Troll Tanong

Win a Be Kind To Us Trolls t-shirt for the one who can give the BEST answer to this question:

“Para mahimbing ang iyong pagtulog, ano ang pinaka da best na unan?”

English translation: “If you want a good night sleep, what do you think would be the best pillow?”

Hint: You do not need to take the question literally. Meaning, read between the lines – if you get my drift.

Just send in your answers via email at  with the SUBJECT: Troll Tanong.


1. You have to include a witty, humorous, sarcastic, or any type of explanation to support your answer – limited to 200 words.
2. Send in your complete name, home or office address, contact numbers and email address. All contact information will be treated with confidentiality.
3. You have to allow me to freely post your answers here on my blog.

The shirt will be delivered to your home address as soon as our panel of judges have selected the winner. I will be shouldering all delivery expenses. In case of a tie or multiple winners (if the judges couldn’t make up their minds), all chosen entries will be declared as winners, and will each win a Be Kind To Us Trolls t-shirt. The winner(s) will be notified via email.

Deadline of submission of entries will be posted here soon.

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