Inside The EDSA Shrine Church

It was my first time to see the insides of this small but historical  church (or is it more like a chapel) that I’ve always passed by almost everyday everytime I take the route along EDSA.

The EDSA Shrine, located at the crossroads of Epifanio de los Santos (EDSA) Avenue and Ortigas Avenue in Quezon City, is formally known as the Shrine of Mary, Queen of Peace (Our Lady of EDSA), It is dedicated to Our Lady who has miraculously interceded to oust the dictatorship in a peaceful and bloodless uprising that is now world renowned as the People Power Revolution of 1986.

I had some business transaction nearby, and some extra time to waste while waiting for the meeting time,  so there was this opportunity to visit the place.

Once inside, I remembered that the old folks have a saying that your wish would come true if it’s done in a church that you’ve visited for the first time. So (since I have nothing to lose) I’ve decided to stop for a while, enter the church, pray sincerely, and make a solemn wish, and hope that this particular superstition becomes real…even just for this moment, as I wish for miracles, not just for me but for my family, and the rest of the world, especially to those who truly need it. One miracle for every person, please.

Of course, since I always bring along my camera with me…I took some pictures for memories sake.

I may not have a high-end camera to capture the moment in great detail and focus…but the images are really more vivid inside my very imaginative head.

These thoughts I would forever cherish.

The church was so dark and gloomy (apparently because all the lights are out), I could barely see the altar. But maybe it was different if there’s a mass going on. The atmosphere during my visit was very different to what I see whenever there’s a special occasion commemorating the People Power Revolution. The television feature of the mass being held in the EDSA Shrine was bright and lively….and the crowd was plenty.

But in this case, there were only a handful of people inside. Well, maybe because it’s mid afternoon, on a weekday (that was a Monday, July 9, 2012), and just an ordinary day for most of us.

But its quite disappointing to know that most of us only go to church whenever there’s an occasion. There’s just a mall nearby, right beside it, and the statistics of people going in and out of that mall is undoubtedly far more bigger than the number of people who patronizes this church.

Maybe the church should start to think of ways to reinvent and make itself more “attractive” just like the mall. So that people would always have something new and interesting to see each time they visit the church.

My attention was caught more by a statue of Jesus nailed to a cross located near one of the entrances. The statue had a lot of wounds. It was my first time to see a Jesus statue that’s like that, not typical of other crosses where Jesus is more beautified than represented badly. This one would seem so dirty-looking and full of imperfections.

Maybe that’s what the statue signifies. All the hurt and pain, and sufferings, and sins of mankind…. being “absorbed” by Jesus so that mankind would continue to live a life that’s full and blessed.

We would sometimes complain of our own difficulties and hardships, we seldom stop to think that there may be other people out there who’s suffering more. We would only realize that when a disaster strikes a certain city or province.,,,and then we tell ourselves we are luckier.

And we also question why God is allowing us to suffer…. if he truly exist?

Why does God permit his people to wander aimlessly, searching for the answers to the very elusive questions of fairness and equality of life? How could he allow us to break apart, and let our families become collateral damages as a consequence of our misfortunes and  mistakes?

Maybe he has better plans for us, and the trials are there to make us stronger for the better future that awaits us.

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  1. facelikeafryingpan
    Jul 13, 2012 @ 00:24:54

    I agree that God gives us trials to make us better people. If life was always easy and all of our wishes came true, we would likely be shallow and self-absorbed. We would all be unbearable.


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