Pidol’s Caricatures

I fancy all things drawn whether by hand or aided by a computer.

While more and more groups are pushing for the filing of an urgent motion for the immediate and already long overdue conferment of the  National Artist Award to the ailing revered comedy icon (while he is still alive and could appreciate it), I also would like to pay tribute to the King of Comedy by posting these caricatures of him that I collected from all over the Internet.

Kudos to the creators! You all know who you are!

To Tito Dolphy, or Pidol to some, keep hanging on! There are so many people whose lives you’ve touch with your humor, kindness and generosity, one way or the other, directly or indirectly, so you’ll be surely missed if you leave us now. Stay with us, and keep us laughing with you, for more years to come!

Dr. Eric Nubla, director for patient relations of the Makati Medical Center said Dolphy’s condition is stable and has improved after undergoing tracheostomy. However, Nubla said Dolphy’s platelets and potassium levels are still low, which could cause internal bleeding, thus making his condition still critical.

Our sincere and solemn prayers for the man !

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