The Incredible Troll

I make it a point to regularly remind myself that my school education was just a starting point in my career. The reality is that its value diminishes over the years. Many of the things I’ve learned in school do not even exist anymore. Most of what I know and apply today consists of what I’ve read and learned on my own.

Life indeed is one grand classroom and one simply should never stop the quest for knowledge and experience.

I have always been “angry” to keep on improving myself. The “hatred” to be above and beyond the norm has never left me. People would most of the time see me as overbearing, domineering and bossy, but that is just my way of keeping the “madness” within me ever “insane” and “furious.” There has already been many disappointments in my life that I feel like I should stop being extremely happy, and should always expect the worst to come. Indeed, life has become very challenging to me.

I have told myself never to rest and feel complacent. I have reiterated to myself that Life would never always be a bed of roses. Just like a rose would always have thorns, life would always have occasional “rage attacks” brought about by an imperfect society.

All of us have this inner monster that wants to get out anytime soon,and some have indeed gotten out already and probably wrecking havoc as we speak. There would always be a sleeping giant that would soon become overwhelming and intimidating for others.

When we see ourselves beginning to reap the rewards of our perseverance and hard work, we let our success get to our head. Similarly, if we believe we should never let failures get to our heart, we should also prevent a fattened ego from controlling our brains.

From the comics, and the movies, we have seen Bruce Banner taken control of his Hulk alter ego. We can definitely do that as well, but when we lose the sudden outburst of “rage” within us, we sometimes also lose the uniqueness of our real identity.

Let’s “paint” our own pictures…
Let’s “draw” our own life…
Let’s “plant” our own dreams.
But “painting”, “drawing”, “planting” are not enough…..
We must nurture our dreams and watch them grow….
This is what life is all about….

An endless cycle of replenishment and growth!

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  1. Arsenio Reyes
    Jun 21, 2012 @ 18:24:57

    Very nice article, forcing oneself to be good and improve.
    Finally, taking control of oneself before controlling others and
    the situation around.


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