Be Kind To Us THORs

Yes! I’m a victim as well!

I’ve also suffered from these THORrible memes that’s been somewhat spamming our Facebook news feeds.

I’ve seen those “THOR” memes flooding social networking sites and even Tumblr and Imgur. Humor sites like 9GAG and Memebase are already joining the bandwagon, and it seems the number is very rapidly increasing and going viral.

But I’m not amazed or amused. In fact, I have been ignoring them for the past weeks. I take only a few seconds to look at the memes but I just pass by them coz I’m not impressed. In fact, I’m infuriated because I do not find them funny at all. They are rather “corny”. The cornier, the funnier for some I suppose.

More like just a “use in a sentence” joke, where you replace a part of the word that is close or similar to the sound of THOR.

It’s probably just because it’s not been long since “The Avengers” was shown in different movie houses all over the country. Filipinos are still on the hype, or they just couldn’t get enough of the superheroes. But how come THOR seems to be their favorite ? Maybe because it’s the easiest to use, or simply because THOR was the “coolest” among the other Avengers, being a God of thunder and everything. That hammer of his that brings out those damn lightning effects is a sure spectacle indeed.

Get ready to Laugh Out Loud or Roll Over the Floor Laughing as I share to you all of the THOR memes (including the other Avengers like the Hulk and Hawkeye) that I could gather from the Internet.

Just click to enlarge the picture.

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    Jul 11, 2012 @ 17:05:41



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