A Night @ Metrowalk

Metrowalk for us means all-night drinking and partying in the heart of Ortigas. It is a small but a major dining, shopping, and entertainment hub in Pasig strategically located near the call centers and offices of the Ortigas Center located at the corner of Meralco and Ortigas Avenues. This makes it a favorite dining and clubbing hangout for both international businessmen and the local working class.

Its also the best place to dine  as the food is surely comparable, if not better, than what the best restos in town have to offer. Most especially at night when the ambience is laden with music from a live band playing your all-time favorite songs.

Check out the sumptuous delicacies we partook in a night of fun and camaraderie with friends and colleagues from work. You have to personally try them out to believe me.

The next set of foodies were our favorites, coming from the Wing Hub, The Wing Specialist – so they say…where its specialty was the spicy chicken wings. I even had some (three boxes – you call that some?) as my take-out treat to bring home.

I forgot to take pictures of the cheese sticks and the nachos, and just realized when they’re almost empty…hehehe

Don’t forget the beer!!! – the almost bottomless never-ending supply of beer courtesy of our sponsors for that evening.

The food and beer wasn’t the only attraction. I’ve mentioned that the night was also highlighted by band entertainment singing popular songs that truly added some festivities and delight to the evening….and I have to say that the band playing that night, specifically the lead vocals, were truly appealing to the ears.

My colleagues and I enjoyed the night very much. It was a night when most of my colleagues from the ICT field of our organization had the opportunity to gather together as one. A night when we could relax and have some fun minus all the worries and challenges of our everyday tasks at work. It was a night when boss and subordinates are together not just as colleagues but as friends.

Too bad occasions like these are very rare for us. We all know that ICTs always have very hectic schedules. Most of us even go on duty during graveyard shifts so some of us get to be left out from all the night gimmicks with the boys. Always on alert and forever in monitoring mode just to ensure that our systems and network infrastructure are available and ready to be accessed 25 hours a day, eight days a week, 13 days a month and 366 days a year – to exaggerate a bit. I am just thankful we were given a chance.

Well my plate is now almost empty (I just couldn’t eat anymore), and the night party is almost over, so I guess I have to go home now. Bye!

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