz, theater, advertising and the modelling arena. Many believe and would often think highly of these half-race (half-breeds?) individuals as better endorsers of whatever product they want to sell, as compared to the pure 100 % Filipino.

….and we are falling for their brainwashing, making us believe the “whiter” race has more potential to succeed and become superstars.

Sigurado ako, hindi nuclear, hindi ikatlong digmaan, hindi famine, hindi climate change, hindi Mayan calendar prediction ang lilipol sa sangkatauhan. Hulaan nyo kung ano?

1. China attack dahil sa Scarbourough Shoal stand-off
2. Sabay-sabay na Pag-utot
3. Zombie Apocalypse
4. Kalandian at Tactless attitude of Kris Aquino
5. Post Modernism
6.Manny Pacquiao’s political ambitions
7. Global Hegemony
8. Labis na kapangyarihan ng mga pulitiko
9. Mga Aliens
10. Si Frieza from Dragonball Z
11. Chismiz from The Buzz, Star Talk, etc.
12. Kamangmangan or Ignorance of the Law
13. Sobrang Kabaklaan or controversial LGBTs
14. Si Majimbo
15. The “Waiver” that CJ Renato Corona started
16. The Kraken from Clash of the Titans
17. Pinoy Teleseryes
18. Miriam Defensor-Santiago’s egoistical screams
19. CBCP hate campaigns
20. PNoy’s lovelife
21. Ano pa nga ba kundi ang sarili nating kababawan at makikitid na pag-iisip !

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