Hey, I Just Met You…

“I told you… and I m sure there are more to come… some would even be too callous to add.. “Vote Me Maybe” :)”

Above is a Facebook ad of one Congressman, created by a follower (I think). I just replaced the face and the info details to keep him anonymous because I kinda like the guy, and the idea was not his doing. But it’s being spread online and originated from his Facebook account. Funny enough, the admins of the FB page gave their blessings.

This is just one example of how social networking sites are also being used for publicity …..and early campaigning for the 2013 local elections in the Philippines. I have to admit that it really somehow works (well it reached me, didn’t it) especially that many of us are practically online everyday. Call it online brainwashing….or Facebook supremacy!

The number of “Likes” and “Shares” are potentially staggering, and netizens would start talking, whether positively or negatively, it still becomes free publicity.

…and to think that you could also link your Twitter account to Facebook – so that’s an automatic tweet for every Facebook post you make. People will start imitating the gimmick, creating their own versions and more, and then it later turns into an Internet meme.

Wait….there’s more….Not only does it become viral, people start getting more creative and used the popularity to attract more attention in the real world – outside the online community – using it in business cards, graffiti on the restroom walls, on a Starbucks vente, and other crazy places.

Just scroll down below and see examples of how people have sensationalized it. It’s freaking awesome!

There’s plenty more out there, and these are just some of my choices.

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