Pass The #RHBill Now!

Pass the Reproductive Health Bill Now!

Write a letter to your Congresscritter, mail it, and tell them how important it is that they attend the August  7 session. Let your Representatives know that if they absent themselves, they better make sure their names never show up on a ballot again. Voting is only to end debates on #RHBill. Antis don’t want this and might sabotage the quorum. Push your Reps to be PRESENT!

Sure, PNoy had 119 applause breaks during #SONA2012. And yet, the only one that had a standing ovation? Yep. #RHBill, guys!

Several days before the SONA, Belmonte and Gonzales were saying that the chance of  the RH Bill approval was nil. There was a big change after the SONA. LOL.

Aquino pushes for the RH Bill in his SONA, and gives momentum for passage into law. Election time is nearing so the Senate and House of Representatives leaders are seeing the virtue of going with the incumbent president.

Ninoy was wrong, courage is not contagious, cowardice is; they were all infected by just the passing mention of RH in SONA.

Let us start with the guy who should use the SONA to set direction and not to just spit venom here and there, although I think much blame should be put on HOR leadership for not cracking the whip and allowing filibuster on #RHBill.

The leadership of the House of Representatives has set August 7 as the date for their final determination on the controversial Reproductive Health (RH) bill after a caucus attended by both advocates and critics of the measure.

The RH bill, formally known as House Bill 4244, was identified by President Benigno Aquino III as priority legislation. It endorses the use of both natural and artificial modes of family planning. The bill is being opposed by the Roman Catholic Church, which promotes only natural family planning methods.

“We have already set na August 7, at which time a motion to terminate the debate will be made. At least we gave both sides time to marshal their people,” says House Majority Leader Neptali Gonzales II.

He added that anti-RH bill lawmakers wanted to continue debates on the measure. But House Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr. was determined to push for a vote to terminate the period of interpellation.

“The mere fact that we have been debating this for more than one-and-a-half years, the mere fact that a House member is allowed to interpellate for more than three hours, by what stretch of the imagination can you say that this was railroaded?” Gonzales said.

The House majority leader said the vote on the RH bill two weeks from now “will be an indication of the stand of the members.”

The Reproductive Health Bill isn’t forcing anyone to do anything. People get to choose the method they want and get the education they need. The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) should learn that those who don’t play the game shouldn’t make the rules, yo. So, CBCP, dont be EPAL! If men could get pregnant, would the all male bishops and priests be as against the #RHBill as they are now? The men of cloth tell lies and the men in power do nothing as women suffer deaths so easily avoided; as ignorance takes its toll.

Dear Congressmen, if your bishops are threatening you not to pass #RHBill, remember, we are the taxpayers, not them. Your PDAF comes from us! Why are politicians so scared of the non-existent Catholic bloc vote? If they personally feel the #RHBill works, go for it, CBCP be damned. Thou shalt not commit logical fallacies. CBCP should follow this commandment. Political will is important if Representatives want the #RHbill to be passed.

@noynoyaquino got many votes because he was pro #RHBill. Do not let this idealism turn into disillusionment.

Anti #RHBill folks have this brain-dead idea that contraceptives cause sexual activity. Totally and abso-fricking-lutely clueless.  The more intelligent a woman is, the less likely she is to become fertile and get pregnant during sexual intercourse.

Please read this Legal Primer on the Reproductive Health Bill by the UP College of Law to gain more understanding.

There is also a site aggregating verifiable RH-related facts: RH Facts

Show support here.

View the Wikipedia entry here.

Make or break on August 7! Motion to terminate the period of interpellations for the #RHBill and voting for the committee for the #FOIBill! FIGHT!

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  1. Anonymous
    Aug 07, 2012 @ 21:18:20

    Better put a bomb for whole philippines so that all people of philipino will die all so that no need RHBILL. This is the best way government solves the poverty.


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