Alluring Iza Calzado

The fifth anniversary issue of Rougue magazine July 2012 issue sizzles with the very alluring pose of Iza Calzado – The Reconstruction.

Career-wise, she made the major, if not shocking, move of signing up with ABS-CBN early this year, after spending a decade with GMA 7. She hinted in an interview that it was prompted by her career becoming “stagnant.”

While her father was associated with GMA 7, Iza believes that her father would have given her the go-ahead if he were still alive. “To those who know my father, and those who know the story, my father wanted me to spread my wings… It’s also my personality, I like new challenges, and things like that. I think my father would have supported me, in whatever decision I would make.”

Iza says her lovelife is not really her priority at the moment. “My attitude towards love will always be the same. I love giving, I love loving with all my heart. But the thing is, the decisions in my life right now will be based on my career, so love will have to take a backseat if needed be.”

“In the Philippines, crying is such a big thing. I’m not a machine, dammit.”-Iza Calzado

I’m not saying that I’m going to be the next Penelope Cruz. The next crossover star. It just matters that I try.

Not that she needs any face or body reconstructive surgery…well, maybe we need to read inside the magazine to find out.

Iza portrays surrogate older sibling to Andi Eigenman’s character in Kahit Puso’y Masugatan, though their sisterly bond gets threatened when they fall for the same man, Jake Cuenca, and then throw into the mix Jake’s father, Gabby Concepcion who falls for her.

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