Of Logos and Winners

Congratulations to Jyppe A. Quidores, creator of Logo entry no. 9 for winning the FBW Logo design contest. He just won the following: one year domain, the property rights of the logo, Filipino Bloggers Worldwide featured blogger and $45.

He was my choice and 109 other people (the other 1 vote was from the logo designer himself) and won by just a difference of one vote.

My vote + Jyppe vote + 109 other people’s vote = 111 votes

Yes. A single vote was all that it took for Jyppe to win against the other leading logo design entry submitted by Ron Mia who got 110 votes. (1 vote from him and 109 votes from other people).

The logo design blog post also had  a staggering 2,234 views, making it an all time “Most Viewed Post” so far for Filipino Bloggers Worldwide (FBW) http://www.filipinobloggersworldwide.com . The overwhelming comments the contest got reached more than 268 and still counting.

But it’s not over yet. The contest does not end there because FBW still has  to award a prize money of $15 for the “Best Commenter”.  Keep checking back for the results and find out who’s the lucky guy or gal who gave the best convincing, inspiring or awesome comment.

I would also like to congratulate Ron Mia for the tight competition. His logo design entry was equally impressive and gave Jyppe a really tight fight. The other logo design entries were way down below Jyppe’s and Ron’s levels as per voting results.

I believe this is one of the reasons why Jyppe won:

“Jyppe’s logo design has stayed away from the usual blue, red, white and yellow flag colors and symbols commonly used to depict nationalism or being a Filipino. The said images and colors are way too overrated, overused and abused already that seeing them in most Filipino-themed logos makes them all look one and the same already.”

Ron used the traditional elements of Filipino themed logo incorporating the colors and images of the Philippine flag.

Though many members still appreciated the design, as could be seen by the voting results, it is about time we go against the norm and create a unique symbol of identity for the FBW online group. After all,  our logo should be the identifying element of the group and we want to create the impression that we are not just like any other bloggers group around. It should uniquely create recognition of individuality. As the group’s major graphical representation, a logo anchors the group’s goal and primarily becomes the single most visible manifestation of the group within the target market (Filipino bloggers from all corners of the world). For this reason, a well-designed logo is an essential part of any entity’s overall marketing strategy.

The organizers would like to thank all the members who took the time and effort to submit their entries for the contest and equal thanks to all those who participated in the voting and commenting for their chosen FBW Logo. It would not have been a success without everybody’s cooperation and contribution.

I hope the new logo would continue to inspire everyone to stand by the noble goal of the group:

To be the venue “where every Filipino blogger from different corners of the world meet virtually for networking purposes.”

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