Superman’s Enemies

While we’re still into the Batman fever because of the Dark Knight Rises movie themed Occupy Gotham courtesy of Bane, a Superman: Man of Steel teaser trailer has just been released and the movie is now scheduled to be shown sometime 2013.

But were not here just to talk about the blue boy scout, were also here to talk about his foes.

Superman’s villains, besides Lex Luthor, are extremely dangerous. General Zod, Mongul, Doomsday, Cyborg Superman and Bizarro are as strong as Supes, sometimes stronger. Parasite can steal his powers and memories. Metallo is nearly indestructible and has kryptonite as an energy source. Mxyzptlk can bend reality with a finger snap. Kryptonite Man is self-explanatory. DARKSEID IS.

However, since most Superman movies focus on Lex, people think he’s Big Blue’s only worthy villain.

Villains, or enemies, or threats to our lives or safety are what makes heroes more prominently important.

It gives the reasons why we value heroes in our lives….and since there are just so many “threats” to society, everyone favors having one to cleanse the evils of the nation.

But how come with the so many super-powered villains (composed of characters from different planets, dimensions, etc) in a heroes everyday adventure, the biggest threat would always include an ordinary human being (but with influence or authority).

It seems there would always be a conspiracy involving a corrupt politician or government employee, a powerful corporation or dynasty, ….

We know that the real danger is among us. Not aliens from other planets, or beings from other dimensions, but we are the threat ourselves.

We know what is bad for us. But we lack the discipline, or the courage, to go against the “real” villains.

So in truth, the “real” threat is…… us.

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